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My hippie family

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My parents were nudist hippies they fell in love when young and continued out as a married couple I remember when I was five my parents told me and my brother we were free to we’re whatever and do whatever and it was great we were naked mostly all the time even as a kid and did family bonding nights such as board games movies meditating and cuddling etc.

When I turned 18 we moved to a remote town in the forest it was nice 1 mile away from the city sat our house on our land it was a cabin and nice and it was peaceful my now 20 years old brother wasn’t as annoying as he was and mature and I did enjoy seeing his cock all the time.

My parents were still good-looking barely wrinkly or mean I think it’s because there carefree lifestyle.

On to the story, it was a nice subway and I was on the couch naked as always reading a book and my dad came in and asked me to go into their bedroom.

There was my mom in panties and a shirt and I sat down and grinned “yes?” I said to break it down my mom explained it was time I reproduce with my brother I didn’t notice him sitting on the bed with a smile.

My cunt got wet I always dreamed about it seeing as I was adopted along with me it wouldn’t be a problem so now there I was on top of my brother while my mom and dad watched we kissed passionately his hard thick cock pressed on my pussy while he kissed me with tongue.

We got right to it my head was in my mom’s lap and she ran her hands through my hair dad and my bro inspected me.

My brother stroked his cock while dad licked and pushed his tongue in my pussy I was ready and needy as I ground on my dad’s tongue he pulled away and said “hurry up before I breed her sweet pussy brian”

He did he pushed in and it turned like hell but I bit my lip and let it go through as he slowly pounded me it soon felt good and my dad grabbed my mom and they left.

I focused only on his huge cock pushing deep inside of me his grunts and moans were making me hotter we switched positions and I laid back and let him use my pussy we kissed and my arms were wrapped around his neck I was clenching hard causing his to cum early but we went on for a few more rounds until my pussy was overflowing my dad did the honors to plug up my pussy.

My mom took my brother to the kitchen and I was alone with my dad I was still in missionary his hands still on the plug as he slowly pulled it out with a smirk he quickly had his way and came in my stomach and plugged me up.

I took a shower and 9 months later I had birthed my daughter

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  • Reply Anon-reader

    Techincally its not incest, if shes adopted. unless she was adopted by family member

  • Reply T

    @mako I like to talk to you more about what you do with your family. Please let me know how to get ahold of you. I have Kik,snap and Gmail

  • Reply Sarah

    So your baby could be your dad’s or brother as father. I’m 14 and have fantasy of my dad taking my virginity and impregnate me

    • dont know lol

      Thats hot not going to lie have you got snap?

    • Incest

      Im into incest too, why Dont we chat. What’s your snap??

    • Mako

      Yeah, but I have a strong feeling it’s my brothers they share a lot of features but my dad plans on giving me a baby boy! And go for it your dad wants you


      What’s your Snapchat or Kik so we can talk

    • K

      That’s hot as hell and you should go for it

    • Me

      Bet im 14 to, im male and i have fantasys of fucking my sisters not to sound like the other creaps on here but wanna text on snap