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Met my wife when I was 13

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Do you believe in fate? – When I was 13 I didn’t know the 9 year old girl I was babysitting would one day be my wife and mother to my children.

If you believe in fate then you’ll like this story but it does start off a bit dodgy.

I was 13 and me and my best mate were asked to babysit for friends of his family on this particular Saturday, they were single mothers and both lived close by and it was the school holidays and we didn’t have anything better planned so agreed to do it, they even gave us money to buy a pizza, that was a big deal in them days because we never had much money and hardly ever got to have takeaway food, it just helped persuade us to do it.

Anyway, I ended up babysitting for Julie, she had daughter called Zoe and I’d be looking after her that night, I went around to her house about 6pm, she gave me some pizza money and told me to help myself to anything in the fridge and she’d try not to be back too late, then she left.

Zoe was 9 years old at the time, her mum made her go to bed early, still treated her like a baby really, and when I got there at 6pm she was already in her nighty dressed for bed, her mum said she had to be in bed for 7pm but I let her stay up until 8pm, she was a bit of a pain always jumping and sitting on me, hugging and kissing me when I let her have a fizzy drinks or some sweets, but she was cute.

Then she went to bed, I covered her with her blanket and rubbed her head until she fell asleep, I was only 13 and didn’t know much about looking after kids but she wanted me to rub her head because that’s what her mum did.

I went downstairs, ordered my pizza, when the pizza arrived I stole a bottle of beer from the fridge and just chilled in front of the TV, she had satellite TV which was new and posh in them days, so many channels to choose from I was having a great time, then it got to about 11pm and I was flicking through the channels and was gob smacked when I found a porn channel, people were naked and shagging on TV, it was a teenage boys dream come true.

I knew no one alone downstairs but being a nervous honey boy I still checked all the rooms downstairs to make sure I was alone and made sure the curtains were shut, I put to TV volume low but so I could still hear it clearly, I dropped my pants and sat on the chair and jerked myself off why watching the porn on TV, seeing those naked boobs and fannies made me come so fast, a few minutes later I did it again and I was exhausted.

I kept watching and got a second bottle of beer from the fridge and finished off my pizza, then some lesbian porn came on, at least four hot naked girls touching and poking each other, I got really hard again and just as I’d started jerking off, the TV went all blurry and a message came up saying “Preview ended – enter password to continue viewing.”, I didn’t know the password.

Sitting on the chair with my cock in my hand dying to see more, I flicked through all the channels again but none of the porn ones were working, I was desperate to see more fanny, my hormones made me do something really naughty, I went upstairs to Zoe’s room and stood by her bed, she was a girl, she had a fanny, I just wanted to look at it.

I peeled back the covers being careful not to wake her up, her nighty was up her legs and I could already see her knickers, I gently lifted the waist band of her knickers and look down at her bald little fanny, that was enough to get me jerking off again while looking at it, then I wondered what one felt like so I put my hand down her knickers and felt it, it was soft, sticky and wet, I fingered the slit of her fanny while pulling on my cock.

I remember what I saw on the TV of one of the men coming in the girls mouth, Zoe was a snorer and already had her mouth wide open, it was like it was meant to be, I hovered my cock near her open mouth and jerked some more until I came, I aimed for her mouth opening and I shot my come in to her mouth.

She closed her mouth and looked like she was chewing on something, then she swallowed it and rolled over but didn’t wake up, I took my hand out of her knickers and covered her back up, then I went downstairs and finished my beer, I didn’t really see her or her mum again after that night, they didn’t know what I’d done, they just didn’t ask me and my mate to babysit, it was just a one off thing.

Fast forward 12 years and I was at a night club with my mates celebrating my 25th birthday, we were all really drunk when a hen party came in, loads of fit girls wearing tiny pink skirts and skimpy little tops showing off their ample breasts, their skin was covered in glitter and they had confetti and stuff in their hair.

Me and my mates instantly went over and joined them, we double celebrated the brides last night of freedom and my birthday, it was a really great night, I got talking to one of the girls, she was 5’4”, had really long hip length blonde hair, she was absolutely gorgeous, we talked, we drank, we danced, then I took her home and we had probably the best sex of my life with her.

We had sex a couple more times in the morning when we woke up, it wasn’t until around lunch time that I got out of bed and made us some cups of coffee and a fried breakfast, we had our breakfast in bed and we got to talking some more, we were both stunned and in shock, because it turns out her name was Zoe, and yes the exact same Zoe that I’d babysat for all those years ago, she was 21 now.

We instantly connected and fell in love, we’ve been married now for 4 years and we have a 5 year old son and a baby girl about to make an appearance in June this year.

We both believe that fate brought us together starting 12 years ago, I even confessed to her what I’d done that night, she was shocked and couldn’t believe I’d done that but she was okay with it.

That’s my story, fate did a good thing.

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