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Kidnapped and forced sex

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Taken off the street by a gang my girlfriend and I were forced to have sex on camera for sick pedo’s

Kelly and I had just finished a long swim at the local indoor pool and were walking home, taking the quiet back roads and cutting through fields as we always have done, we were practically skipping along holding hands, we were getting used to being a couple having been dating for only a few months.

As we were walking along one of the back roads a grey van sped towards us, it screeched to a stop next to us, the side door slid open and two men jumped out and grabbed us and bundled us in to the back of the van before driving off.

“Keep quiet or else.” Said one of the men, he was holding a big knife, it looked like something Rambo would use, I held Kelly really tight and close, we were both terrified, then they put something over our heads so we couldn’t see.

After a long drive the van stopped, we were pulled out of the van with our heads still covered and guided somewhere, I remember feeling soft dirt under my feet and then hard flooring, it was wooden because I could hear it creaking as I walked, we were guided down some stairs and when we reached the bottom they removed the hoods.

We both raised our arms to shield our eyes because there was two really bright lights in the corners of the room pointed directly at us, when the pain of the bright light faded and I got my vision back, I looked around and saw four men standing and sitting around us, we were in some sort of basement, there was a video camera in front of us on a tripod, a large old wooden bed behind us, a rack in the corner with clothes handing from it and a table at the other side with food and drinks on it.

A man was sitting behind the camera smoking a cigar, as he stood up from the chair, I held Kelly’s hand tightly, he walked over to us and blew smoke in our faces, and it made us cough, he grabbed Kelly’s chin and moved her head side-to-side to get a good look at her, “Cute.” He said, then I hit his hand away, “Get off her.” I snapped.

He raised his hand like he was about to hit me, but he didn’t, “You behave yourself, boy.” He said, “How old are you?” he asked.

“We’re both twelve.” I replied.

“That’s good. Very good.” He said, looking pleased at how old we were, he had a strange accent, probably Russian or something, I don’t know it just sounded weird, he stepped back, “Remove clothes.” He demanded.

We said no, he looked over to one of the other men and nodded, the other man rushed over and grabbed a Kelly’s top trying to remove it but she fought him and I hit him, “Get off of her. Leave her alone.” I shouted.

The cigar man yelled at us, “You do as you are told.” He shouted, he clicked his fingers and the man with the big knife put the tip of the blade to my chest, “Okay, okay.” I said.

“Do not disobey me again. Now, remove clothes.” He demanded.

We obeyed and took our clothes off and were both just stood in our underwear, “All of clothes.” He demanded, we didn’t want too but we clearly didn’t have a choice so we took our underwear off, I still held on to Kelly tightly, she was shivering, well we both were.

“That’s very good.” He said, then he pressed a button on the camera and a red light came on, “Now, get on bed.” He demanded, “Not just sitting on the side, all the way on the bed.” He added.

There was a TV on the wall behind him that I didn’t see before, he turned it on and played a video on it to show us, it was a collection of porn clips, “You do this….and we let you go. Okay?” he said.

To the side of the video was a chat box of people sending messages with money amounts next to them, we later found it was a paedophile gang, they’d kidnapped us so they could film us having sex, broadcasting it live over the internet with perverts paying to watch us and make us do stuff.

“Kiss – play – go ahead.” He said.

We didn’t want to do it but we were both really scared of what they would do to us if we didn’t, so we kissed, the cigar man kept shouting and telling us what to do with each other.

After a while the kissing and touching became quite comforting, it sounds silly being in the situation we were in, but we weren’t scared anymore, we had each other, and as long as we were together they couldn’t hurt us, it gradually became enjoyable, for both of us.

We felt each other’s warm bodies, as my cock sprung to life, Kelly was ordered to go down on me and she did and she sucked on my cock, she was then ordered to turn around and we sixty-nined, and I licked out her pussy.

The cigar man took the camera off the tripod and carried it over to the bed on his shoulder, “That’s very good.” He said, filming us from all angles, “Now, on your back.” He said to Kelly, she lay on her back on the bed, then he looked at me, “Time to fuck – yes.” He said.

I got on top of her and just laid my body on top of hers and kissed her, “No, no. Up, up. Put cock inside. So camera can see.” He ordered.

I lifted myself up with my hands on the bed, pushed my cock to her hole and then forced it inside, she screeched when her hymen broke and my cock quickly slid inside her, I wasn’t sure what to do, her pussy felt nice and warm though, I learned quickly and began to thrust in and out of her, we were having sex while he filmed us, he even put the camera really close to my crotch.

Somehow he knew I was about to ejaculate, “Stop – take cock out – put in her mouth – quickly.” He demanded, so I did and rushed towards her face, “Open – open.” He said to Kelly, she opened her mouth and I put my cock inside, “Now, come in her mouth – fill it up.” He said.

Kelly sucked my cock a few times and then I came, ejaculating everything in to her mouth, my white sticky spunk was all in her mouth and around her lips and face, my aim was terrible, it was my first time, “Eat the come – lick it up.” He said, Kelly swallowed what was in her mouth and licked it off her lips and ate it, “That’s good. Very good.” He said.

He headed back to his chair looking very happy with our performance and we thought it was all over, but then, “Zack, Anna, come here.” He shouted, a man and woman came down the stairs, they were both wearing robes, they took their robes off as they approached the bed, and they were completely naked underneath.

Kelly and I held each other when they climbed on to the bed, “Now we have more fun.” Said the cigar man.

Zack pulled Kelly away from me and Anna put her hand against my chest, pinning me against the headboard of the bed, she rubbed her boobs in my face and then moved down and squashed my cock between them, Zack flipped Kelly on to her front and lifted up her hips, then he held his huge hairy cock and pushed it up her ass hole, as she screamed from the pain, Anna went down on me, her lips squeezing so tightly around my cock and she sucked me off while Zack fucked Kelly up the ass.

I was relieved when Anna took my cock out of her mouth but then she straddled me and forced my cock between her legs and she began to ride me, she was really rough and holding my hands down so I couldn’t move, my cock was hurting bad.

Somehow Kelly and I managed to stretch our hands out just far enough so we could hold hands, comfort each other while it was happening, after Zack came in Kelly’s ass and Anna forced me to come inside her, they got off the bed, put their robes back on and went back upstairs.

The cigar man applauded, “Well done. Bravo. Very good.” He said.

“Please can we go now?” asked Kelly.

“Yes. Now you go.” He said, waving the man with the knife over, “Take them back to where you found them.” He ordered.

They dragged us off the bed, ordered us to get dressed, then put the hoods over our heads again, they drove us back to the same spot where they took us and just pushed us out of the van and on to the pavement before driving off quickly, we still had the hoods on so took them off ourselves, Kelly and I rushed to each other and held on to each other so tightly.

We went home and told everyone what happened, the police were informed and a massive investigation took place, but the men and the place we were being held in were never found.

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