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Kaylee’s first alone doctors trip

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Kaylee walked into the doctor’s office with confidence her doctor told her mom that when she turned 13 she’d be able to go alone and her mom eager to go shopping at the mall across the street agreed.

She waited before being called and going through the regular procedure to get measured weighed blah blah blah, once her doctor came in she ignored him locking the door, and sat on the loud paper squirming.

He smiled and hugged her after telling her to hop off his hands gripped her butt making her blush her chin was grabbed and her doctor pecked her lips his mustache tickling her nose.

She was told to follow him to the back where he locked the door again and she was stripped and sat in a chair with metal poles her feet were spread and locked in he began licking her and she moaned and squirmed she was gushing and she didn’t know she had fallen victims to her doctor’s perviness.

He kisses her and pulled off his slacks his hard 7-inch cock stood tall and he pushed in her taping her mouth and fucking her hair and rough he cried and her screams were muffled when his flabby cock pulled out coated in blood and cum he kisses her forehead and told her she was a woman and that if she told anyone shed me taken away from her mom forever she walked out and kept her mouth shut.

But every doctor’s trip she was fucked and she learned to love it until she switched doctors .

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  • Reply Reader1 ID:1dyxaij1j3nk

    Dogshit Shot

  • Reply Wow ID:4kejxs543

    Ive read a lot of shit stories on here but this takes the cake

  • Reply Tj ID:pvy5n2v9c

    Should make it Atleast believable lol, like a doctor is going to risk his whole career just to eat a young girl ya, story has nothing to it really, seems fake to me

    • Perv ID:21z3s54k0c

      who said it was real? I mean the way I wrote it you can tell there’s no point of view use your brain dumbass ofc its fake

  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9qk

    Great Story Do Part 2

    • Anonymous ID:cxssj576ik

      no shit, dumbass

    • Carla ID:y8hyzb0d

      Eat shit, Anon.