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In the School

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Raping fun with random school girls like a boss

My friends in school were a lot like me, but they hadn’t accomplished what I had in the past days. They could only dream about what I’d done, whereas I was now no longer a virgin. My dick wasn’t thick but it was fucking long as I’d repeatedly used it for my pleasure. So for now only my length would satisfy, I thought. Guys did idiotic things like jerking off at the yoga teacher, who was black and dark, very ugly, yet these fuckers didn’t care and were ready to do anything for pleasure.

I on the other hand fantasized about various girls, teachers and women in my dreams and wet myself, masturbating by thinking about them.

The day was a Monday and the first period was English. Rukmini mam came and I pretended to listen, but soon getting bored I started talking and was soon caught. The punishment was to sit in the first bench near a girl, who was new. I went and sat next to her and the girl smiled at me. I too smiled a little surprised, but soon forgot about it, till I saw her bare legs.

Her school skirt was covering the essential, but had left quite a good portion of her legs for my scrutiny. I slowly placed a hand on her naked thighs. She looked away from the teacher and saw me and my hand on her legs. Before she could respond, I put my hand inside her skirt and rubbed on her panties, before taking it out as swiftly as I’d put it in.

Her legs had squirmed under my touch and I saw her fists clenched tight in embarrassment. She was looking down now, her eyes closed. I pretended as if paying great attention to the teacher, while I secretly observed her to see what she’d do. The rest of the class went normally and she didn’t say a word to me. Soon after the second period, she got up and pushed against me, asking to leave her some space to get out. I resisted, but she persisted. I warned her not to complain, but she looked at me and teary eyed ran out, forcing me out. The class laughed as I stumbled, but I didn’t, as I was scared now and of what she might tell.

She came to class after a while, looking sullen and frail. I was back at my place in the last bench. I saw her and she sat at the first bench, looking warily around the class and as her eyes fell on mine, she stiffened and turned around, looking forward at the empty black board. I felt nervous and was fidgety, but my friends talks calmed me down and as I indulged into their talks and joked with them I nearly forgot the girl.

Till the next period’s teacher came. It was Sasikala and she looked angrily at the class. The whole class felt silent, as they’ll feared her temper. As beautiful as she was, it didn’t take long for her to transform into a demon when in need. She found me and asked me to come out of my place before tucking her saree in her waist, like she’d done that day, while opening the lock. As I went near her I grinned at her, remembering all the things we’d done last time. She saw me and her rage was fuelled further. She lifted her right hand to hit me, pushing her jingling bangles down her wrists and slapped me hard. I saw red, but I stayed silent. I refused to meet her eyes. Her slap made my cheeks burn and the already silent class became deathly quiet. No one moved a muscle.

Though I was near her height, my drooping head made her touch my chin and make me face her, as I processed what she’d done. She then rose up and with her hands on her hips, asked me to ask sorry to the girl, for what I did. I glared at the girl, for which she whimpered and looked down, breaking into tears. I looked down and shook my head. I was slapped again. I stared in astonishment at the teacher and she threatened me with another slap, so I gave up and apologized.

My head still bent in shame, I felt Sasikala leave the room. I stood there for a while, as I regained my composure and then breathing deeply, went back to a bombardment of questions from my friends about what I’d done to her. I gave them some bullshit about me grabbing her pen and not giving it back and they bought it. But I was still angry. Sasikala came in, a little calm now and ushered me to the staff room. I went behind her. I was admiring her shaking ass, which was covered by a red saree. Soon we both were seated in the staff room, with her in the teachers chair and I in a plastic stool. She leaned back and looked at me for a while, before asking,

“Where did you get such a habit, huh? Of harassing girls, that too at such an age?”. At this point, I recollect, chuckling for some reason.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LAUGHING FOR?? ARE YOU CRAZY?”, she screamed at me in fury.

“Ma’am I did just what I felt like doing. I was feeling like touching her, like how I feel about you. Did you forget what happened last time?”, I asked with a sneer. She stared at me in shock and rubbed her temples hard in stress, looking at me all the while.

“Do you know what your age is, how can you be so… so.. like this at this, age? “, she asked me exasperated.

“Ma’am I’m like this, you can’t change me as I can’t do it myself. I’ve become like that and now I accept it. I just want to have sex with you, that’s all.” I told her blatantly.

She biting her finger asked me,
“What if I say no?”

“Then ma’am I’ll do two things. Firstly I’ll tell everyone what we did last week and then I’ll also do the same things to the other girls and mostly the one who complained, what I did today.”

She sprang in rage and jumping from her chair came to beat me. Fortunately, as I was nearly her size, I easily held her hands from hitting me by holding her wrists. I pushed her away, by placing my hands on her breasts. She was shocked and covered her chest in a foolish attempt. Then I waited and as she said nothing, I left the room. Then I went to the bathroom to jerk off, thinking of Sasikala’s breasts.

Then as I was hurrying down the corridor, I looked down and saw Sasikala’s daughter, on the ground floor, heading down to the bathroom. I quickly ran down and after sometime entered the bathroom, undetected, to see a bathroom door close. I went near the door and heard a scuffling sound. I soon went to the one near and from there, I jumped and took care not to fall on the girl. The girl was hunched, pissing and she was way younger than papa. It was not her, but some other girl.

I cupped her mouth and lifting her, removed her panties from her knees. I placed a hand on her vagina. It was wet, with urine and the place reeked of it. But I decided to make use of her. I struggled with my school belt, pant and removed them, till my knees. Then I removed my underwear. I took my penis, now hard and plunged it into the girl who was in my arms.

She struggled and began hitting my arms, in pain. I felt good, her walls were moist and fluidy. Hot, very hot, like a heat never felt before. Her thrashing made me convulse in pleasure. It felt like she was squeezing me out of her. I then brought her down and jammed her between me and the bathroom wall.

Then I forced my dick on her mouth and pinched her, making her open her mouth and then shoved it in her mouth. She tried to bite down her fear, but I ignored it for a while, before taking it out, letting her breathe and then putting it back again and fucking her mouth. My violent thrusts made her one knee fall into the bathroom and it got soiled, in her own urine. Then I came hard and shot it down the bathroom. Then I flushed and cleaned up. Made the girl wear her panties. I let her out. Then I stealthily left the bathroom and waited, hidden in a corner, to see if the girl came out or not. She didn’t and I panicked.

I began to go call a staff, when I saw the door being pulled inside and she peeked out and left the bathroom, shaking and shivering. Thinking that it’d be dispelled as a case of falling on the bathroom, I left. I was still horny and decided to leave early for tuition today. This time I decided to bring a camera.

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    Next part please

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    Sad life, we don’t have gender neutral washrooms in our school. My sc is varunsodh2 , if any one wanna.