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How I went to get my nipples periced and ended up with a family!!!

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So this was a couple of months ago and I just woke up decided I was gunna get my nipples periced. So I go to this random place down the street from my house and I walk in see this red head white gurl big titts nice make up petite little white gurl . So I go I say I want my nipples periced and she said those big things ? ( I’m double Ds my titts are huge ) and I say yea she said ” have fun” . So I go in the room and he’s like it’s hot so we’re gunna keep the door open I agree we continue , and he asked me to take my shirt off witch I did and my titts plop out my shirt (no bra ) and he just stares for like a whole 30 second lmao so fast forward he perices them and when he’s done I sit up and he literally steps back looks at me and sais “may I?” By the time I could ask him what he meant he had his mouth on my titt in his mouth 😭 so me being me I haven’t had that in soooo long so I’m going along with it all of a sudden he takin my shorts off eating my pussy like I never felt before I’m tryna push him away but he wouldn’t stop and it felt so good so I’m like fuck it !! I’m sittin there butt ass naked gettting my push ate by this guy I don’t even kno so I’m wet af! He pulls his sick out and with out hesitation he rams it inside me and I moaned so loud ! I wasn’t expecting this at all ! He’s fuxkin the shit outta me this tatted up white man he had a big aaa dick I was like whoaaaa !!! So 20 mins into just watchin him ram my little brown pussy I lay my head back and see the girl from the cash register in the waiting area with her hand in her pants and her titts just sittin outside her shirt ! I was shocked to see that like what kinda place was in !!! But it was so hot that I was being watched I literally made and kept eye contact with her until I came all over this mans big ass cock … he wasnt finished yet he went for like thirty more minuetes after he turned me over fuckin me like a dog I’m gettin fuxked and I’m lookin at the girl from the register and she walks over and just starts coaching him on how to fuck me “fuck her harder jack” “cmon fuck this slut” ” u don’t even fuck me like this” so confused I asked them what is goin on in a moan like tone and he came all inside of me so much it was leaking all out of me … it was one of the best experiences I ever had !!! Hands down !!! So he left the room I get dressed and I start walkin out and I just say thank you !!! Have a great day because someone had walked in the shop lol I didn’t even pay I literally just walks out like that was just normal … anyways I wasn’t on birth control or anything that was the only dick I had in like a year so I ended up pregnant with this guys baby and now I’m like 6 months pregnant and I moved in with him .. so I went to get my nipples periced and gained a baby girl that’s my n the way a man and we agreed to let the cashier (Amanda) be part of our little family in the happiest ever right now .

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  • Reply 6monthspregnant ID:2vqxkilib0kk

    “This was a couple of months ago”
    “I am now 6 months pregnant”

    These kind of anomalies kill the story.