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Grilfriend’s cousin part 2

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Finally a full night of great sex with that cuteness

I took 3 peg of alcohol to boost up my energy level. Then called my gf to tell her her beautiful cousin is in safe hand . I roam around the tiny Town to pass my time . Had some sancks then returned to the hotel room . I was already too horny by thinking what a great time I’m gonna a have. After returning I found my little lady was relaxing in the bed. She got up and was surprised my seeing me . I told her I have take shower and get ready for the family gathering. I asked her will she be afraid being alone . She said no ,I thought in my head you should be. Hehe. You will meet a 7.5 inch monster tonight.
I took shower started getting ready but she was looking at the floor to avoid my shirtless muscular body. I went out saying not order any food ,we will have dinner together. Little did she know I want to enter her when she is hungry and weak . Aha what a beauty . I told her to get ready in ready in two hour ,then we will have dinner and I will leave for the night.
I called my gf and asked her call the girl’s parents so that they can be reassured.
I returned the hotel at 1 am entered the room unlocking the door ( I took the door key) and found my little prey sleeping in the bed . She looks like a rose her soft cheeks , her closed eyes her fair nubile complexion are so cute i can’t believe I will have her , I will have her soon.
So without waking her up I lay on the bed kissed her blushing red cheeks. Hugged her from her back and she woke up. She was so frightened and surprised. I told her you are so cute I just want to see you naked. She got shoked and for the first time looked into my eyes. What. A beauty. Before she could say something I took her clothes off she tried to resist but because of shyness there is very little force to stop me. My eyes were getting burnt of her beauty. I took her in my arms and laid her on the bed . Started to kiss her forehead her eyes her chin ,her neck her chest ( breast will not be the right word to use) her belly then I skipped her pussy then her thigh then leg and started to lick the fingers .she was so disgusted but her shyness and weakness making her to tolerate my offense. I took her little small covering her pussy to see my ultimate goal. When I exposed I found fair tight folds of skin with rarely visible slit . I never saw a pussy that cute . A dry hairless pussy. I felt like entering her right then . But it will destroy the idea of seeing her cute reactions of my foreplay.
So I touched that cute hole her body vibrated and she started to plead to leave her . It’s time to put some more fear on her little brain so I pull off my shirt and hugged her tight . She was shaking her head in disobedience.
What a pretty. I pinned her on bed and massage her slit with my little finger and kisses her neck , nibbing her skin.
I said I’m gonna have you tonight you are so beautiful .
I started licking her chest then belly then her pussy .
Sensing my lips on her pussy lips she was so frightened .
I can only enter her pussy lips with my mouth about half inch how I gonna enter my full pussy there?
I got too much horny thinking that so I wanna try that first .
I took in at the edge of bed stand on floor pull off my pants exposing my full length. She never looked at my body just pleas of leaving her.
I tried to enter her smooth skin with gentle rub but only penis opening can fit there. The game gonna be difficult so I have to be more aggressive and industrious.
I applied my saliva but of no use as she was completely dry. The good girl being bad she tried to kick me . May be my failure to penetrate her making her fear reduced. So I grabbed her cheeks with my large hand and warn her to move less or I’m gonna be broke bones during fucking wild. Don’t be serious that’s just a threat .
So I took some oil from the bed side table apply generously on my erect dick and on her cute pussy then pinned her back on bed and pushed hard. The red head dick head entered but she was in a lot of pain in just 1.5 inch . 6 inch to go my girl .
Oh boy if I could show you her expression . Her cheeks get cherry red. I kissed on her forehead . She was much smaller than be . So I position as l like . Nothing manly than a young virgin impaled on a dick.
So pushed hard again her body was in so much pain but her shyness was overwhelming.
I laid on top of her body said to spread her legs as possible to reduced pain.she disobeyed my command so I’m not in the charge of pain.hehe.
I hugged her tight elevated her from the bed kissed her lips then drop her on the bed. She was shocked at sudden unexpected fall.
Then I took her in middle of the bed entered her with all of my might and broke her hymen. I was half in.
After trying for half an hour I was completely inside her
She felt so tight so fresh . I started fucking her with all of my lust and desire . After 20 minutes I cum inside her.
I was so satisfying that’s felt in sleep.
When I woke up she was crying but I didn’t care fuck her three times that night . Took her to her home and come back with best sex experience of my life .
I was mentally prepared to go into jail but for some reason she never told anything to anybody.
What a good girl.

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    Great Story Do More Parts Next Time Fuck Her Up The Ass


      How bout u fuck a girl in the ass and write about nigga

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      yes fuck that bitches asshole open!

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    very good…. take more words next time