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Butch Part 2

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Finishing up the butch series!

At this point butch and I had been the best lovers a girl and dog could be the only issue was school was going to be starting soon and our adventures would become farther apart. On the last walk before the school year would have started Butch’s owner asked if it would be ok for me to watch him for the next couple of days because his mother had passed away and he had to fly across the country. I didn’t even hesitate I said yes and next thing I knew I was walking butch home.

On this night I knew I was going to be totally alone parents out at a party and my sister hanging out with her boyfriend so I had 0 chance of any unwanted intrusion. To be honest I was naked even before I walked into the house. Butch seemed uneasy in his new surroundings and it took him awhile to pay any attention to me. Once he finally followed me back to my bedroom he remembered what was going on and bolted straight between my legs eating my out from clit to crack. Butch mounted at his usual time of 10 minutes of eating me out. He found his mark the first time and thrusted deep but this caused me to slip and I ended up hitting my head of the bed frame scaring butch in the process he popped out. But he was so eager to get back in he didn’t wait except he missed my vagina and tore right into my ass. I’m going to be honest I knew this always going to be a risk but I didn’t realize how bad it was going to hurt. I tried to escape and crawl away but butch being the bigger and heavier dog kept me locked in. My next concern was I wasn’t able to stop him from knotting he had me in a perfect position my face buried in the floor with his weight on my back causing the perfect arch and not being able to get my hands around him to stop him. And with in minutes of realizing that his knot plopped right into my right asshole.

The whole situation was painful. I was crying and their was blood running down my legs. But through the pain it still felt good my pussy getting wetter and wetter (it was probably jealous) and I was still having orgasms. After 20 minutes butch had shrunk enough to pop out. The gush of semen and blood that came out of my ass was indescribable. In reaction I cupped my hands against my ass and ran to the bathroom where I proceeded to cry on the toilet in pain. It was through this unfortunate series that anal was ruined for me and I want nothing to do with it. And I also learned at this moment a small but plug was needed to prevent any unwanted entry in the future. For the next 2 days butch did not mount me once I wouldn’t let him. But I made it up to him with plenty of blowjobs and handjobs. He didn’t know better so I couldn’t completely leave him high and dry.

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