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9 days with my Uncle Day 6 Part 2

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Because of covid I needed to stay with my uncle for a while.

I had just been face fucked by Joe and I loved it, now he wanted to eat my pussy. We went to my room and he told me remove my thong and lay down on my back with my ass on the edge if the bed. I did as he asked and he grabbed my foot and started to lick and suck on my sole, it tickled alot but he soon went to licking and sucking my toes. I thought it was gross but it felt really good.

He opened my legs and saw my hairless pussy and told me how pretty is was. He kissed and licked up my inner legs, really teasing me, he got close to my pussy and started to run his tongue between my lips. I could feel pussy lips open and my juices flow out, at first he just licked and played around with my pussy with his tongue, it felt really good tho.

He then found my clit with his tongue, that was the spot. He licked it slow and I started to feel my body spams, I was in paradise, having a man eat my pussy. Joe started to lick faster and suck on my clit, that was it, I didnt just cum, I exploded, the most intense feeling ever, I shook and moaned and I think I screamed. He came up and kissed me and ask how that was, I told him that was epic. He smiled and went back between my legs.

My second cum came pretty quick, I was sensitive after the first one but I loved this. He kissed my thighs as he let me relax a moment before going back to eat me again, the sensitive struggle was real. I grabbed the bed sheets fighting the sensitivity, I came hardest the 3rd time, he stayed on my clit, he sucked it hard as I was cumming and I did scream that time. He came up to kiss me again, his face was wet from my pussy juice. I smiled and thanked him.

He asked me to suck his dick again and I gladly did it. I was exhausted but I wanted to pleasure him. I got him hard again and he pulled my ponytail and made me stand up. He asked again if he could fuck me and I told him No again. He reached under my skirt and grabbed my naked ass and said, Can I fuck you in this. I was shocked, no idea what to say. My friend had butt sex with her bf, but there were 13 and he bf didnt have a man dick. I thought about it and idk why I did this, but I asked him for money.

He looked shocked, but asked how much, I said $1000. He said he couldn’t pay that, he left and came back with his wallet. He asked me if I would sell him my blue thong that I had worn, He handed me a $20 and I told him sure. I grabbed my thong off the floor and gave it to him. He looked in his wallet and took out $50, He said this was for sucking his dick, I didnt want money for that, but I took it. He said I can offer $100 to fuck you in the ass. I told him I would.

I grabbed some Vaseline from my bathroom and gave it to him. I bent over my bed and he rubbed it on my asshole, then on his dick. He had me stand up and asked me did I want it to be gentle or how should he do this. I thought and said, very stupidly, to do it like he did to my mouth.

I regretted that,, he started out gently, slowly putting his dick in my ass, rubbing my back and shoulders and helping me relax. After a few minutes he was able to get about half his dick in me. He rubbed my back and asked me if I was ready and I said Yes.

He started to move, not gently, he put some force into it, he had his dick buried in my ass pretty quick, I grabbed a pillow and buried my head in it. This shit hurt. There was some pleasure with it, but damn it still hurt. I reached between my legs and played with my pussy which helped, I did end up cumming, which was a plus. He kept fucking my ass, it felt better after I came, my ass relaxed some. He kept saying how tight my ass was and how great it felt to his dick, but he wasnt cumming.

I thought this would be over pretty quick, my friend said the bett sex with her bf was over in few minutes. I sucked his dick earlier, I guess thats why he was lasting so long. From start to finish, was about 15 minutes, most of that was rough anal. He finally came, He collapse on me.

I do not regret what I did, I was 100% willing, and part of me loved it, but I was never doing butt sex again. He told me to take off my shirt, I took it off and he put it down by my ass and used it to catch the cum dripping out of my ass as he pulled out. I mean the cum and poop coming out of my ass.

He wiped my ass and then his dick, he rubbed my back and asked if I was okay, I told him I was. He went into my bathroom and took a shower to wash off. I got up and wiped my ass again, my shirt was covered in runny brown poop cum. I put it in a bag and threw it in the trash. Joe came out of the bathroom and then I took a shower.

My asshole was sore, I knew my next poop was gonna hurt. I took a shower and went to sit by Joe on the sofa. He asked if I was okay and I said yeah, just a sore ass. I didnt regret it, I cuddled with Joe on the sofa and feel asleep, I woke up about an hour later when my uncle came home..

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