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9 days with my Uncle Day 6 Part 1

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Because of covid I needed to stay with my uncle for a while.

My uncle slept until around 3 and then he called me for. I went to his room and he asked me to get his phone for him. He asked if my school work was done and I told him yes. He told me to go make him coffee and bring it to him when it was done. he was acting a bit grumpy but I knew his back hurt so I didnt care.

I brought him the coffee about 10 minutes later and he told me his friend Joe was going to be coming over and to make sure I let him in. He told me to change out of my pajamas and to look respectable when Joe got there. He got himself out of bed and said he had a great sleep, he was going to take a quick shower because he smelled like ointment.

I went to my room and picked out a t shirt and a skirt that I had brought with me, It was blue and I wanted to wear my blue thongs to make. I went to the bathroom and grabbed a wash clothe and washed my pussy and ass then used a wipe to freshen them up. I wasnt going to wear a thongs unless I was clean down there. A few minutes later someone at the door, it was Joe.

Joe was in his 40’s, tall, handsome and built. He did construction and I could see the muscles in his arms. I said Hi Im Kellsie and he said nice to meet you, Im Joe, your uncle told me about you. I was kinda shy with him as I let him in and then he comes towards me with his arms open and wants a hug, I didnt know what to do so I opened my arms and let him hug me, he hugged me tight and lifted me off the ground and I love it.

He put me back on the ground and told him my uncle was in the shower and asked if he wanted some coffee. He said sure and went to make him a cup. I loved the hug Joe gave me, having a man hug me was a big turn on. I brought Joe his coffee and my uncle came out and him and Joe went outside to talk. Then were outside for a while and when they came back inside my uncle said he was going to have to go to work for a few hours.

He worked nights so I asked why he was going in this early. He said the manager had a death in the family and he was asked to come in and just supervise and do paperwork until 10. He promised he would not be doing any lifting or any physical activity. He told me Joe was going to take me to dinner and stay with my until he got back home. I told him I could stay by myself but he wouldnt let me this time.

After he left I asked Joe what was going on and he told me there was a break in on the street last night and my uncle called him because he wanted me to feel safe. Joe took me out to eat. He opened his truck door for me and was really sweet. We went to the mall after wards and he asked to hold my hand as we walked, I said sure, people would think I was his daughter anyway, I was about 5’2 and Joe was over 6 ft.

We walked hand in hand and I got horny, he had huge hands and I wondered how big his dick was. They had this icecream place so I asked him if I could get a cone and he said sure. I got the vanilla cone and we sat by ourselves as I ate my cone. Joe was talking to me and acting a little funny and then I realized why. I was licking the ice cream cone in a very naughty way and didnt realize it at first. I just smiled at him and tried to eat it normal.

We got back to my uncles house and sat on the sofa together and watched tv. I was wearing a short skirt and I kept seeing him look at my legs. When I would see he was not looking I would raise my skirt up higher showing more leg. I was horny, idk about him but I was gonna find out. I took off my sandles, I had blue nails to match my skirt and thong and I told him my feet were achy and before he could reply I turned and put my feet in my lap and asked him to rub them.

He smiled at me and started to rub my feet. My foot was in my lap and I could feel something growing. I wriggled and my skirt went up a little. I was getting so horny. I pulled my feet out of his lap and leaned over and kissed his lips. He looked shocked at just stared at me for a second. He asked me if this is what I wanted and I told him yes, he put his arms around me and pulled me to him and we started to really kiss.

I got so I was sitting in his lap and his hands went under my skirt to me ass. He said are you wearing a thong and I said yes, then he gripped my ass cheeks hard and I could feel him move his hips up and toward my open legs. We kissed and I got so wet and He asked if he could fuck me, I told him No, but I would suck his dick for him if he wanted. He said he would love that. He lifted me off of him , he stood up and told me to get on my knees.

He told me to undo his jeans and pull them down, along with his boxers. He was soon standing there naked and all I saw was his dick. He wasnt as thick as my uncle but he was longer, I would estimate close to 9 inches. He asked me if I had done this before and I didnt say anything, I just started to suck his dick. At first he was just letting me do my thing then he started to move, he grabbed the back of my head and started to shove his dick deep in my mouth, I gagged on it, but I loved it, It made me think of the night before with the hotdog.

I have no idea how I wasnt throwing up on him. He held my head and I could feel his balls slap my chin as he fucked my mouth. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and it was covered in my saliva and I had streams of saliva dripping from my mouth. He told me to put my hair up, I left to get a hair tie and put my hair in a ponytail and came back, got on my knees and he started to fuck my mouth again. I pulled out and told me to suck his balls, I didnt like sucking his hairy balls but I did it.

He shoved his dick back to my mouth, he grabbed my pony tail and started to fuck my mouth, not going to deep. He started to moan and said he was going to cum, he moaned my name and shoved his dick all the way in my mouth and held it there. I could feel his cum hitting my throat, I gagged and could feel the tears running from my eyes. He finished and pulled his dick out of my mouth.

He looked at me, my saliva dripping and my teary eyes and said he was sorry he got to aggressive. I smiled and told him that was the most exciting thing ever. I leaned over and sucked his now limp dick and thanked him for what he just let me do. He lifted me up and kissed me. gave me a hug. He asked me if I had ever had my pussy eating and I said no, He asked if I would allow him to eat my pussy and I smiled said Yes !!

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