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3rd grader gets mouth raped

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How I tricked my teacher’s small daughter into giving me a blowjob

I was just about to submit my last exercise for the day to my tuition teacher, when her niece entered the Hall, where we all students sat on the floor to study. As soon as she entered, our teacher, Mrs. Rukmini’s usually stern mood, improved and she smiled, broadly at her niece. She was cute looking and everyone felt like wanting to touch her cheeks and fondle her. They looked like perverts when they did that, all of them, not just the girls, but even the boys. I didn’t do any such thing though and preferred to mind my own business. The girl was short in height, brains too maybe, but she proved me wrong, when she once demonstrated her analytical skills to her mother, who was our school’s computer teacher, in our presence.
I guess her daughter’s looks were inherited from her mother. Both looked cute, they were white, a sexy smile (the mother’s mostly), long, beautiful eyes and slim bodies, they looked like twins. The girl was in the 3rd grade, I guess and I was, what in 6th. So you must be wondering what did I ever think of trying to make a girl, well below my age, do or perform sexual acts with me. Well that’s what I am and I don’t regret what I did back then. This is how it went.
Usually after school I’d normally go home, change and then leave for the tuition, but this particular day, I went there directly and sat outside the door of Mrs Rukmini’s house, where the tuition takes place. I waited impatiently and played with their dog for a while, after which even he felt bored and left. As I waited, I suddenly got this crazy idea of jerking right there. So I fumbled with my belt, removed my pants and underwear, pulled out my penis and started stroking it, all the while keeping a lookout for anyone passing the street. Nobody came for a long time which emboldened me so I started to close my eyes and began dreaming about my computer teacher, Mrs Sasikala sucking on my cock, while her wide, sensual eyes locked onto mine. Then suddenly the gate started to open and the girl entered. I stayed in my half clothed posture, dumbstruck to do anything, only my hand covered my penis from full view. As she entered, she stared at me then slowly looked down. I shuffled nervously and said,
She just looked down at what I was covering and gave me a blank look. I wasn’t worried about her, but was scared shitless, if her mother saw me like this on their front steps, in front of her daughter, jerking off like a freak. I began to dress myself, when she asked, quite innocently,
“What is that?”
“That which you’re hiding.”, I looked at her pleadingly to let me go, but she stood firm.
“Tell me now”.
I told her, “When you’re mother is not here, I’ll tell you, for now your mother will be coming and she’ll not like me talking to you, about this”
She said, “My mother will come late today, teachers have meeting. So you can tell me.”
I sighed, “Ok, but I’ll tell you on one condition, you must not tell anyone one else about this, is that understood?”
She jumped excitedly, “Yes, yes, I won’t tell anyone, promise on my mother.”
By now I was fully dressed and so I sat down comfortably and began to explain, “That is my plaything, all boys have it. When we play with it, we boys have a good feeling, that’s all”.
“Ohh! Can I see it, please?”, she asked.
Now I began getting really nasty thoughts and I replied, “OK I’ll show you, but first you show me yours”
She confusing myself said, “But I’m a girl, I don’t have anything like that”
“No you don’t, but you have another plaything, that is different from boys and it is even cute. I just want to see it”, she looked around hesitatingly, “Only if you show me yours will I show you mine”, I desperately added.
She reluctantly agreed, “Ok, but you show me first”
I pretended to be upset, but I made her promise to show her clits to me, then I stripped standing and removed my pants showing her my penis, that had begun to swell, by the prospect of being seen by a girl for the first time.
She stared at it as it continued to grow, till it reached its maximum. Then she just looked at me.
“Now it’s your turn”, I said, “Remove your lower garment and show, remember you promised”
She obediently began removing her lower pants all the whole staring at my cock. I began to find it amusing, but refrained from laughing. She needed help with her pants, so as I held her steady, she lifted each of her legs from the pants and soon stood in her panties in front of me. Feeling embarrassed, she looked down, then I pulled her close and removed her panties too up to her knees and forced her to part her legs, I made her hold her skirt up, while I began to touch her body. Of course that time I didn’t know it was a serious offence, to touch a girl at those ages, but now I just contented myself.

She looked like a doll and her girlishness, made me want her a lot, I tickled her playfully, while maintaining my erection at the mere thought of her touch. She was feeling uncomfortable when I was touching her bare legs and lower uncovered body, so to ease it, I said,
“Do you want to touch my plaything? “
She looked at my penis and then at me and nodded yes. “Fine, you can touch now, with my permission, do I have permission to touch you?” She barely registered the latter part of the question and tentatively touched my penis, the top part of it, she winced as I shuddered in sexual excitement, jerking my cock into the process. I was afraid that I had scared her, but she merely giggled and playfully hit it again and again.

I instructed her how to do what I wanted, “Don’t hit it, it’s fragile, this is how you do it”, saying so, I took her small fist in mine and spreading them open, placed them on my cocks side, like how I did while masturbating. Then placing my hand on hers, I slowly stroked over my penis’s foreskin. Then I slowly took my hand out of hers and she continued to stroke it, slowly, carefully, she almost looked afraid that it’d break. I pulled her closer and urged her legs to part, which they automatically did and I shamefully caressed her developing vaginal areas. I looked at her, but she barely registered what I was doing to her, as she was engrossed in my cock, now I told her to increase the pace of stroking and she followed, which made me wild with pleasure and I closed my eyes and rested myself in my elbows. She continued stroking it, now almost entirely enjoying it as I was, then I got up and made her sit on my lap, to which she didn’t object.
Why’d she, after all now she had her most favourite toy in her hands. I told her to use both hands and she obliged. She asked me a bit breathlessly, “Doesn’t it pain for you?”, while she continued stroking. I replied, drained off all energy hopelessly holding my climax, “A little bit, but if you like it then it’s okay for me”
“I love the toy, anna, very very much”, she said with a smile. I gently lifted her left leg and placed it on my left, parting her legs and giving a good view of her naked midsection to me. While she continued with the hand job, I slowly massaged her privates. They were big for her age and as I parted, I mentally analysed if I’d fit in there or not. Her clits hadn’t fully developed, so I managed, by squeezing what was there, slowly.

She abruptly felt it and looked at me, “Does it hurt?”, I asked her. She nodded, then I said, “But it makes me happy, now even though it hurts me, I allow you to play, so you should also allow me, right?”, I watched her intently to see if my blackmailing worked or not. She looked down and shrugged and continued stroking me, nonchalantly. I became bold and soon after a few massages of her outer vagina, I inserted my index finger inside her and watched her reaction. She immediately stopped stroking me and closed her eyes in apparent pain, holding onto my shoulder for support as I began moving my finger inside her. She bit her lips, trying to control her pain, probably and held onto me. I could feel her dry, unviolated pussy (until now), react strongly to my intrusive finger. She began to whimper, but she didn’t tell me to stop, yet and to keep it that way, I whispered onto her ears,
“Do you want me to stop, because if I do, then I won’t allow you to play with me, is that okay, or can you like a brave girl that you’re, hold the pain and control yourself, huh? Can you?”
She opened her eyes and tears fell down on my shirt, but she nodded. “Are you a brave girl?”
“Yes”, she replied, tightly closing her eyes as I penetrated deeper into her, making her eyes widen and her mouth open in pain. She gritted her teeth and held on as I moved around all the places possible, inside her and outside too, with my other hand. I offered her my other index finger and she sucked on it, hurriedly, trying to blot out the agony. Then I removed my finger from her vagina and she relaxed, slowly. I learned forward and kissed her neck, her legs, lifting up her school skirt, I licked her belly button, holding her tightly to me. At this point I hardly cared whether she was scared or not, I just did what I wanted with her.
Her small body, felt so soft and curvy, to think of this girl in my hands was mind blowing for me. I hugged her close, touching every other places possible, feverently wanting to make her mine, forever. I looked up at her face, she saw me with a wary look, afraid now of what else I’d do to her. I proceeded to her face, I kissed her cheeks, her skin soft, unlike mine, pore less, smooth, silk. I wanted to eat her. I nibbled at her ears, at which I surprisingly, got a moan, from her. She said, she felt strange, but liked what I did. I smiled and told her to close her eyes, which she did and after which I kissed them both. I withdrew and looked at her, she seemed fine but still her eyes were closed. I put a hand behind her neck and beckoning her closer, put my lips on hers. I got a very startled reaction from her, but then I rubbed her back, soothing her and she relaxed, but didn’t respond, I on the other hand, licked her lips, making her jump, then I made her open her mouth and I plunged my tongue inside her mouth, at which she began struggling but I held her still and continued kissing her. I ravished her mouth, licking her teeth, battling her reluctant tongue. Then slowly she responded after much persuasion and determination I made her accept my mouth and she kissed me back. Soon I parted from her mouth making a good amount of mixed saliva drip onto her skirt. She didn’t mind, though and left it at that. Now I was feeling a bit awkward with her, though she was a child. I began to lift her off my lap, when she asked me if she could play again. I was a bit angry now and I told her, if she wanted to play with it, she would have to use her mouth, hoping that she’d back out now, but instead she agreed. I was perplexed, but also horny and decided to make use of the situation. She asked me how should she be playing with her mouth. I told her,
“Have you eaten a lollipop? It’s similar to that, but here you’ll have to move your head and suck it. It is salty, but you’ll like the taste after a while”, then I leaned back, pushing her out of my lap and presenting my cock to her. My cock was flowing with my precum and on seeing this she asked me what it was. I told her it was juice, but it was salty and healthier than others. Now I waited patiently to see, if she’d really suck me or not. She looked at me, unsure, but then hesitatingly, she bent down, lifted my cock with her small kid hands, holding it erect and stooping her neck to allow her mouth to reach my penis. I told her it’d be easier for her, if she did this on her knees. So she followed suit and got down on the first step, on her knees and bending forward, as I waited anticipatingly, she opened her mouth, parting her lips and slowly allowed the fat part of my cock inside her mouth.
It was heaven, to feel a mouth on my cock, that too of a young, no, a small girls. Though this posture of hers meant that someone outside could easily watch what was going on inside, I said fuck it and looked happily at the girl who was sucking me. She was looking at me and sucking, holding my cock with her hands. I removed her hands and place them each on either sides of me, making her suck me using only her mouth. Then she withdrew and wiped her mouth, it was wet, just like my cock. I asked her what happened, she said that she didn’t like the taste of the juice. I told her it’s okay and that it’ll improve her strength and brainwashed her to suck on my cock again, this time I told her to open her mouth wide, lean more and take it a little more deeper as far as she could. She tried and went deep, a bit then as she began pulling out, I forcibly held her like that my cock still lodged in her mouth. She shook her head, indicating that she couldn’t do it but I like the horny fuck that I was, held her and began moving her head up and down on my cock. My hands, were holding her ears and pulling them up and down, continuously. Her eyes turned moist and looking helplessly at me, she began crying softly, choking and suffocating on my cock. Ohh……that small childish mouth around my cock, slick and wet, her saliva mixed with tears falling down, creating slurping sounds as half of my cock, roughly probed her mouth, invigorated me and brought this amazing feeling, that this is what I wanted as I made her head move up and down, like a fucking machine. She’d have screamed if not for my cock blocking her vocal speech, but she settled with a whimper, still she was struggling but I was sure she wouldn’t die or suffer serious damage so I continued fucking her mouth. Then I felt a loose sensation off freedom as I reached my climax and so in full sexual excitement, I broached the little girl’s throat, completely as I shoved the full length of my penis, into her mouth, making her nose, crush against my crotch. Then I let loose and felt my spurt of semen inside her mouth and I groaned in sexual pleasure. I saw her face still pressed to my body and slowly released her upon which she began to spill a few drops of semen onto my nether areas, I abruptly got up and standing, squeezed the remaining of my cum into her partly open mouth. She looked like a mess, face full of tears, tired and helpless, I felt sorry, but I merely checked her mouth and found my semen still inside. I told her to swallow. She hesitated, at which I told her, that she couldn’t be allowed to go without swallowing. So she swallowed looking at me and on seeing her contorted face at the taste of my cum, I realized she didn’t like it and might puke, so I took out her bottle and made her drink water from it. She drank and her heavy breathing, began to normalize, I placed a hand on her left chest and felt her heartbeat. It was racing. So I pulled her close and hugged her, offering some sort of sexual comfort. She just rested her head on me, keeping her arms on her sides and soon as I continued rocking her she fell asleep. I quietly put her down and began cleaning the place. I first, wiped off her face off the fluids that were there and then applied water to the cum-stained portions of her uniform, washing it off. Then I dressed her, putting her panties on and her lower garment

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    I have read many stories involving little girls; in most of them, it is done in a playful, pleasurable way. She learns the pleasures of the body and enjoys it. But this one… it’s disgusting.

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      It’s disgusting either way tf

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    Seek help

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    great story! wish i could chat with you. i had a similar experience. do you have email or wickr?

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    I did the same thing to a student of mine after school. In my class room. I had her rub my cock through my pants and it got very hard. While she is that I fingered her young pussy. Then I had her pull out my cock and she took it in her mouth. I pumped her mouth and came as it went down her throat. It was great. Then I pushed my cock into her ripe pusy, and she said it hurt so I pulled out and shoved it in hard and came i n her. It was great.

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    Great Story Do Part 2