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3rd grader and her mom enjoyed getting raped

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How I raped my teacher’s young daughter and partly fulfilled a fantasy

(Continuing from where I left the first story…. And please bear with me, this one is long, but I’m sure it’s worth the read. Enjoy!!)

Then I too dressed up and waited for time to pass, I checked my broken watch, that I kept in my bag, it said 4:42 pm, meaning that there was 15 more minutes for the girl’s mother to come home. I looked at the sleeping figure of the girl and wondered to myself, that had I become a monster, after what I did today. I wasn’t worried, much about what she’d say, for mostly, no one would believe her, though people believe whatever children say, they wouldn’t take this much seriously, at least that’s what I thought. So I merely touched her face and felt her soft breaths as she slept soundly after our session, we were nearly like a couple now. I hugged her close and lied down next to her. I was alerted to the sound of approaching footsteps and I soon sat upright grabbing my rough book and bag and lunch bag. The gate opened and the sweet, but serious, computer teacher, Mrs.Sasikala, stepped inside and on seeing me and her daughter sleeping next to me, smiled. It was a smile of trust, faith and a friendly one, one that I’d violated today, by my actions with her only child and daughter, who was young enough to be my sister. She told me to go home, as she was feeling tired and asked me how long was papa sleeping . She called her daughter papa, so I said since she’d come home, she was like that. She woke her daughter up, opened her house door and lifting her half lifeless daughter, up her shoulders, she went in, as she turned to go in, the small girl, looked at me, through a very sleepy gaze, almost forgetting what I’d done with her, I waved her bye. And she too waved me back bye and went to sleep on her mother’s shoulders again. I opened and latched the gate from the inside and began walking to my house, a street away from, here. I realized one thing though, that if I was given a chance again, I’d do the same thing to her again because now I had an unexpected boner or was it? But be sure, that girl is mine and I’m gonna have great fun.

I didn’t go back for a week to the tuition since that day, from when I’d violated her daughter. But as Sasikala was a teacher in my school she couldn’t be completely ignored and her mother in law, Rukmini was also my class as well as English teacher, so obviously I was asked about my absence. I just needed help in Tamil as I was new there, so all the other subjects I fared well alone, but the tuition was mainly for Tamil. I told Rukmini mam that I wasn’t feeling well so I’d decided to skip, but she told me that if I want to fully learn Tamil, then I’d have to stop taking leave. So I agreed and said I’ll drop by today. Then I heard, both she and her daughter in law talk. It seems, that day, after what I did to that girl, she’d vomited excessively, that night and now had burning fever. They both were discussing about what must have happened and what had she had eaten wrong or done wrong. But I knew what I’d done, but strangely I felt no guilt and only felt like I wanted to see her again. So that evening I turned up quite early and waited. Soon papa came, but today she was followed by her mother, fast behind her so I merely waited, as I wished papa’s mother, good evening and stood back, while Sasikala fumbled with the lock. Her saree kept falling down, making her task more difficult, but she persisted, even after I offered to help. She finally, took her long pallu and tucked it in her waist, leaving her whole back bare for me, from her blouse ends to her saree’s waist, for scrutiny. It looked lovely, all white and smooth, so near to me, I felt tempted to touch it, but reminded myself, that she was not as vulnerable as her daughter and held back very reluctantly. Instead I satisfied myself, by touching her daughter’s, ass through her school skirt and squeezing it, all the while imagining, that it was Sasikala’s. Then I put my hands under her skirt and touched her ass, through her panties. Today she wasn’t wearing any under garments or extra pants, so her bare legs, we’re clearly visible. But I held my gaze on the teacher’s bare back and continued squeezing her daughter’s ass. I felt her wriggle, under my touch but I held her from falling by pulling back her ass. I could feel her looking at me, but I ignored her and suddenly found Sasikala looking at me. She saw me looking at her exposed back, but did nothing to cover it up, though the look that she gave wasn’t a friendly one. I discreetly removed my hands from her daughter and braved myself to look at Sasikala, directly. She stared at me and removing her pallu, from her waist, pushed open the door to her house and pulling her daughter’s hand went in. She didn’t say anything to me and went to her room and closed her door. I was scared shitless, but afterwards, her daughter soon came out changed into a light pink frock and sat beside me, on the floor, where I usually sit next to the chair of Rukmini mam. I sat silently, while the little girl, placed her hands on my pants bulge. I didn’t budge and waited to see what she’d do next. She hesitated, but soon, began rubbing the whole length of my cock, after making out it’s outline, through my pants. She moved it up and down, giving me pleasure and making me suffer for my release. Then as she tried to open my pants zip, her mom came out, dressed in a usual nightie attire, maroon in colour. She saw her daughter sitting next to me and gave me a annoyed look. Then she reminded papa, of her homework and so her daughter left me and went scuttling into her room, from where I was forbidden. There was an awkward silence in the Hall, as Sasikala, went about her chores, removing the tiffin boxes out, washing them, cleaning the room, the kitchen, making tea, tidying up her bag. I hadn’t seen her rest all the while. I looked at her intently when she wasn’t noticing and I liked what I saw. She was I guess in her late 20s or something and that was a very attractive age for women, for me. She was slim, but not bony, she had filled up quite nicely in all other parts necessary and she had a oval face, with an amazing set of eyes and long, luscious lips, she wore a toe ring, which felt sexy for me then, at that age. I envied her husband. Then she went to the fridge, rummaging for something, bending down, making her nighty go up, revealing her white legs and making her ass outlined by her nighty, face me in a kind of teasing way. But obviously she was doing her work, only I was looking at her dirtily. Her nighty nicely tucked inside her ass, revealing her ass’s outline to me. From behind, I looked hungrily and in my horny state, I accidentally salivated in the ground. I quickly wiped it and stared. She was swaying now, still looking, her ass dancing, her one hand on the fridge for support and the other on her knee. Then she stood up and turned, giving up and met my gaze again, catching me red handed. She glared at me and then looked at the fridge, making sure that I wouldn’t have looked at anything but her and looked now in a very distant manner. I feeling embarrassed, looked down and maintained my position. She stood there for a while and then proceeded to the kitchen. I soon heard the sound of water splashes and heaved a sigh of relief. Then she spoke, “Don’t you’ve anything to study?”, she asked me
I was stunned, as we didn’t really speak that much, but I obliged her and said, “No mam, today the Tamil teacher, didn’t come, so Rukmini mam said to wait for her today and that she’d give me lessons later in the tuition.”. All that I received was a distant, ‘hmm’, from her. Then I asked her why was she asking me this. I heard vessels clatter and then she came towards me and said, “What do you mean, that I don’t have the right to ask you?” , she asked me in a threatening manner, her wet hands, being wiped on her nighty. I gulped, but said, “No, I didn’t mean it like that.”
“I saw you sitting aimlessly, so that’s why I asked you. What did you think I asked that for? Huh?”
The conversation was now entirely in Tamil, for I could only speak Tamil well, not write, so I said,
“You keep taunting me in front of your other students that I don’t know Tamil, but I did know and I understand clearly what you say about me, I was surprised that you had any interest over me at all”. She stared at me angrily and without a word, she turned back and continued with her job. Then I felt bored and as I got up to leave, she came and asked me where I was going, her anger had calmed down, by now, but I was still, uncomfortable as I didn’t usually talk back to teachers. She told me not to go now and wait for the teacher. Then she hesitated and asked if I want coffee. I just looked at her blankly and she too looked at me, waiting, her body leaning against the wall, as she bit her finger in a womanly fashion. I agreed and she made it for both of us and she sat in the chair in the dining table, while I resumed my old position, on the ground. Her coffee was good, really and I appreciated her for that, for which she smiled in pride and offered me more coffee, which I refused, but consumed it on her repeated requests. Then she asked me a lot, about my family, my friends, school, studies, girls and I replied obediently. Though I wanted to ask her too, I refrained and just enjoyed the coffee and her face, now smiling and friendly. I said sorry for what I said and to my surprise she started laughing. She said that she had been told worse and those students hadn’t even respected her and I was saying sorry for something that was quite true. I looked at her like a fool, for which she laughed even more, then controlling herself, she said that she’d taken my inability to speak properly in Tamil and used it as a joke. So she said I’d all the rights to question her. I merely nodded and she got up , ruffled my hair playfully, much to my secret happiness and picking up the coffee cups, she washed them in the sink. Then the students started coming in and eventually Rukmini mam, came and after finishing the lessons that day, I went home, jubilant and hopeful for tomorrow.

The next day was a holiday, don’t ask me which one, but it was one of the numerous ones that we get every year. For some reason, mostly sexual, I went out and found myself in front of the tuition. Rukmini mam saw me and ushering me in, made me eat some of the things she had prepared, for that days occasion. I saw her niece, the girl I’d violated previously, walk around with only her undergarments. On seeing me, she told me to call me and play. I’d definitely spoiled her rotten, I thought. Rukmini mam, left with her husband, a retired advocate for shopping, leaving her niece, Sasikala and me alone in the house. As soon as they left, I locked the gate, the door, closed all the curtains, windows, made sure Sasikala was still asleep and then proceeded to the bathroom, towing papa with me. I locked the door and quickly removed the only piece of cloth, she was wearing. She barely came up to my navel, so I’d to bend and pull them down and remove it. Now after I’d taken off her clothes, I stripped naked and began stroking my already hard cock, looking at papa’s nude self. She was shying, but stood firm, I removed her hands and told her to touch the walls with her palms, which she did. She kept looking hungrily at my cock. But today I’d other plans. I continued stroking, my slick until I ejaculated on her body. She flinched and looked nervously at the white liquid, that I’d bathed her in. Then she touched it and licked it, recoiling in the taste, but controlling herself, she wiped it all off her and licked it. I felt so strange, yet turned on, by seeing her do that, that I went near her and spanked her ass nicely. She winced, but didn’t shout and closed her eyes, as I hit her repeatedly. Then I sat on the commode and turning her around, I pushed her to go down on me and forced her mouth to my dick. She struggled a bit, before giving up and taking my thin, but long cock down her mouth and into her throat. I held her there, while I marvelled at the various sensations her mouth gave me. Then I raised myself and pushing her to the wall, my dick still in, I began shoving it deep inside her mouth, not caring, if she suffered. I looked down and she looked at me with a swollen mouth, with teary eyes, begging me to stop, but I felt turned on more and I pumped furiously, till I felt my release letting out. I shuddered and held onto papa’s head for support as my cum went in. Then I resumed again, though my dick hurting after two quick ejaculations, I didn’t want to lose this opportunity and so I continued, fucking her like that. After a long time, I came again and looked at her as I did. She was holding onto my thighs for support, her face swollen and my cum, loosely trickled out her mouth. I pulled back and sat down, leaning on the wall opposite to her. We both looked at each other, she looked confused and a bit afraid. She looked down on her and saw that she had wet herself, feeling embarrassed. I reached out to her and massaged down on her vagina, she placed her hand on mine and shook her head. But I insisted and she let go. I rubbed her, initially receiving no reaction from her, just a blank stare back at me as she tried to understand what I was doing to her. Then I inserted my finger and thrust it deep. Her small eyes widened, contorting her face in about fear and pain. She looked like she was being ripped apart and her pain was turning me on. Then after a ferocious, few thrusts of my finger, I felt herself collapse, releasing her tension and giving out a moan and a long satisfied sigh. She had ejaculated, I’d made her come and I was happy. Then I felt like having sex with her and I completely forgot that this was way out of line. So I made her lie down, without any protest from her as she was already tired from what I’d done to her. I laid on top of her and she faced sideways, looking away from me, breathing heavily. I kissed her mouth, face, small breasts and lifting myself up a bit, took my cock and placed it on her entrance hole. She looked alarmed and suddenly began to wriggle out, I held her tightly under me, covering her mouth on with my hand, while, I patiently tried to enter her body, without causing her much pain than necessary. It went in, slowly, my tip, then half, till I felt something blocking and guessing it as the hymen, I left it intact and stayed inside her wet, virgin, pussy for a while. Savouring her, tasting her insides. It was thick, felt like someone was squeezing my dick, with muscle. I held her from screaming, because I could see the obvious pain in her eyes and knew she was getting ready to scream. I had to twist my head down to kiss her, to shut her up, as I began moving inside her, slowly but nicely. The feeling of kissing her and fucking her at the same time, made me lose my mind and I felt my release come close. My agonizing thrusts made her feel more uncomfortable and the pain had probably increased manifold. To ease her off, I began moving faster inside her, thrusting carefully, but she felt only more pain and the bathroom rocked with her silent screams. I soothed her as best I could and soon as I began cumming, I pulled my dick out, reluctantly and shoved it on her face as I emptied it. Then I pulled her up and switched on the shower, bathing her, washing away all the cum in her body, cleaning her vagina, her mouth her face, her hair. I again decided to fuck her, so I pushed her against the wall and from behind, inserted my dick again into her pussy. I cupped my hands against her mouth to prevent her from shouting and fucked her nicely. This time my come shooted much later and when I pulled my dick out of her, it went sky high as I fucked her back by grazing my cock against it. Then I quickly dried her up, myself and as I went out, dressed papa in her panties and sent her out to the hall, where I saw her stagger, sway and fall down, tired on the ground, like a drunkard. Her legs only managed to wobble in a disoriented manner and carried her no further . I quickly threw my clothes out, as they were a little wet. I washed my face and as I strode out, I saw the door to where Sasikala was sleeping open up and she in a very sleepy manner, with a bottle in her hand bumped into me as I came out of the bathroom. Her room smelt of sex. Like she’d pleasured herself. Her hand accidentally, hit my dick, as I was still naked and she jumped back in astonishment. She was still in her maroon nighty, ravishing and on seeing her my dick started to rise, slowly. She looked at it and then at me in scorn, then she went beyond me and peered into the bathroom, searching for something. Then she looked at me again, with a wary look, keeping her distance and asked,

“Where is papa? And what the hell are you doing, roaming around naked in the house?”, she looked a little scared now, whereas I should’ve been the one.
“I had gone to the bathroom and my clothes got wet, so I removed them. Papa is sleeping in the hall, by the way”, I said, looking at her reaction.
She merely nodded and again glanced at my cock, which was throbbing uncontrollably, in want of sex. We looked at each other, now in a very awkward situation. Sasikala, took hold of a few strands of hair and tucked it behind her ear, her bottle fell down and as she bent to retrieve it, her face hit my cock. Flushed, she gathered herself and began to leave, when I said,
“Can you do something about this?”
“About what?”, she asked me, turning in half to face me, struggling to keep her gaze straight at me.
I looked down and shrugged, which made her angry,
“What do you want me to do?”
“Please, stroke it for me, please, I’ll do anyt…”
“You have hands right, then do it yourself”, she turned back and walked to the kitchen. I, in my desperation, went naked behind her and hugged her, holding her tightly. She froze, then began scolding me,
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING? LET GO OF ME, NOW”, she admonished me, but I refused to let go, even after her scolding turned to cajoling’s and finally pleadings. She finally said,
“Ok, what do you want, tell me”
“I just want you to stroke it for me”, I pleaded.
“If I do that you’ll leave me alone? “, she turned her hands, on my hands, looking questioningly at me. I nodded and released my hold over her.
“Where do you want it done?”, she asked me
“Here”, I said. She shrugged and dragged a chair from the dining table and sitting on it, she told me to sit on the table. I gladly sat and waited hopefully. Sasikala, removed her bangles and her ring, then holding my erect dick in her hands, she proceeded to give me a hand job. She stopped suddenly and pulling her chair closer, she came near me, sat and continued. She did it fast, with her right hand, she wanted me to ejaculate fast, so she looked at me with a ‘fuck-you’ look and continued to stroke it fast.
“You know, my dick became wet, just by thinking about you”, I said dirtily, in the mood to tick her off. She looked at me, annoyed and said,
“Did I ask that to you?”
I shrugged and changed the topic, holding my come and breath as she jerked me off fast,
“Did you do this to your husband too?”, I touched a nerve there and she got up and slapped me in fury.
“If you want this, then shut up and sit there, don’t ask and don’t talk anything, ok?”
I nodded, smiling, making her uncomfortable, which she took revenge by hitting my dick hard as punishment, I gasped as that nearly brought me to my release. But I gritted my teeth and held on. Now Sasikala was getting worried as I still hadn’t come, so she began using both hands now. My balls were slapping hard against my ass and her palms, to and fro. There was a distinct smell, of my wet cock that was engulfing the room and Sasikala squinted at it. Looking at me, in disdain, she stroked slowly, but this was what was turning me on more. But I refused to relax and come and get it over with and we both fought with each other as she tried to make me come and I resisted. She was sweating badly now, even more than me and staring in desperation at me, she told me,
“Please come, I can’t take this anymore, it’s exhausting”, so I told her to take it in her mouth, for which she spit on me, on my face, in revulsion and said that she’d never do that. Now totally spent, I decided to force her to open her mouth. As she continued jerking me off with both hands, I suddenly reached over and through her nighty, pinched her left nipple hard, nearly tearing it off, making her open her mouth wide as she shrieked in agony, then I seized the chance and in her wide open mouth, I shoved my cock deep, in the process, tumbling down. But I held onto her and as she beat me, thrashing out in anger, I moved inside her mouth. Like mother, like daughter her mouth was wider and long and so I thrust deep and soon ejaculated. My comes force, nearly threw her back as I felt it hit her throat. I’d managed to get her on her knees as I made her give me a forced blowjob and I held on tight as I emptied myself into her. Then fully dumping it, I pushed her back and sat on the ground, still stroking, a portion of my spent fluids flowing through my dick and out onto my thighs and the floor, wetting my hands in the process. Sasikala heaved and breathed heavily, holding onto the fallen chair for support as she looked at me, not believing what I’d made her do. I rose up and offered her my hand, she took it and I escorted her to the bathroom, where she retched into the toilet. I raised her up, in the meantime, running a hand through her ass, which she resisted, with minimal force. Then I made her sit on the floor and rubbed her breasts, in a view to calm her racing heart. She told me to leave her alone and get dressed. I followed suit and as I was leaving, I asked her if she wanted more help. She looked at me, blankly, then shook her head and smiled embarrassedly.
“You go home, you can’t help now.”
She continued smiling, shaking her head in disbelief, as she placed her palm on her forehead, her hair, face, mouth still dripping with my cum. Her hair was completely messed, falling all over her face. She looked at the opposite wall, for a while, then with a sigh, she got up and on still seeing me there, she admonished me and sent me packing. As I went out I asked,
“I’ll still be allowed to come here again, right?”
She looked at me and told, “Try it the next time, you’ll see”, saying so, she shut the door on me. Though not completely understanding what she’d said, I went home with dreams of passion that came to me and I relived it all again.

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