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Twin-ks first time sex

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Me and my twin brother, both 13, are gay and we had sex for the first time together.

My 13 year old twin brother Tom and I were in the park climbing trees for conkers on a Sunday afternoon, we were really close brothers and did absolutely everything together, identical twins wearing the same clothes, had the same interests, same color hair and style, both had light blue eyes, sandy blonde hair and we loved the outdoors.

Tom was high up in the tree whacking at the branches with a stick when he slipped, he managed to grab hold of the large tree branch and he was dangling about 10 feet off the ground, “I’ll catch you.” I shouted as I positioned myself underneath him ready to catch him, we always took care of each other, he let go of the branch and plummeted towards me, I caught him in my hands and we both fell to the ground.

We were laid on top of each other laughing at him almost dying, then we both went silent having felt our cocks touching through our combat shorts, Tom quickly kissed me on the lips, a swift but tender peck, it should have felt weird but it didn’t, I liked it, it felt good, it felt right.

As we got to our feet and brushed the dirt and grass off ourselves, we didn’t really speak, just sharing awkward glances, Tom brushed dirt off my top and I brushed some leaves and twigs off his head, once again finding ourselves face to face, he kissed me again and stroked his hand down the length of my arm, I got goose bumps all over.

I think it had been brewing for a while, over the last few months I’d found myself watching him out of the corner of my eyes when he was getting dressed or drying himself after taking a shower, I was aroused by him and I guess he felt the same having kissed me twice, could it be that we were both gay and liked each other in that way even though we’re brothers, twin brothers at that.

I returned his peck on the lips, then we stood holding hands and we were kissing more frequently, was it a brother love misinterpreted or were we truly sexually attracted to each other, all I know is that kissing him didn’t feel wrong.

We abruptly stopped kissing when we heard someone calling for their dog and realised we were in the middle of the park out in public view of everyone, “Let’s go home.” Suggested Tom, I agreed and we ran all the way home, we burst through the front door and rushed upstairs to our shared bedroom, thankfully our parents were out with our little sister shopping at the time.

When we got to our room we closed the door and stood in silence for about a minute, we shared a knowing look, we both wanted it but were waiting for the other to make the first move, Tom moved first, he kicked off his trainers and pulled off his t-shirt, I did the same, we both looked so excited and my heart was beating so fast, we took off our shorts then Tom held me and kissed me, it wasn’t a peck, this time it was a serious kiss, a passionate loving kiss.

We moved clumsily around the room and I tripped and fell backwards on to my beanbag chair, Tom was on top of me, we felt each other up and kissed wildly, then Tom pushed his hand down my Y-fronts and tugged on my cock, I got aroused very quickly then he slid down me, kissing my chest and stomach, he pulled off my Y-fronts and kissed my balls.

I cried out with pleasure when he licked up the length of my shaft and then slipped my cock in to the warmth of his mouth and started to suck on it, he sucked on my cock while rubbing his hands up and down my body, then I wanted a go, I’ll pulled his head off my cock and I got up and pushed him across the room and onto his bed, I eagerly pulled off his Y-fronts and just gobbled his cock in to my mouth.

We 69’d for about 10 minutes enjoying the taste and texture of each other’s cocks and sweaty balls before I flipped Tom on to his front, I pulled him up on to all-fours and squeezed and slapped his ass cheeks, then I pressed my cock to his ass hole, I pushed but couldn’t get it in and it felt really rough, so I spat on his ass hole and my cock to make it more slippery and tried again, Tom gripped and bit in to the bed sheets when my cock finally slid in to his tight ass hole.

I fucked him up the ass while reaching underneath him and tugging on his cock, he was screaming with delight, I came in his ass and then we switched positions, when he finally penetrated my ass hole I felt the full length of his cock inside me and I got an instant erection again, he was rocking me back and forth really fast while fucking me, I felt his cock throbbing and swelling inside me and then his warm come filling my ass, he pulled out and then slid himself under me like a mechanic checking under a car and he sucked me off until I came in his mouth.

When we’d finished we lay on the bed spooning holding each other like we were lovers, until we heard the front door open downstairs and our sister giggling, we quickly got dressed and sat on the bed like nothing had happened, just as our sister burst through the bedroom door, we knew she’d do that so were prepared, she handed us some sweets brought back from shopping and then left the room.

Tom and I just smiled at each other, then we just dropped the sweets on the floor and laid on the bed kissing.

And that was my first gay sex with my twin brother. I know why girls give blowjobs, because cock tastes so good in your mouth… and even better in your ass.

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    Is this a true story or fictional..