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I was bending over playing with my pussy and my dog was watching me, all of a sudden i felt a long sharp tongue licking my pussy, it felt so good. i just bent over opening my ass wider and he kept licking then put his tongue deep in my ass. the feeling is amazing but i feel guilty so i stopped him. next time i sat on my bed legs wide open playing with my self without hesitation he starts licking deep inside my pussyhole i didnt want him to stop. I then turn over and let him do his thing while i fuck myself with my 12 inch black dildo, he neveer mounts me but he did get newtered maybe thats why??? its like a guilty pleasure i love getting licked by dogs my gf can never find out. it first started a few years ago but i cannot stop. i want a threesome with a like minded female like myself. i live in london uk and i am a mistress if u have a dog and want me to help u have fun im more than avalible to help ur dream come too while u lick me

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      Please I’m male person I want female gog for sex

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    Whats your snap

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