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The Older Sibling

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Alex The 16-year-old sibling sexually loved his brother.

Hello, My name is Alex, and ever since I saw my little brother naked I wanted to fuck him.

One night my little brother Aliva was taking a shower while my parents were on their anniversary vacation.

Aliva needed some hair soap so he called out for me
And asked for some. After hearing him I got the soap and went to open the door after I heard a loud bang in the shower, I went into the bathroom and opened the curtains and saw him on the bottom of the shower and placed the soap down. I quickly glanced at him when I went to close the curtains and told him I put the soap down and asked if he was ok, Aliva responded with yeah I just fell when I went to open the door “giggles”

A few minutes after, I thought about how nice and round his ass was when I glanced at him. Aliva was only 12 at the time so I was surprised.

After he was done I asked him if he wanted something to drink he said yes so I made him a cup of milk and crushed up 4 sleeping pills and put them in the milk. He later drank it and a few hours later he fell asleep.

sense I put so many sleeping pills in the milk, I knew he would have not been able to wake up in a while knowing that I quickly went into his room and stripped him naked.

I started to suck his little dick and then I went down to his asshole and pushed my tongue inside and started licking up and down inside, The smell and taste of his asshole was so good. after I put him on his belly and used soap to lubricate his asshole before I abused his asshole, I tuned the soap in a circular motion to make sure I get every square inch lubed up.

After I got naked, I slid my dick into his asshole and started thrusting inside I kept doing this for maybe an hour and then he started to wake up. I quickly went into my dad’s room and grabbed two belts and tape, I quickly tied him to the bed and covered his mouth with tape. I continued to thrust inside and he started waking up due to the amount of force I was fucking him with, he started the realized what was happening. The soap dried up so his asshole was tighter, it hurt badly when I was thrusting inside his asshole and he attempted to scream a move around but sense I tied him to the bed and taped his mouth he could barely move and speak. I continued to fuck his asshole for another hour and he gave up on trying to scream. I continued to fuck him and came 3 times.

The pillow was soaked from him crying from the pain and there was some blood ok the sheets from his asshole. I may have punctured his stomach while I was fucking him. There was also a lot of cum on his back and sheets.

I cleaned everything up and kept him tied to the bed.
Our parents only left a day ago and it’s summer. They said they will be gone for 3 weeks.

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    Nice story

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    Keep on. make him your bitch. he will get used to you fucking his ass. Show him who that ass belongs to.