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The Nymphomaniac – P1

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My neighbours sweet, adorable, innocent daughter turned out to be a crazy nymphomaniac who wouldn’t leave me alone until she got what she wanted.

After working in the city as an investment bankers for many years my wife and I decided to take a break for the hectic life, we’d saved enough money to live comfortably so in our 40’s we both retired early and moved out of the city to the nice quiet suburbs.

We bought a nice little new build two bedroom house in a lovely street surrounded by picturesque woodland, we finally settled down and we enjoyed our new lives, we only had a couple of neighbours when we first moved in only 4 months ago because it was a new build area and we waited for the houses around us to be bought up.

Last month the house next door was bought by a lovely couple, Jack and Carol, who both worked as freelance accountants, we hit it off straight away because we all worked in the financial sector and had a lot in common, they have a delightfully polite daughter, 12 year old Abigail, who is an aspiring athlete.

They had a Jacuzzi installed a couple of weeks ago, Jack and I had a lot of trouble and fun assembling it while enjoying some cold beers, then last weekend they invited my wife Linda and I around to christen it with them, the sun was beaming down but it was a little chilly, you know the days where it’s a touch frosty in a morning and even when the sun comes out the cold snap still hangs around making it slightly chilly, one of those days.

Perfect conditions to relax in a nice hot bubbling Jacuzzi, so we all gathered on their patio wrapped in our fluffy dressing gowns and sipping from a glass of Champaign, “Right, let’s get in this thing.” Said Carol, being the gent that I am though I stepped aside, “Ladies first.” I said, ushering Carol and Linda forward.

They stepped forward, untied their belts and let their gowns drop on to the wooden patio floor, Jack and I shared a look, our wives looked stunning in their bikini’s, we watched them walk up the tiny steps and plunge in to the bubbling water, then we disrobed and joined them, the water was very hot, it gave my body a momentary shock when I dipped my first foot in to it, but then it was just nice.

We all relaxed, conversed and drank more Champaign, then Abigail joined us, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice her adorable two piece bikini as she climbed in to the Jacuzzi, she sat between her parents and us and she was beside me, I bickered with her parents over whether or not to let her have a glass of bubbly, I won in the end and poured her a glass, then we all went back to conversing.

An hour or so later Jack and Carol got out, they headed in to the house to prepare a lovely dinner for us all, they ordered us to remain in the Jacuzzi and enjoy ourselves, “You’re our guests, stay there, and we’ll sort the dinner out.” They said, however a few minutes later Carol asked my wife if she could help her cut some vegetables, and so Linda got out to help her, leaving me alone in the Jacuzzi with Abigail.

We had a nice chat about her physical training and what she hopes to be when she’s older, she wants to get good enough to compete in the Olympics, which I’m sure she will do one day, and then things took an inappropriate turn.

Sitting shoulder to shoulder with Abigail, I leaned across to pick up my glass of Champaign, then I felt her hand slide down inside my trunks and cup my balls, I looked at her stunned and concerned, then she took my cock out from the top of my trunks and began to jerk it, I gave her a “What the fuck are you doing?!” stare, she simply grinned and continued to jerk on my cock like everything was fine.

I put my hand on the side of her arm and I was about to push her away from me, “I’ll scream.” She said, calmly and looking very determined to continue, I didn’t understand, who was this girl, the Abigail I knew was always so polite, so sweet, so innocent, adorably so, but this girl was off her head.

I wanted to push her away, I wanted her to stop, I wanted to shout out and tell her parents, but what if she did scream, what if she told them I wanted her to do it, what if she tells them I touched her, they’d believe her, why wouldn’t they, I’d get the blame, she knew what she was doing.

She jerked me off, I let her because I was too scared of what would happen if I attempted to stop her, as a man it was truly wonderful, as a husband and a non-pervert, it was horrible, and she suddenly sunk her head under the water and slipped my cock in her mouth.

Jack peeped his head out of the patio doors, “Do you want a beer?” he asked, my heart raced, “Yes – yes – yes please.” I replied, suppressing my feelings of the pending orgasm, then Carol poked her head out, “Abi – Oh, where’s Abigail?” she asked, she couldn’t see her because she was under the water.

I panicked, then I violently ejaculated in to Abigail’s mouth, the orgasmic release was so powerful my legs splashed the water around and send it flowing over the rim of the Jacuzzi, then Abigail appeared out of the water, “I’m here, mom.” She said, “Just seeing how long I could hold my breath for.” She added.

Carol smiled, “Well just be careful. Come and get washed for dinner, love.” She said, then she went back inside.

Abigail climb out of the Jacuzzi, she walked very seductively along the patio, she turned briefly to blow me a kiss before heading in to the house, I immediately got out and put my dressing gown back on, Jack made me jump when he walked up behind me and handed me a beer, I pretended everything was fine.

It would later become very clear that little Abigail had a crush on me and over the next few days she got out of control.

She was a nymphomaniac who wouldn’t leave me alone.

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