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Simone Parts 5 and 6 – An unexpected turn

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I had brutally and repeatedly raped Simone and was now spying on her with hidden cameras. Now I wanted more

Part Five – Patience is a virtue

I was patient. I spent days just observing Simone over the hidden cameras that I had installed. I was convinced she would find them by noticing that the smoke detectors in her home were slightly different to the ones before; but she did not. Nor had she found the camera in the bathroom, which I had managed to conceal in the rose of her ceiling light. There was a small milky spot on the ceiling rose now where I had drilled the hole for the fisheye, but it was almost invisible. Days went by and then it was almost two weeks, and not only had she not found my cameras, but she had also not had the police round to collect evidence, so I felt safe in presuming she had not reported the fact that I had brutally and repeatedly raped her in every hole she had.

The Saturday I had left her, I had watched Simone masturbate under the shower just minutes after I had left her. I could not quite fathom why she had done that just minutes after being so brutally abused and raped. It was certainly very strange behaviour, but a perfect test for that camera. I was simply amazed to catch her as she used her large dildo inserted into her ass and her fingers on her clit until she finally shook to orgasm.

There was sadly no sound on the camera in the bathroom, so I had to imagine her groans as she climaxed. The camera was too high up to really see into her pussy or ass, which was also a pity, but nonetheless, it offered me a wonderful view of her nakedness. Her small frame with round firm breasts, that tiny trimmed bush above her cunt, pert ass and beautiful face and hair. You see Simone was extremely beautiful, and her raven hair was long and thick. In fact, as I watched her that day, I was tempted to return immediately and rape her again. I resisted.

After her shower, she had inspected her pussy and anus, clearly sore and checking for damage. She applied cream to both and, after slipping on a bathrobe, went through the hallway into the kitchen. She was clearly in some discomfort, which was not surprising considering the brutal and repeated fucking she had endured in her ass and cunt. I could see she was walking with her legs wider apart than normal, and waddling somewhat like a duck. She had poured herself some wine and gone into the lounge, where, flopping down onto the sofa, she effectively stayed for the rest of the day, switching between the TV and a large book, reading for an hour, then watching some crappy sitcom before reading some more.

Obviously, I did not watch her the whole time, but would log into my NAS from time to time in order to fast forward through the recordings. I was scanning the images for anything of interest, but other than getting to watch her piss several times and even take a shit on one occasion, the recordings were boring.

Absolutely nothing of any interest happened until late in the afternoon when she made a short phone call, I guess to her boss as she called him “Mister” Steiner on the phone and apologized that she would not be in for work the following week. The camera in the lounge had a microphone, so I could hear as she explained that she would be going to the Doctor on Monday, and assured him she would call him later in the week. My heart actually did feel a little twitch of guilt at one point during that call because she started to cry.

“No, no! I am fine!” she sobbed into the receiver. “I am just so sorry to let you down Mister Steiner.”

Whatever he was saying it had moved her to tears and she was thanking him repeatedly for his understanding. It seemed Simone had a very, very understanding boss. I cursed at myself for not checking her stuff more thoroughly because I would have loved to have now known where exactly she worked. However, I knew I would find out eventually.

Sunday passed with a similar boring nothingness. She showered again but this time without her dildo or any interest in masturbating. She washed her cunt and anus carefully, and once again, I knew I had hurt her quite a bit as I watched her apply the cream.

She pottered around her home, making a sandwich, reading, watching TV, much as she had on Saturday. There were no phone calls, and at about nine in the evening, she went to bed, as she had also done on Saturday. The urge to pop over and slip into that bed was enormous. Just the thought of straddling her chest again whilst gagging her screams with my hand had my cock throbbing. I could just slip over, sneak into her flat and do whatever I wanted with her.

However, I also knew that I only had one chance with the keys I had had cut. Once she realized that I had let myself into her flat, she would undoubtedly change the locks and my new keys would be rendered useless. They were worth too much to me to blow them on a single Sunday night. The next time I visited Simone I would be there for a long, long time. Of course, my knowing that she was not going to work the next morning, and so would be at home all week, was incentive to call in sick myself. I could call my boss on the Monday morning, pop to the doctors to fake some shit and have Simone for a full seven days and nights. It was so fucking tempting. However, and whilst it also might seem strange, I wanted her ass and pussy to heal. I had fucked them raw, and having them tight and healed was in my best interest. So Simone would sleep safe and sound, for now.

Of course, my plan to remain patient with Simone did nothing about the raging hard-on threatening to burst out of my pants. Where the fuck could I get some meat to fuck on a Sunday night? With no clear plan, I slipped on a jacket and trainers, remaining in my jogging pants, and took a sharp knife from one of my kitchen draws. I pushed a ski mask into my jacket pocket and slipped into the dark night to hunt. There was almost no chance of finding some stupid bitch out on the streets, but I wanted to at least try.

I roamed the streets for at least two hours and did not see a soul. A car or two passed me by and I made sure to hide my face from the lights, but the streets were deserted. It seemed it was going to be porn and a wank after all, and so I started home. I had to smile as I crossed through the park where I had found lovely Simone in her drunken state. Even a secret hope rose in me that I might find some stupid bitch on the bench as I had found Simone, but of course, it was empty. However, just the thought of Simone on the night that I had found her had my cock throbbing again, and so I decided her raw pussy and torn up anus would have to endure my sadistic pleasure much sooner than planned. I would call in sick at work the next day, and so now, I returned home to get the keys to her flat. Despite all my good intentions, I was going to visit Simone tonight after all.

Part Six – Surprise visit

After collecting the spare keys to get into Simone’s building and flat, I walked over to her block slowly, remaining in the shadows and still full of doubt. I should stick to my plan. Go home, wank, get some sleep and go to work the next morning. Fuck, I am stupid sometimes. I knew fine well that I had done some heavy damage to Simone’s pussy and ass. Fuck, I bet her throat was damn sore, too. Would she even survive a whole week of my abuse? Questions and doubts raced through my mind as I walked through the warm night, and finally, as I stood in the shadows over the street from her flat I began to talk myself out of doing this.

“Let her heal, man!” I said to myself. “Go home and plan this right.”

My cock was no longer throbbing as much, and as the sense of what my mind was telling me sank in, I turned to head back home, and then it came. A taxi, white lights lighting up the street in front of me threatening to catch me lurking in a doorway like the rapist I was. I pressed my back hard into the small recess hoping the shadow would offer me the protection I sought.

The taxi stopped four to five meters in front of me on the other side of the street, it’s lights now thankfully straight ahead and not on me. I saw a hand go to the rear-view mirror and the light inside came on. I could see her in the back, rummaging through her bag for cash, Simone’s teen neighbour. Miss “Hi” in person. She paid, and was getting out. My mind was racing. Would the taxi driver do the right thing and wait until she was inside her building before driving off? Could I get across the street fast enough to catch the door? Sure, I could use the key but then even if I reached her before she was in her flat, this girl would know I had a key to the building. What I did know, however, was that I was going to fuck her. I needed a plan.

The rear door of the taxi slammed shut. The driver flicked off the inside light and started to drive off, what a cunt. As the taxi moved off, I could see her clearly. She was rummaging in her bag again, looking for keys, resting it on a raised right leg, her tight pencil skirt stretching over her ass and thigh. I was already moving left and across the street whilst pulling on the ski mask. By moving left, I stayed out of her periphery vision, allowing me to move quickly and determinedly up behind her, the knife already in my hand. If I had just run across the street, she would have seen me and screamed. There was no doubt about my intentions dressed all in black with a ski mask over my face and a knife in my hand.

She wobbled as she returned her right leg to the ground; I wondered if she might be drunk or at least a little tipsy. The keys she had finally pulled from her bag fell with a jingling sound onto the pavement. As she clearly struggled to squat down in the tight pencil skirt to retrieve them, I was on her. My left hand went over her mouth and the knife in my right hand pushed to her right eye where she could feel the cold metal on her cheek. As I grasped her, I lifted her back up into a standing position.

“Just stand still bitch!” I hissed into her right ear from behind. “Just listen and do what I say or I will slice your face into pork scratching, now move.”

As I held her, I pushed her from behind, walking her to the door of her building.

“Open it.” I hissed and she fumbled for the right key to let us into the building. We were in. The door fell behind us and I was relieved to be off the street. “Who do you live with?” I asked in a quiet but menacing voice and raised my left hand just enough to let her speak. “What?” she asked. “Who the fuck do you live together with, bitch?” I asked. “No one, no one, I swear.” she sobbed. “Ok, move.” I said urging her forward. I had no idea, which was her flat, but she moved instinctively towards the stairs to the right, passing Simone’s door, sweet, sweet Simone; and we started to climb.

All the doors in the building had peepholes in them and anyone spying into the hall would have undoubtedly called the police if they had seen me manhandle this young girl up to the next floor. Thankfully, that was as high as we needed to go, and I let her guide me along the hallway back towards the street and to the door on the left. My heart flipped a little. The flat she was now opening was exactly above Simone.

“If there is anyone in here,” I hissed, “I will kill them. Do you understand? Then, after I am finished with you, I will gut you, too. So tell me now if we are not alone.”

“I swear we are alone.” She whispered. We were in, and I closed the door behind me with my butt.

“Ok,” I said, remaining behind her “let me explain what is going to happen and what you need to do. Firstly, I am going to do exactly whatever I want to you. You will not complain, you will not fight and when I tell you to do anything, anything at all you will do it immediately without protest or complaint. Do you understand? Do you understand?” I repeated a little louder and more menacing. “Yes!” she sobbed into my left hand. “Ok,” I said, “give me your fucking keys.” She complied and I double-locked the door to avoid any sudden entries or attempts to escape, and dropped the keys into my jacket pocket.

I urged her forward and then left into the lounge. It was so good to know the layout of the flat after being one floor lower. It was identical, and that was good for me. I pushed her through the lounge and into the bedroom. It was empty.

The bed was metal framed and thankfully, empty. I pushed her forward and shoved her onto the bed facedown. “Stay!” I whispered, and headed off to check the rest of the flat. It was empty. The layout of the flat was identical to Simone’s on the floor below, but the back bedroom was neither office nor bedroom. It was set up as a training area with weights, benches and even a rowing machine.

As I walked through the rooms, it was clear that there was less maturity in this flat than the one below, but it was still nicely done, with some moderate to expensive stuff. The kitchen was Ikea, wood and white doors and a cloth sofa in blue was in the lounge. There were bookshelves on most walls with study books about maths and some quantum physics. A laptop sat on a desk in the lounge area, and magazines lay over a obviously expensive opium table next to the couch.

I went back to the bedroom because I was not here to check the décor. I was here to fuck this bitch senseless´, and she knew it.

When I came back into the bedroom, she was sitting with her back against the headboard and her knees tucked under her chin. Tears had left trails down her cheeks and her lipstick was smudged. “Come with me.” I said and she obeyed, following me to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I said one single word: “Strip!” and she did. She did not hesitate or try to beg; she simply unzipped the pencil skit on the right-hand side and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a white silky blouse, no jacket, and she simply unbuttoned this and let it fall on top of her skirt on the floor. Her underwear was white. No frills cotton and said nothing at an attempt to be “Sexy” it was functional. “All of it.” I hissed. She obeyed.

Standing in front of me completely naked, she was smaller than I am, quite slender, but her breasts were quite large. Her nipples were small but extremely dark and quite long. I was going to enjoy biting on those. Her pussy was completely shaved, and the outer lips just a little puffy, suggesting quite a large clit. I took her left arm, pushed, and twisted her towards the sink. “Now clean up.” I said.

She washed for about 10 minutes. At my command, she removed all her makeup, washed her pussy, ass, and applied new deodorant after washing under her arms, which were also cleanly shaven. I escorted her back into the bedroom, where I told her to sit down on the bed. She did so and stared at me terrified as I started to undress.

“How old are you?” I asked. Of course, I could rummage her bag and get ID, but I wanted to hear it. “I asked you a question, bitch. Remember the rules or I will hurt you a lot. How the fuck old are you?”

“Seventeen.” She whispered.

“And your name?” I asked. “Lena.” She said, almost defiantly and with a slanted head that flashed the greenest eyes I had ever seen in my life. She was pretty, extremely so.

“Well, Lena seventeen, come over here, get on your knees, and suck my 50 year old cock.”

She stood, walked towards me and dropped to her knees. This was an easy one. No begging, no protesting or fighting, just doing what she was told. Just how it should be, but something was troubling me. I held her chin in my right hand whilst staring into her upturned face. “Tell me Lena seventeen; how the fuck do you pay for this? Do you work, go to school? Where does your money come from?”

She explained that she was going to the local university. At 17 she was way too young, but was some kind of whiz kid, so had matriculated early. Her father was a bigwig banker from Frankfurt and was covering all the bills.

“Well ok Lena seventeen, rich bitch, now you really do get to suck my 50 year old cock.” I said as I fed my engorged cock into her mouth. “And just so you know, I like it deep! Extremely deep.”

You know, when you enter a mouth with your prick, you know exactly how many cocks have been in that mouth. You know exactly which women know what they are doing, what they have learned cock for cock and which of them have no fucking idea. Lena had no fucking idea. She was willing, but had clearly sucked very few cocks in her life.

“Hey Lena-bitch, how many cocks have you sucked in your life?” I asked her, pulling my cock out of here face and grasping her chin again. “Tell me.” I commanded, and for good measure, I spat onto her lips. To my surprise, she started to cry. “What the fuck is going on?” I demanded. “Why the fuck do you cry at my question but not at me putting my cock in your mouth?”

“Just one.” She said. “I have only ever sucked one cock in my life. The same cock exactly three times and none other. Once on my sixteenth birthday, once on my seventeenth birthday, and the same cock again two weeks ago when I moved into this flat.”

I was confused. What was this girl trying to tell me? “Lena, who’s cock have you sucked?” I asked. Something was bothering me here. “I want you to tell me right now who has put his dick in your pretty mouth.”

“My father.” She replied. “When I was sixteen he came to my room after my birthday party and said he wanted to show me I was a woman now. He even told me back then that he would repeat that for every birthday, but because of it, I would have a life beyond dreams and would always have money. He did not lie. He has paid for everything I have wanted or have dreamed of, including my education. When I moved into this flat, he explained that he needed more than just birthdays. He now plans to come by every two weeks and I have to service him with my mouth.”

I was shocked. I am a bad, bad person who thinks every cunt is a cunt, ass and mouth to be fucked by any man who is man enough to fuck it. However, here I was talking to a seventeen-year-old girl who was servicing her own father with her face and had learned absolutely nothing about sucking cock. Wow, this guy had to be a real twat. Now it was my job to teach her what her face was really for.

However, there was still one question to be answered. “And has he fucked your pussy or ass?” I asked. “No!” She replied, “He says he will do that when I am eighteen.” Ok, so now I really needed to ask: “Lena fuck-bitch, has anyone ever fucked your cunt or ass?” I asked, and almost jizzed when she shook her head and whispered, “No.” This was getting very, very good.

“Hey Lena seventeen,” I whispered, “your daddy is not going to be the first man to fuck your pussy and your ass; that will be me. Now open your fucking fuck-mouth, I need to show you how this shit really works or you are no use to anyone. But, I have to tell you bitch, once I have taught you how to service a man properly, you will never allow that daddy dick in your face again. Do you understand?” “Yes,” she replied and opened her mouth. As I slipped my cock into that open, wet and willing mouth I told her what was going through my mind, and it was evil: “I will deal with your father. He will continue to pay for you and all your comforts, but will never put his rancid cock in your mouth again. From this day forth, you are my fuck-bitch Lena, and your Daddy is going to do some mother-fucking begging before this is over.”

“Ok, now close down gently, lick with your tongue on the underside. Ok, pop it out and lick around the glans. Now my balls, slurp on those balls baby. Now we go deep. Open your throat……”

I was getting one of the greatest blowjobs of my life by telling this seventeen-year-old girl exactly what to do and when to do it. She was learning and I loved it. She said her father had never gone deep into her throat, but she was presenting herself as a natural talent. Fuck! This was good and he was a dick-splash.

I had her rimming me, sucking my balls, deep throating. Now I wanted to cum. “Lay on your back” I commanded, and slipped her head over the edge of the bed. This is my favourite thing in the world. Throat fucking like it is a pussy. I slipped my cock into her mouth and then deeper. “Open up baby” I whispered and she did. I pushed into her throat and began to fuck her neck. Looking down I could see my cock bulging in her throat and that sent me over the edge. I throbbed and pulsated deep in her throat, shooting my thick cream deep into her face. As I shot wad after wad of cum into Lena’s open throat all I could really see beneath me was Simone’s beautiful face impaled on my cock.

I dropped over and took Lena’s left nipple into my mouth and bit down extremely hard. My cock rammed balls deep into her throat stifled her scream. I switched sides and bit down again and pushed deep into her throat to cover her pain, and then I was spent. The last drops of cum went down her gullet, and her throat massaged me as she swallowed. My cock started to soften, but I remained poised above her with my limp cock in her mouth.

“Now my sweet, sweet fuck-Lena, you need to swallow what I give you and do not spill a drop.” I said as the first squirt of piss left my cock and washed over her tongue into her throat. “Swallow, swallow.” I urged, and she did. Her throat convulsed as I pissed directly into her stomach. She could take more than Simone could and I could let my piss flow more naturally. Of course, I held back so as not to mess the bed, but this was the best throat pissing I had ever had. Lena was a talent.

I rolled off her face once my bladder was empty. I sat up and stared at this teen, her face smeared in my spunk and piss. Her firm breasts rising and falling as she gasped for air. She was stunning. “Sit up.” I commanded.

We talked for about an hour. I asked her everything about her father, her mother who had died when Lena was just five, and about her brother and two sisters. What really interested me the most though was when “Daddy” was coming back for his oral servicing? Lena had said every two weeks and explained the last time was about two weeks ago, and as it turned out she was due to meet him the following day. Ok, I really needed to call in sick at work. There were things to be done.

I tied Lena with tights from her draws, wrapped u both under her blankets and fell into a deep, deep sleep.

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