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Simone Parts 1 to 4 – Breaking her in

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Warning, this is a story, not just a fuck tale. The first sex is after 1600 words or so 🙂 Let me know if you want more!

Part One – Homeward bound

It hadn‘t been my intention to go on the hunt. I’d been out drinking with the lads and it had gotten late before I started the walk home, fully intending to go straight to my place and get some sleep. I wasn’t really drunk, but had killed quite a few beers and was tired. I guess it was about one in the morning by the time I set off through the empty streets, going at a comfortable pace and looking forward to my bed. The night was warm and pleasant, the smell of the hot summer’s day hung in the air with the flower and tree pollen the light wind had stirred into the night.

I decided to take a shortcut through the park that would let me cut diagonally across onto my own street. I was less than five minutes’ walk away from my front door and halfway through the park when I saw her. At first, I thought it was a homeless person slumped on the park bench for the night, as there was often one or two of them in the park, especially during the summer. They would be drunk and asleep on the benches after a day of begging and drinking. However, as I reached the bench I saw that this was no homeless guy sleeping off cheap booze, this was a young woman in a short summer dress, slumped sideways on the armrest of the bench and her head lolling on her shoulder.

As I approached her, my first concern was for her wellbeing. Had she been mugged, injured or even killed? Was she dead? “Fuck” I thought, instinctively pulling out my phone in case I needed to call an ambulance or the police. However, as I reached the bench and placed my right hand on her shoulder I realised she was breathing and merely asleep. She was warm to the touch and simply groaned as I gently shook her and in a gentle caring voice asked if she was ok. “Can I help you?” I asked, once again softly shaking her shoulder. Again, she groaned and I realised she was drunk, extremely drunk. I could smell the drink on her breath as I stooped to look into her face. She was not only wasted, she was extremely pretty. Her face was made up for a Friday night on the town and it seemed she had enjoyed herself a little too much. I imagined she had only sat down for a breather and had fallen asleep, but other than that, she seemed fine; unharmed and not injured in any way. Her black leather handbag was still draped over her shoulder, so she hadn’t been robbed either. Her biggest danger was puking and choking on her own vomit or being molested as she slept. As I shook her a little harder, she finally opened an eye to look at me. “Come on,” I said, “let’s get you home!”

As I spoke, I tugged on both her shoulders to tempt her to her feet. She tried to stand, but I had to put my right arm around her slender waist to support her as she stood. She was tiny. Slim with a nice figure. Her small breasts seemed firm and I felt a bra strap through the thin fabric on her back. Underneath the smell of the alcohol, she smelt sweet with just a decent hint of some perfume that I didn’t recognise. I was attracted to her, despite her wasted state, and I felt a soft movement in my pans as the warmth of her body touched mine.

She was clearly not going to make it anywhere without help, so I hugged her closer to me and started walking towards my street, presuming that was the direction she had been going. Considering her blue dress, heels and made up face together with her drunken state, I presumed she was coming from the city lights and clubs in the other direction. She stumbled alongside me without complaint or resistance, and even draped her arm across my shoulder for added support.

“Where do you live?” I asked her. “Is it far?” No reply! I repeated the question a little louder, a little more demanding and this time she mumbled the street and house number. I knew the street, it was literally just a few meters round the corner from where I lived and I was grateful that I didn’t need to support her any further than that.

It still took three times longer to get there than it should have, but finally we were standing in front of a smart block of flats and as she was clearly not in any state to either open her bag or the door, I slipped her bag from her shoulder and popped it open. I quickly found her keys, but also slipped out her purse to try to find her ID card. Like all good Germans, her ID was on display as I opened her purse. Her name (changed here) was Simone Roth. Finding the right key, I opened the front door to the flats and effectively dragged her inside. There were four floors to the block of flats, and I was immensely relieved to find her name on the first door to the right. Thank God, she lived on the ground floor. I didn’t open the flat door immediately as I was concerned she might not live alone. I had absolutely no desire to walk into some hairy-assed brute who might accuse me of doing who knows what to his petite girlfriend. So I rang the bell. Several times, I rang, and rang again listening for any sounds on the other side of the door. There were none, and so I slipped the second key into the door and opened it. We stumbled over the threshold, and I pushed the door to behind us and flicked a light switch on the wall.

To my right was a small hall table, so I popped her handbag, purse and key onto that. Now I could support her better. There was a lamp on the table, so I switched that on and turned the hall light back off again. I walked her along the hall to a door on the right. The door was open and we entered a tidy living room with a mirrored chest of draws, beautiful and well used brown leather sofa and an antique set of shelves upon which a relatively large TV stood. Opposite the door we had entered was another door, and I could make out the shape of a bed in the darkened room. Still supporting her weight I crossed the living room and flicking on a light in the bedroom, laid her gently onto the double bed. She immediately rolled onto her stomach and curled up her knees. She was asleep.

I studied the room. Like the living room, the bedroom was sparsely furnished. The double bed was dark wood with a large headboard onto which a Native American Dream Catcher was pinned. Next to the Dream Catcher hung a leather necklace with of all things, a Thor’s Hammer attached to it. I instinctively put my hand to my own hammer under my shirt. On the wall with the door was another old chest of draws with a mirror reflecting the bed and pretty woman curled up on it, again I felt a stir in my trousers as I noticed her blue dress had ridden up quite high, revealing tanned and extremely pretty legs and even a little thigh. There was a table lamp on a small bedside table beneath a window overlooking the street outside. I walked over to it and turned it on. I then drew the curtains, closing out the night and returned to the door. On the opposite wall to the window was an old wooden wardrobe with brass knobs and a mirror in each door. These to reflected the bed and the woman on it. Again, a stir in my trousers.

I crossed to the wardrobe and opened both doors to examine the contents. Dresses, blouses, t-shirts and other female items, all neatly hug or folded onto shelves. No tell-tale signs of any male presence in the room. Despite being plain, the bedding was also clearly made with one person in mind. She lived alone I suspected, or perhaps there was another bedroom somewhere. I crossed to the door, switched of the main light and made my way through the living room back to the hallway.

Other than the small table and coat rack mounted to the opposite wall, there was nothing else in the hallway. I passed another open door to my left, noticing this was the kitchen, and I continued down the hall to a closed door. I glanced at the coat rack to my left, noting all the coats and jackets were female garments. There was a light switch next to the door, identifying this room as in most German homes, as the bathroom or toilet. I flicked the switch, opened the door and stepped inside. The room was quite spacious, tiled in white and a bathroom with toilet and shower. This is what my bladder had been pushing me to look for, so I sat down on the white wooden toilet seat relieve myself, whilst looking at the rest of the room. It was clean and extremely neat like the rest of the flat so far. Towels were neatly folded and stacked on a cast metal set of shelves. Several bottles in the shower were lined on the shower rack. A large milk-glass window with lowered rollers clearly opened out back of the flat, and after flushing the toilet, I opened to peek into a large garden courtyard, with houses on all sides. Was it my imagination, or was it getting light? I closed the window and went back into the hallway.

I took a right into the kitchen, which again was neat, clean and tidy. The kitchen cabinets were light grey with white trimmings and the back plate and extractor hood were both copper. Highly polished and like the solid oak work surfaces, extremely well kept. In the opposite corner to the hall doorway there was another door, and crossing the room I opened it and entered yet another bedroom. However, this had been made into an office or study, with bookshelves lining two of the walls, an old beat-up yet beautiful sofa and an oak wood desk beneath the window opening onto the back garden. I turned and entered the kitchen again.

Directly to my right was an old American style fridge, not authentic but a retro remake. It was cream white with a large diamond shaped badge declaring it “VINTAGE” in capital letters. I opened the door and to my delight, found several cold beers. I took a bottle and noticed a wall-mounted opener directly above a pedal bin left of the fridge. “Good girl” I thought and popped the beer cap. Taking my cold beer, I walked along the hallway, grabbing the keys from the table, and double locked the front door. I opened a draw on the table and dropped the keys inside.

I returned to the bedroom to check in on Simone. She hadn’t moved, and was still sleeping half on her stomach with her knees pulled up. I stood in the doorway and took a swig from the beer bottle. It was only now that I knew what I was going to do. Not in every small detail, but I had decided generally, that I was going to fuck the sleeping woman who I had initially only wanted to help. I put my beer onto the chest of draws, and started to undress, my cock was rock hard and throbbing in my trousers. It was time to let him free.

Part Two – Nice to Meet You

Once fully naked I went around the house, checking draws and cupboards, grabbing anything I might find useful in my abuse of Simone. You see I wasn’t only going to fuck her, I was going to completely dominate her and use her in every way I could think of. Sure, I might start with a simple dicking, but my imagination was already running wild with the idea of having this woman completely at my mercy, and for a whole weekend at that.

The first thing I had to do was make sure she didn’t scream and alarm the neighbours. Therefore, I took some gaffe tape from a cupboard under the sink and tore a mouth-sized piece to put over her mouth. I had also found a washing line to tie her, but finally abandoned this in favour of some of her stockings from a draw in the bedroom. They wouldn’t chaff at her wrists as much and were somehow sexier than blue washing line. I had to be quick. I needed to subdue her fully if she woke up and make it clear how she was to behave if she wanted to remain unhurt. I decided taping her mouth was the priority, then tying her hands behind her only if she fought or tried to tear the tape off. At the same time, I needed to stop her from seeing my face, so I pulled one of her stockings over my head and had to grin at myself in the bedroom mirror. I looked like a naked bank robber, but my shotgun was not sawn off if you get my meaning.

I knelt on the bed, and roughly flipping Simone onto her back, I straddled her chest, trapping her arms beside her sides with my thighs. The tape was over her mouth before she woke snapping her eyes open in clear panic and terror. She twisted, tried to fight and topple me, but I was too heavy and just sat atop her, my erection just centimetres from her face.

“Listen to me very carefully.” I said in a very quiet yet threatening voice. “You are going to do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you and without a sound. Do you understand?”

Still she twisted and tried to free her arms. It was a futile attempt and I just let her waste energy on it before doing something that hurt me deep inside, I slapped her hard across the left cheek with the palm of my hand. I hate hitting anyone, especially such a beautiful woman, but she needed to believe that I was capable of really hurting her for my plan to work. Tears welled in her eyes. I had certainly hurt her, though the slap was only enough to redden her cheek and not really bruise her. Now I snarled at her to make the danger real.

“Stop fucking struggling you bitch or I will do much more than just slap you in the fucking face.”

I now slipped a sharp filleting knife I had brought from the kitchen from beside me into my hand, and let the blade rest just below her left eye. “Now let me tell you and ask you again: You are going to do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you and without a sound. Do you understand?” This time there was a distinct nod of her head and she sniffled through her nose.

“I am going to remove the tape from your mouth so you can breathe better and so you can suck on my cock. You do not scream and you do not speak. I will feed my dick into your mouth and you will lick and suck on it as if it’s to save your life. Do you understand?” Again, a nod, and I slowly peeled the tape from her mouth, but to her surprise, I taped it directly over her eyes. Now I could remove the stocking from my head. She remained silent. I expected her to beg or threaten, but she just sobbed a little and accepted the inevitable.

I lifted my weight just a little so not to free her arms, but to allow me to rock forward over her face. However, instead of pushing my cock into her mouth I flopped my balls onto her face and told her to start licking. She obeyed. Her tongue rotated around my ball sack and her mouth opened wider to let a ball fall into it. She sucked, she licked and it was wonderful. I lay the knife down and risked moving even further forward, but used my hands to secure her arms just in case. Suddenly her tongue found a new area and at first, she tried to turn her head to the side.

“Lick!” I commanded. “Get your fucking tongue into my ass and lick me out you dirty fuck-whore, or do I need the knife again?” She said nothing but simply started to lick my asshole, dipping her tongue as deep as she could, licking and probing. I was wanking myself now, and riding back and forth so she could alternate between rimming my ass and licking my balls. It was heaven and I let her know it. “Oh yes, keep going.” I now risked a new step, and freed her right hand, guiding it to my cock. She didn’t hesitate. She took my rock hard prick in her slender fingers and started wanking me in time to her rimming and ball licking. “Good girl” I said, “You good fucking ass-licking ball-slurping whore. Please your daddy.” And God did she please her daddy.

This was dangerous. I was so close to cumming through her tongue and skilled hand that I had to stop her. “Are you going to fight?” I asked. A tiny, girly voice simply whispered “No!”

“Are you going to do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you and without a sound?” Again a whisper, “Yes!”

I moved off her chest, flopped back against the headboard and grasping her head in both hands and guided her open mouth to my cock. She moved exactly as I guided her and engulfed my glans in her mouth whilst wrapping the slender fingers of both hands around my shaft. However, I wanted more than that and I let her know. “Deeper!” I commanded and pushed her head down onto my cock. “All of it!”

I am no porn star; I am not huge. Fully erect my cock is 17 centimetres long, meaning however that for a woman to swallow the whole thing, she needs to take me down her throat, and that’s what Simone did. In fact, her skill surprised me. Once she felt my glans press at the back of her throat, she opened her throat and then swallowed as though she was eating and I slipped down her throat with ease. Now I wanted to fuck that throat, which I did, hammering her head up and down with my cock deep in her throat. I wondered how long she could go before her air ran out and just then she slapped at my thighs, clearly letting me know she was in distress, and trying to pull her head free, I put the weight of my upper body into my arms at the back of her head and impaled her throat to the max. I had not a single centimetre more to give. I held her there and I felt her stat to convulse and twitch. She was dying and her throat was pleasing me in death. I released her. She grasped for air and took huge breaths. As she did so, I span her round onto her back and let her head fall off the edge of the bed. Now I wanted to cum.

I stood up, getting off the bed and positioned my throbbing cock at her lips. “Open!” I commanded and as she opened her mouth, I slipped my cock deep into her face. Again, she opened her throat and swallowed and I was back in her throat, my balls slapping her nose with each thrust. I used her throat like a cunt. I literally face-fucked her on her back, using this perfect angle to hit base with each push. I could see my cock bulging her throat. I could actually see her neck expand and the shape of my glans extending her throat each time I pushed deep into her face. It was too much, I could take no more and with a massive thrust that had my balls blocking her nose I shot my cum directly down her throat and into her belly. This was the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my life up to that point and I bellowed like a fucking bull. “Oh my fucking God, take it bitch, Take my cum. Swallow the lot!” Which she dutifully did. My cock was pulsating and I could feel her throat muscles massaging every drop of thick cum from my dick. Her hands had slipped to my balls and she was encouraging them to give up more. Squeezing and fondling until I was spent and started to go limp in her throat.

“Sit up.” I commanded as I slipped from her mouth. She obeyed, getting up and rolling onto her knees so she was sitting on her own calves. “I promise I won’t tell anyone.” She whispered in a tiny scared voice. “You really don’t need to hurt me. Just go. I never saw your face and I am not going to the police anyway. It’s my own fault I guess for getting that drunk and passing out in the park. “I thought you were nice,” She said. “A Good Samaritan taking me home and getting me to bed.”

“As did I.” I said cynically. “I also thought I was nice! Now take off that dress.”

She flinched. I had shocked her. She had actually thought that was the end of the ordeal with me spraying cum deep down her throat and into her belly. When, in truth, her ordeal was just starting. “Take off that fucking dress!” I repeated, and she did.

“Oh my God!” I said as she knelt in front of me in a dark blue Thong and matching half-cup bra. “You are stunning. You are so fucking beautiful and sexy.” I said, and she actually thanked me for the compliment, whispering “Thank you.”

I stepped up to the bed and pushed my cock back at her face. “Suck me off again!” I was limp and not ready for another fuck or blow, but the idea of ordering her about made me hot. Seeing her sucking on a limp dick still slick with cum and pre-cum from her brutal throat fucking gave me a thrill. Then she slipped me from her mouth and whispered that she needed to use the bathroom; that she needed to pee. “Me, too!” I said, “So you can go for both of us.” She was confused until I seethed through my teeth: “And don’t you spill a fucking drop.” I started to pee slowly at first because I was serious. I didn’t want her to spill any and mess up the bed. I wanted to keep the sheets dry. She didn’t even have time to object or ask questions, my piss flowed into her mouth and she gulped and swallowed as I commanded her not to spill any. I really did need to pee and this was nice having my own private toilet take care of me, and I told her so: “Swallow that piss whore. Drink it all and don’t spill any. You are my ass-licking piss-drinking fuck-whore.”

When I was done pissing, I escorted her blind to the bathroom where she actually blushed at pulling down her panties and peeing in front of me. Her cunt was shaven with just a tiny wisp of pubes above her slit. I actually like women to have pubes though I shave my balls and feel both men and women need to keep their gardens tidy. Hers was extremely well trimmed.

As she sat on the toilet I once again fed my cock into her mouth, but this time there was no pee and I was rock hard again. “Suck me bitch!” I commanded and she sucked.

I didn’t throat fuck her this time, I simple stood with my cock in her face and let her use her hands and mouth on me as she saw fit. She clearly liked to tease my balls as she sucked and often stopped sucking to slip down there and use her tongue on them. She was an extremely skilled cocksucker and it did not take long for me to shoot my next load into her waiting mouth. Only this time I had shot my wad over het tongue and not down her throat, so I ordered her to show me before swallowing it. Then I took her back to the bedroom.

I was tired. It had been a long night and I needed sleep. However, Simone was too greater prize to simply give up and leave behind. I wanted more. A lot more but needed to sleep first. I actually apologised to her for tying her up, but I was gentle not to hurt her. I re-taped her mouth and then using stockings, I tied her arms behind her back at the wrists and again at the elbows. I then tied her ankles and knees and rolled her onto her tummy. I had rolled the bedding back and now pulled this over us both and fell into a deep sleep.

Part Three – Morning has broken

When I awoke, it was broad daylight. A beam of sunlight was slipping between the cracks in the curtains and fell on the back of Simone’s head. She was breathing very heavily and clearly still sleeping. I had my usual morning wood and knew exactly how I was going to put that to use. Simone’s mouth and throat had been thoroughly experienced and used by my cock, and now it was time to move on to richer pastures. He was hungry for different meat and that meat was lying next to me in her bed.

I had found Vaseline in the bathroom, but decided not to use it. I was going to hurt her. Not seriously, but enough for my own sadistic pleasure. I flipped over and threw back the bedcover. I untied the stockings from her ankles and knees and slipped my knees between her legs, opening her up. I was looking down at what had to be the most perfect ass I had seen in my life. She stirred and started to wake up. She spoke, but the tape prevented it from coming out as words. I grasped an ass-cheek in each hand and fondled them, squeezed them stroked them. The tiny string from her thong covered nothing. Her puckered little butthole was not stained and dark, but just a perfect light brown. I wanted to taste it! Therefore, I did. I slipped the string to one side by hooking my finger under it and went straight in with my tongue. I concentrated fully on her butthole. Her cunt was off limits for now and I was going to get onto that later, but for now I was fixed on licking and tonguing that tight little butthole before I got onto ripping it open, which by the tightness my tongue was feeling, was exactly what I was about to do.

Reaching up to her mouth, I peeled the tape off her mouth so she could breathe better and speak, but I left it hanging there, still sticking at one corner. I needed to ask her a question and I hoped the answer would please and excite me, but after that, I would need to keep her quiet. “How many times have you been fucked in the ass?” I asked. “Please don’t…” She started but I raised and brought down my right hand in a mighty slap on her right ass-cheek. “How many times?” I demanded, and slapped her other cheek even harder. “How many times bitch, tell me?”

“Never, ok? I have never been fucked in the ass and please don’t do it now. Fuck my pussy or my face again. Don’t you need to piss? I’ll drink it. I’ll do anything. I am your little cock-whore you own me but please don’t fuck my ass.”

She was begging. She was in panic. Too late! I was already positioning my swollen cock head at that tiny, sweet little puckered hole and I was not going to be so gentle about it. However, I had to take care of one thing first, and so I re-taped her mouth.

I spat onto my fingers and used that as the only lube. My cock was wet and slippy enough with spit for me to impale her virgin ass in one thrust. Sure, I did not get far, but I broke past her sphincter and enjoyed the deep guttural scream in her throat that failed to make it past the tape, but resonated in her chest and throat to heighten my excitement. I thrust deeper. She bellowed within her own chest cavity again and I pushed all the way, my balls hitting her cunt as I impaled her virgin ass with my engorged cock. I stopped. I just lay down on with my weight on her back and left my prick buried in her asshole until her breathing returned to normal and she was still. Her anus was pulsating, throbbing around my cock, and the sensation was fantastic even without fucking her.

Guys, if you ever get the chance to take a virgin ass, penetrate and stop. Push balls deep then let the ass work on pushing you out. Every muscle in that anus is working and pulsating to push you out. Massaging your cock in the most wonderful and exquisite manner. However, you don’t get pushed out because you keep up enough pressure to stay embedded in that so tight and pulsating hole. This will never be the same again. A fucked ass knows what it’s like to be ass-fucked. It gets use to it, even enjoys it and stops that delightful fight to expel your cock, and instead draws it in, yearning to be fucked. That’s fine and nice, but a virgin ass trying to repel you is the most beautiful fuck in the world.

I was experiencing the most wonderful fuck in the perfect ass. Simone lay there motionless, resigned to her anal assault and the fucking she knew was coming. I finally started to slip back as if leaving her insides before pushing back in again, and she groaned. I removed the tape as I pulled back and kept my hand near her mouth as I pushed back in, just in case. She only moaned, sobbed. There was no more screaming and so I started to fuck her. Fast, deeper.

“And now,” I said, “tell me what I am doing to you!”
“What?” She whispered.
“Tell me where my cock is and exactly what daddy is doing to you. To his filthy little fuck whore.”
“You are fucking my ass!” She finally submitted. “Your cock is deep in my ass, and you are fucking me.”
“Daddy!” I demanded.
“You are fucking my ass, daddy!” She complied.
I had her. She was broken.

Now I was pumping. Deep hard thrusts that were bringing me closer and closer to the edge. My mind was racing. Do I shoot in her bowls or make her take it in her mouth? Ass to mouth is so degrading, and making her eat cum from a cock that had just been buried balls-deep in her shitter was a great turn on, but so was spilling my load deep in her anus. Why not let her decide?

“Now tell daddy where he should shoot his load! Do you want my hot cum up your ass baby or down your throat?”
“Ass.” She whispered, and she got what she asked for. I emptied by balls deep into her anal cavity, pushing as deep as I could as I came. I let my weight fall onto her back again, and felt my cock pulsating and jazzing deep in her anus. Only when I started to soften did I pull it out.

I helped Simone up onto her knees, and leaning against the headboard, I fed my limp cock to her mouth. “Now clean it bitch. Oh, and I need to piss.” As I guided her mouth down to my prick, I saw a smear of yellowish brown and knew I had been fucking into a wad of shit. Without hesitation, she took my limp prick into her mouth and began to suck it. “That’s it baby; clean the shit off daddy’s cock. Eat your own ass.” I allowed a controlled stream of piss to enter her mouth, giving her just enough to swallow. Again, I didn’t want to wet the bedsheets. She obediently swallowed every drop and finally told me she also need to piss, and shit.

I freed Simone’s hands and took her to the bathroom. Again, she blushed at sitting on the toilet in front of me and actually begged to be alone to shit. I strolled over and fed my cock into her mouth. That seemed a good way to shut her up.

When she had finished and cleaned her ass, I actually had her get under the shower. She was smeared with cunt and cock juices and there was even a smear of shit on her face from my cock. Once she was clean, I told her to turn off the shower, but to stay inside.
“Give me the showerhead.” I demanded, and once in my hand I unscrewed it from the hose leading to the faucet.
“Turn round and bend over!” I told her, which she did. I inserted the hose into her anus and turned on a very gentle stream of warm water into her ass.
“Tell me when it feels like it’s too much,” I said. “It should fill you but not hurt.”
“Now!” she gasped, and I turned off the water.
“Ok, we count to 30 and you get on the toilet.” I said. Once seated, I told her to shit the water out.

We repeated the process five or six times and I made it clear why. “Next time I fuck your ass my cock will not be pushing into shit. That way you also won’t need to eat shit when I feed you my cock.” I said. She just nodded.

I marched her into the bedroom and tied her face down again. This time I also tied her feet and hands to the Headboard and foot of the bed. I needed to leave her for a while, and didn’t want her escaping whilst I was gone.

Part Four – The key to a good relationship

As I had earlier searched the flat for items to tie, gag and to abuse Simone, I had found a massive cucumber in the fridge that I had fully intended to use as a dildo. However, my search was to be rewarded with a much better prize than that. In her bedside table was black cloth bag that I had taken out and opened. Inside was a massive battery-operated latex vibrator. “Well I’ll be dammed!” I had thought to myself. “This girl likes to get off!”

It was now that vibrator that I smeared with Vaseline and inserted deep into Simone’s anus. Once embedded to the hilt, I turned it on full. Gagged her with fresh duct-tape and grabbing the keys from the table draw in the hall and headed out of the flat. I threw my hoody over my head, kept my face down to avoid anyone looking at my face, and headed back towards the park. I was going into town to do some shopping. As I passed the bench where I had found Simone, I had to grin at my fortune. She was tiny, beautiful and hot and my cock toy. Just the thought of that tight body tied up on the bed made my dick hard again. I needed to hurry.

Once at the Key-cutting shop I acted like everything was normal, telling the guy some bull story about my son losing his keys again. I had a copy of All Simone’s keys cut including for her post box and some others I didn’t even know what they were for. It seemed she had keys for another flat but I didn’t know whose. Nonetheless, I had copies made and headed off once I had paid. Now I needed to stop off at my own flat to pick up some other stuff. My plans were growing and becoming even more ambition.

Once home I also took a shower in my own bathroom and put on fresh clothes. I packed a bag with some tools and some mini WiFi cameras I had bought. They were actually for another work project but I could buy some more for that. Right now, I needed them for my new Fuck-Project called Simone. I also had several handcuffs at my place, so I took these along with some lube and headed back around the corner.

This was a dangerous moment. If she had escaped and raised the alarm, there would or at least could be police waiting for me in the flat. I had been gone for almost two hours and the stocking ties were not impossible to get out of, but after a couple of minutes watching the block of flats, I raised my hoodie again, strolled over the street and let myself in. Shit, I ran face-to-face with a neighbour. A young teenage girl with red hair and big glasses. Despite the nerdy look, I noticed she was actually quite pretty and had a nice figure. Her tits were a little too big for my taste, but the rest was just fine. I thought she would ask me who I was but she just slipped by me with a “hi” and left the building. I let myself back into Simone’s flat and went straight to the bedroom. There was my fuck-toy. Face down on the bed with a vibrator sticking out of her ass. I had to fuck her now.
The first thing I did was remove the tape from Simone’s mouth. “How you doing babe?” I asked. “Did you miss me?”
“Please turn it off.! She begged.
However, the first thing I did was untie her feet from the footboard so I could haul her ass up and get her on her knees. I slipped the vibrator out of her anus without turning it off and went up the bed. “Say ah.” I laughed and had her suck the vibrator clean. I then untied her hands from the headboard and slipped under her face with my back against the wall. Taking her head in my hands I simply fed my cock to her open mouth. She didn’t hesitate, but took my now swollen prick into her mouth and began to suck and slurp like a good little cock-sucker.
“Suck daddy’s cock baby.” I whispered. “Get daddy ready for your tight ass.”

I was determined to butt fuck her at least one more time before I finally got onto her pussy, but wanted to climax in her cunt. It was important that I didn’t now come in her mouth or ass. So, I only let her suck my cock for a few minutes before going round behind her and ramming my swollen cock into her ass with a brutal push that made her growl into my hand, which I had thankfully clasped across her mouth. I literally tried to hurt her with my prick, pushing as fast and hard as I could. Again, demanding she tell me where my cock was and what I was doing to her:

“Okay you anal fuck-whore, tell me where my fat cock is! Tell me what I am doing to you!”
“Your fat cock is tearing my poor little ass apart.” She gasped. “You are fucking my ass!”
“Daddy!” I reminded her.
“You are hammer fucking my ass, daddy!” She added.

I sodomized Simone for a good five to six minutes, but checked myself all the while so as not to reach an orgasm. I was about to train this bitch finally.

“Okay you anal fuck-whore, tell me where you would like my fat cock to be! Tell me what I should do to you right now!”
She gasped again. “My cunt, my pussy! Please just fuck my cunt.” She actually wanted it. I had other plans.

Slipping my cock out of her now gaping anus, I went straight for her pussy with my face. My tongue found her clit and started its work as she writhed and bucked on my face. Her juices were flowing down my chin and now it was time to bring het to the point I wanted her. I inserted the index and ring finger of my right hand into her sloppy wet cunt and curled them down to find her G-Spot. As I massaged that spot with two fingers, I returned to my lap-dog duties, teased, and urged her clit with my tongue.

She was squirting juices now and completely lost in her own enjoyment. I had her and was about to spring my trap. As she climaxed she let out a sound from the pit of her belly that I had never before heard from man or woman. I had reached the very quick of her, touched her soul and brought forth her deepest primal sexual urge. “Oh my God!” She cried, “Fuck me please! I don’t care where, which hole, just fuck me like the whore I am. Please!”

I was holding the vibrator in my left hand, and as I moved my face away from her sodden mound, I rammed the vibrator into her ass up to the hilt and turned it on full. I then knelt up and slammed my swollen prick into her cunt. You see, from the moment I had seen sweet, tiny, pretty Simone curled up on that bed in her pretty blue summer dress, I knew I was going to DP her. I knew that my final orgasm was going to be in her cunt and that she would thank me for it, and now I pounded her sloppy wet twat with everything I had. I could feel the massive dildo in her ass and I was stretching her to the limit. She would not sit or walk normally for a week or more after I was finished, but she would know why.

As I climaxed, she sensed it. “Oh God yes daddy. Fill me up with your seed. Fuck my cunt and spray your seed into my womb!” I did. I shot wad after wad into her swollen cunt and only then asked myself if she was even on birth control. I had found nothing in her draws or bathroom.

Once I was spent, I pulled the dildo out of her ass and gave her one simple command: “Now clean me bitch!” She turned obediently and took me in her mouth. “Oh, and I need to piss.”

Simone was probably most surprised that I tied her up, gaged her and left her that way for about two hours after I had finished with her. She had no way of knowing that I spent that time installing and hiding several cameras, hacking her mobile phone, and basically setting myself up in her flat. I had keys, I would be coming back. Once I was finished and packed up, I went into the bedroom and untied her. I kissed her extremely passionately on the mouth and regretted the fact that I had not even seen let alone touched those perfect breasts. Next time.

“I am going now baby.” I said whilst holding her hand. You need to sit here for a count of 30 and do not move or take of the blindfold. Then go back to your life and do not call the police. If you do, I will know! I will come back and punish you badly, do you understand?”
“Yes daddy, I understand.” was her reply. Had I really tamed her?
“Do you want to suck my cock one last time to say goodbye?” I then asked, and without hesitation, she lowered her face to my groin saying, “Yes please, daddy.”

Once home I fired up my PC and checked the cameras I had installed in Simone’s flat. At first I couldn’t see her and thought she must have left, but then I found her under the shower with her dildo rammed into her ass as she fingered her clit. Good girl!

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