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Shagging in the park

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I lost my virginity in the park to my best friend. We were 12.

Sean and me, my names Sadie, we were both 12 and we’d spend most of the day in town, just hanging out because we didn’t have any money to do anything but Sean managed to get a bus ticket off his older brother when he came home from work so we went to town and rode the bus for a while.

When we got back from town we had dinner at my house then went to the park near where we live, we had loads of fund on swings, slides and monkey bars and then we were just chilling.

We were sitting on a bench, I was wearing an off the shoulder summer dress and Sean had a t-shirt and baggy shorts on, I was sat normally on the bench but he had his feet up facing me, I saw his dick up his baggy short legs and I got a weird feeling deep inside my belly, “Dicks look weird don’t they.” I just came out with it, I laughed immediately after saying it because I didn’t know why I said it, I just did.

We both got embarrassed and laughed then Sean pulled the front of his shorts down and wiggle his dick at me acting like an idiot, I reached over and managed to touch it just before he put it back inside his shorts, he looked shocked and had a vengeful look in his eye, he lunged at me, pushing his hand up my dress as I burst in to laughter and he touched my fanny until I managed to move away and climb over the back of the bench.

He chased me playfully all around the park and then finally he cornered me behind the old caretakers shed, he pushed me against the side of the shed and pinned my arms above my head against the wall with his body pressed against mine so I couldn’t move, “Get off!” I commanded but we both giggled and laughed, he reached down with one hand and put it under my dress, his hand lifted my dress and he rubbed his fingers in my fanny crack over my knickers.

I got that funny feeling in my belly again and I started breathing uncontrollably fast, then he slid his finger under the side of my knickers and I yelped as he pushed his finger inside my fanny hole, “Argh-ugh.”, he finger fucked my hole for a few minutes and my fanny got really wet then he dropped down, slamming his knees on to the dirty ground and he put his head up my dress, pulled down my knickers and then he was licking my fanny.

He licked me out for a while then pulled his head out from under my dress, “Suck my dick?” he asked, pulling down his shorts, “Yeah, okay.” I replied, he just licked me out and fingered me so why not, I’ll try it, he stood with his back against the shed wall and I got on my knees and lifted his chubby dick off his hairless balls, I rubbed it a few times and pushed his foreskin all the way back, then after licking to tip gently I opened my mouth wide and rested it on top of my tongue, I closed my lips around his shaft and began to suck on his hardening and throbbing dick.

His dick tasted like sweat and piss and normally that would be gross but it was actually nice, I rolled my eyes up to look at him and when our eyes met we both giggled again, I giggled so uncontrollably I almost bit his dick but I didn’t, his dick got bigger and pushed my mouth open wider, I had to stop because I couldn’t breath and I felt the urge to do stuff, “Do you want to try shagging?” I asked, he said okay.

I didn’t want to lay on the dirt so instead I bent over and put my hands on the shed wall to hold myself up, he stood behind me and lifted the bottom of my dress up over my butt and then pulled my knickers back down, I felt the cold breeze on my butt, it gave me goose bumps, I hung my hand down through my arms looking underneath me and I watch him finger me a few times then he held his dick and pushed it in my hole, “Arrgh.”, I felt it go inside my body and stretch my fanny on the inside and the outside, I watched him push his dick in and out of me with his balls dangling below, I think there was a little blood but not much, when he started pushing fast I had to close my eyes tight to fight the pain, “Ungh – Arrgh”.

He was holding on to my hips and shagging me from behind, pushing me against the wall so hard I got splinters in my palms from the wooden wall panels, his body hitting my butt made slapping sounds and we shagged for about 3 minutes, we were both groaning pleasurably until suddenly he moaned quite loud and my legs shook, I felt his warm come ejaculate into my fanny, “Ooh-ungh.”.

When he pulled his dick out of my hole some come dribbled out of his dick and my fanny and landing on the ground in thick white blobs, I stood up straight and pulled up my knickers and he pulled up his shorts, we just looked at one another with a smile and we were happy, “That was fun.” He said.

“Yeah.” I replied.

We were both tired afterwards so we walked slowly back in to the main park and sat on the swings for a while before it got dark them we went home.

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    Great story do a part 2 and do you have snapchat or kik

  • Reply Yessirr

    You have snap or kik