Sex in the woods

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Me and a girl get it on behind an abandoned shed

Samantha was your typical 18 year old she was new to most things in life including sex. She only had 1 boyfriend and they were together for about 4 or 5 months if I remember correctly. Samantha was brunette with brown eyes mildly darker white skin b cups a good ass and hips with a all around a very decent body and face. I had known her for about 2 years and I invited her to walk a trail with me in the middle of the woods. If I’m being honest I must have asked 3 other girls but she was only girl who said yes. I met her in the parking lot at the trail. She was wearing a tank top with short athletic shorts exposing her tan long legs. I got a semi chub looking at her and thinking about what was about to happen. After about 10 mins of walking we got to an abandoned shed near the trail my heart was pounding as I pulled her close and began to kiss her. At first she pushed away then after a few moments she softened up. I began getting more handsy and feeling her vagina and breast eventually I got too worked up and just pulled her shorts down exposing her vagina. At this point she just had a worried look on her face and she kept looking to see if anyone saw. I told her no one would see and she began to relax a little I jumped right in and pulled my meat out and started rubbing against her vagina she flinched each time I started to insert my cock. Eventually I couldn’t take it any longer and smashed my cock deep inside her tight vagina she gasp and moaned as my thrust pounded against her ass pushing her against the wall. My dick began to throb as I bear hugged her as I released 3 days worth of load inside her. As i pulled out cum oozed out on to the leaves below. We kissed and hugged for about 10-15 mins longer and decided to leave. I thought she would never talk to me again but we did the woods walk many times after.

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    Not bad. A little short for my taste, but other than that. ***