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Secretly feeding them semen

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My brother and I rented rooms to college girls and spied on them with hidden cameras and secretly fed them our semen for months.

I was 20 when I and my brother inherited a HMO, a house of multiple occupancy, from my father when he passed away, it was mainly used for college students, and it had 5 bedrooms all on the first floor and I lived in a large apartment spanning the entire second floor.

When we first inherited the house it was occupied by mainly boys but one year, after modernizing and refurnishing it we got all female students staying there, they were all foreign aged 16-19, and they were all stunning beauties, I mean catwalk, supermodel fine girls.

My brother and I, my brother was 17 at the time, saw these girls a lot coming in and out of the building and they always looked stunning, we both wanted to fuck them all but knew it would never happen, these girls were smart and sensible, they wouldn’t fall for our chat up lines.

One day when they were all at college I caught my brother on the first floor going through the girls underwear drawers and sniffing them, it gave us an idea though, we were both pretty twisted perverts, we opened the fridge and saw a tray of cream cakes, we took them out and jerked off in to the cakes before putting them back in the fridge, I’m sure the girls had a tasty treat that night.

Then when we were finishing off re-tiling the bathroom we secretly fitted two hidden cameras, one in the corner of the bathroom and another in the shower, they were wireless and we spend many nights watching the girls change and shower on the TV in our apartment above them, they had amazing bodies.

We wanted more so a week later when they were all out we fitted secret cameras in all their bedrooms, directly above their beds, we watched them in their rooms and sleeping at night, we even caught a couple masturbating on their beds, what a turn on that was.

Having watched them for a few months we’d worked out their routines and where they kept their stuff, more specifically their sex toys, we went down, found their toys and covered the dildos with our semen and ejaculated in to their bottles of lubricant, and then we watched as they masturbated with them.

We continued to jerk off in to their food and drinks while they were out and take great pleasure watching them eat and drink it all, then we noticed something, oddly one of the girls kept getting ice cubes out of the freezer, she took them upstairs and rubbed them on her pussy before pushing them inside her hole, must have been some weird fetish she had.

So we spent the next three days jerking off in to ice cube trays, we added water and froze them, then we placed them in to the girls freezer, sure enough the following night, we watched her take them from the freezer, take them upstairs and push them in to her pussy, she did that for three or four nights in a row, it was amazing to watch, if she only knew she’d been forcing our semen inside her.

My brother got even more daring and one day drilled holes through the floor of our apartment, the holes being directly above the girls beds in the ceiling downstairs, and he made some very inventive wooden pegs, like corks for bottles, to place in to the holes so they would never notice the holes were there, then over the next week he stuck his cock through the holes and ejaculated on to the girls faces from above without them knowing, we made it in to a game to see who could drip their semen in to the girls mouths while they slept, it was truly awesome.

Our perverted voyeurism came to a crashing end when the girl with the ice cube fetish announced to her house mates that she was pregnant, but adamant that she was still a virgin, yep, somehow our frozen semen had impregnated her, she left shortly afterwards, went back home to Italy and we never saw her again.

My brother and I decided all this was a bit too risky so we removed all the cameras and stopped with our perverted behavior before we got in serious trouble.

It was fun while it lasted though. To this day I wonder if that girl had the baby and also if it was mine or my brothers.

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  • Reply good ID:vzg6a0qj

    Why did you guys stop? Get all girls pregnant and have fun with them and their babies

  • Reply Donald ID:fx7itanhm

    I love your guys story you know you can do that to kids food putting your cum in their food and milk. When you fuck a girl and wear condoms you can take a small pin and put holes into the condoms packs into the condoms. When you wear them and cum into them your cum will leak out of the holes into the girls pussy and if they get knock up they will not know who got them pregnant.

    • Crazy Horse ID:emdijcfi9

      Donald, what have you been doing to Huey, Dewey, and Louie!