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Raped by the lacrosse team

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Some younger boys on the lacrosse team found me while walking home and raped me.

Hi my name is Kennedy. I’m a cheerleader and I’m 18. This happened earlier this year. I’m a senior in high school. I’m a stereotypical cheerleader. Blonde, popular, football boyfriend. I’m really short and tiny.

My school is kind of rural. My house is probably 2 miles away from the school. My boyfriend had football practice that day so he couldn’t drive me but I didn’t mind. It was a really nice day in fall. I was wearing a tank top, a skirt and some tights. On my walk home I had to walk through a very secluded part of the woods. It was kind of scary but it was the middle of the day and I’ve never seen anyone on the path at the same time as me so I wasn’t too worried. As I was walking, I heard some rustling behind me. I turned around but there was nobody there. I started walking a little faster.

I turned around again and somebody grabbed me. I screamed and they covered my mouth. “Shhhhh its okay” I looked around and I saw several boys. They were all on the JV lacrosse team. Three of them were in 10th grade and two were in 9th grade. The boy holding me was the only junior. He threw me onto a pile of leaves a little bit off the path. “Hold her down” he said to the two freshman. They held me down as all my clothes were pulled off. They couldn’t really get the tights off so they just ripped them. I screamed again and the 9th grader to my left covered my mouth. I kicked at the junior who was kneeling at my feet. He unzipped his pants, held my legs apart and shoved his cock into my pussy. He fucked me painfully for what felt like hours. It was taking him a long time to finish. He grabbed onto my tits and used them as handles as he came inside me.

He got up and motioned for one of the 10th graders to go. The next one had an even bigger dick and he was so rough. Tears started coming out of my eyes. Luckily, he finished fast. I saw the 11th grader start to record. I’m not sure how long I was getting fucked for. It felt like hours. I was completely worn down and I had stopped resisting. Blood was running down my legs and I almost passed out. Right when I thought it was over, all the boys were leaving. They were satisfied after they had all cum in my pussy. Except for the one 11th grader who was the leader. He told them to go ahead while he stayed back. He ordered me to get on my hands and knees. I did what he said and he smiled. He told me to turn around with my butt facing him. He positioned his dick at the entrance of my pussy but then he moved and pounded into my ass instead. He slapped my ass until it was red and kept fucking me until he came again. I had so much hot cum seeping out of my bleeding pussy and ass. He left me there. I cried for a while before putting on my clothes and walking home. I didn’t tell anyone.

I don’t know why but I think I enjoyed it a little bit. I found myself walking home more often. When I see the junior boy in the hallways I look at him hoping he’ll talk to me. I’ve started asking my boyfriend to fuck me rough everytime we have sex. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

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  • Reply T

    @Kennedy I like to talk to you if thats ok I have kik,snap and Gmail. Or if you want my number I’ll give it to you

  • Reply Your Master

    Hello, Kennedy. I am glad to hear that you have finally become a woman and fulfilled your duty to be raped by several men. You’re still young so you might not know this yet but it’s a woman’s purpose to fulfill any guys desire, anywhere and anytime. If you want to find more men to rape you, just expose yourself to the world. I suggest you dress more scantily and start masturbating in public, preferably the woods. Also, never ask a man to wear a condom, women should get pregnant and bear many children. I hope to hear from you again.

    • Kennedy

      Thank you, they fuck me regularly now. They don’t use condoms and they like to breed me so maybe one day I’ll get pregnant.

  • Reply Masterdave

    They make you a slut dirty hoe


    Great story do part 2

  • Reply jay

    let me fuck you