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Raped a burglar

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A burglar broke in to our house when our parents were away. My sister and I knocked him out, tied him up and raped his cock for hours.

Our parents were staying away from home for the night and they left me and my sister home alone, I’m 15 and my sister is 13, I won’t use our real names in this story so lets say my name is Sophie and my sister is Gemma.

I got woken up at just after 2am in the morning because I heard some glass breaking, I rushed in to Gemma’s room to check she was alright, when I got there she was already sat up in bed holding on to her covers tightly, she looked scared, “Someone’s downstairs.” She said, at first I thought it must just be nothing but then we heard some banging like drawers opening and closing, I told her to stay in bed while I went out on to landing.

I carefully looked over the bannister and down the stairs, I could still hear the sounds, then I saw a shadow move, clearly someone was in the house, I quickly stepped back and pressed myself against the wall behind me then I quietly creeped back in to Gemma’s room and slowly closed the door trying not to make a sound, “It’s going to be alright. Where’s your phone?” I said, she didn’t have it, it was downstairs charging.

I had to get my phone so I opened the door and tip-toed back towards my room, I got half way across the landing when I heard the bottom steps creaking on the stairs, I dashed back to Gemma’s room and slammed the door shut and tried to think, I looked around and picked up the lamp of Gemma’s bedside table and stood with my back pressed against the wall next to the door, holding the lamp tightly gripped above my head ready to swing.

As Gemma hid and shielded herself under the covers in fright, her bedroom door began to creak open, I was scared shitless, you’re probably wondering why didn’t we just scream, because the house we live in is in the countryside and our closest neighbour is a 15 minute walk away, we could scream our heads off but no one would have heard us.

A figure stepped through the door and took a few steps in to the room, Gemma threw the covers off her head and scream really loud, it startled them which gave me the opportunity to hit them really hard on the head with the lamp, I did, and it shattered to pieces, I knocked them out with one hard hit and they fell to the floor.

I switched on the main bedroom light and we could see it was a man, “Is he dead. Did you kill him?” asked Gemma, he groaned then rolled over on to his back and passed out again, his face wasn’t covered and we could see it was a man in his early 20’s or something, he wasn’t that old, Gemma got off the bed and kicked him in the ribs, “Tosser!” she yelled.

I ran to my room and got my phone, I was only gone for maybe a minute, when I got back to Gemma’s room she was sitting across his legs and tying his hands together with the electrical cord from the broken lamp, when she saw me dialing on my phone she rushed over and snatched the phone from my hands, “Gemma, what are you doing?!” I asked.

“Don’t call the police.” She replied.

“Why?” I asked.

“I’m going to fuck him first.” She replied, I was totally shocked by that comment, “Tosser!” she added, kicking him in the ribs again.

“You’re going to what?!” I asked in disbelief.

Gemma got on the floor and began to remove his black cargo trousers, “Fuck him.” She said, she got his trousers and boxer shorts off then tugged on his cock really wildly.

“Gemma!. What the fuck are you doing, we need to call the police. You were scared shitless of him a minute ago.” I said.

“I know but I’m horny as well.” She replied, giggling, “Oooh. Come on, Sophie. I know you’re a virgin, I’m not, but you are. He’s got a big dick, look. Want to fuck it with me?” she replied with a grin.
I honestly couldn’t believe what she was doing and everything was telling me to call the police and get the hell out of there, but I was jealous she wasn’t a virgin and I still was, this guy broke in to our house but he was kind of cute, and he did have a big cock, “Yeah, alright.” I found myself saying, and I joined her on the floor.

We both stripped our pajamas off and took turns to suck and tug on his cock, when it was really hard Gemma straddled him and fucked his cock really hard, she was really bouncing on it and slapping him across the face and swearing at him while she rode it, my sister was 2 years younger than me and she looked like a professional porn star, I was truly shocked.

“Does it hurt that?” I had to ask.

“Yeah but it’s good hurting. You need to get the dick as deep as you can, you want a turn?” she replied.

“…Yeah.” I said.

So Gemma pulled herself off his cock and instructed me on what to do, I put my leg over him and hovered my crotch above his cock, I lowered myself down and cried out in pain as Gemma held his cock upright and it entered me, I moved up and down as Gemma instructed, slowly to begin with and then as the pain got more tolerable I sped up and soon I was riding his cock wildly and bouncing my ass cheeks off his balls as I bounced up and down.

He woke up and came inside my pussy at the same time, he lifted his head and he was looking right at me with wonder on his face, I suppose I’d be shocked if I woke up and saw someone on top of me naked and riding my cock, even though I don’t have a cock, I can understand his surprise, he didn’t say a single word, Gemma slapped him across the face, “You break in to our house and we’ll fuck you, tosser!” she shouted at him.

We spent the next few hours torturing his cock, Gemma rode him after me and made him pass out again, then we took turns sucking him off and taking it in the ass, we got as much use out of him as we could, until he could no longer maintain an erection.

When we were done with him we didn’t call the police, we took photos of him before letting him go, we told him we’d go to the police if he tried anything again because we had a photo of him, Gemma told him if he tried anything stupid she’d tell everyone he raped us and he was a pedophile, “Fuck off and don’t come back. Tosser!” she said.

Gemma and I straightened up the mess he made downstairs, thankfully he left his bag behind that was full of all our stuff so we managed to put everything back and when our parents got home that morning they had no idea what happened.

So let that be a warning to any potential burglars, one day you may break in to the wrong house and get your cock fucked off by two little girls, see how you like that. Tossers.

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