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Public Bathroom

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I’m a straight male
This is a true story of mine that happened when I was 15years old at a public park bathroom. I was so embarrassed that I never reported it .

So back when I was 15years old . I wasn’t the biggest kid , I was vary quite and shy . Was not your normal 15 year old . But anyways :

At the park , was kinda on the outskirts of town . I was the only person there so I thought . I went into the bathroom because I needed to go . Was an old school bathroom , dark with no stall doors .

So I’m doing my thing when this guy walks in with his face covered , his dick was hanging out of his pants

He stands in front of me and says 3 words ( suck my dick ) I’m sitting on the toilet , I say No but he says it again so I get up and try to walk out past him . He stops me , my little self starts to fight him but he’s stronger than me . He over powers me , throwing to the floor . And says fine – I’m going to fuck you in your ass then .

I got scared and froze . Sure enough he did just that , he grabbed me pulled me up so I was on my hands and knees . Pulled down my pants and forced his dick in my ass .

When he was finished . He just left . I stayed there for a while before leaving . I was so embarrassed , I never told anyone and just did my best to forget about it.

Ya this story probably doesn’t belong in this group but , what the hell .

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  • Reply Lordboros

    I’m 14 and rly want this to happen to me

  • Reply MMDSage

    I had plenty of men let me suck them off, and fuck me and I was around 14 when I started doing this

  • Reply JS

    I love teens too and at this spot we camp people into kids come to do group molest and we meet coos and pastor we let molest us he said its nor4and we need to get it ok to mate kids so i had a 6 year old i got feeling for ger we make love and she is gonna let my teacher molest her he likes even younger kids but my mom has one that she said is really young and we getta try her tonight

  • Reply AP

    This is probably a good place for your tale as there seem to be a higher number of rape stories here than other sites that don’t specifically have a rape theme.

  • Reply Pricey575

    I got raped in a public bathroom at the age of 13 and I’ve kept it to myself all these years I’m now 35, I know how you feel..