My girlfriend’s netball team practice in our garden

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Secretary filming them playing leads to filming them changing in our bedroom.

I’m 49 my girlfriend’s 50, she’s been playing netball for years, i always loved to fuck her in her kit.

Her team were all younger than her, and there was a mother and daughter in the team

I fancied all the girls and loved to watch them play

We had a big garden, and I decided to turf it all and make a little court.

They began to train at ours instead of the sport’s centre each week

I filmed them with my iPhone placed I’m a bad under the goal net.

I could see right up their skirts as they jumped around

I loved it so much, I really wanted to see their pussys
my phone my was in my jeans on the bedroom floor it was hanging out of the pocket recording diagonally upwards.

jo and her 14 yr old daughter Elle were first to arrive, I rushed into the loo so they had to change in our room.

Elle was in school uniform as always because she’d go to a friend’s house till mum picked her up
It saved jo going all the way home after work.

Elle was tall blonde and so beautiful, her mum was a sexy lady, always looked nice, in her smart office skirts and see through blouses

office girls dressed smartl always made me hot
I’d seen Elle and Jo’s knickers loads before when watching them play

But filming them was brilliant for a wank

I’d pause it and wank looking at the teams knickers
Seeing Elles was great but her and mum next to each other both open legged bent knees on tippy toes
I filmed them with my new iPhone. I could pause it and it looked clear as a 4k pic.
Loved mum and daughter showing their knickers and legs together.

I linked my iPad to iPhone, and sat in the loo,I watched Elle walk in and stand looking in the mirror.
She stripped off and put on her kit, I was mesmerized by her body, the her mum walkies in and I watched her strip naked too.

I filmed them all that day

Elle was the best

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    Great story do part 2 when you fuck them