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My dog fucked me and my best friend

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I am 16 and I’m a boy.
I was lying on my bed naked my and my best friend had just fucked we are both bisexual l. I was lying there naked when my family’s husky came in and jumped on the bed. (His name is Loki btw) when Loki came on he started to sniff my dick which me and my friend found hot he them began to lick it and within a few seconds moved to my ass. He licked my ass for a bit and without warning stuffed his dick into my but (he didn’t need much help I was still full of my friends cum). His dick was massive and he pinned me fucking me nonstop he didn’t come out once and just kept going. About 10 minutes with Loki fucking me and then my friend joined in and stuck his dick in my mouth. (He’s massive about 8 inches) I felt great but then Loki tied his knot into my ass and I felt like my ass had exploded from the dice of it. He filled me with his cum and not long after my friend also came in my mouth. After a while Loki’s knot came out and my friend lay on the floor with his ass on the air it didn’t take 2 seconds for me to fuck him, however thanks to him and Loki I came quickly, Loki then decided it was his turn and fucked my friend kitting him not long after.

I still fuck with him and Loki but mostly Loki I have other story’s of me him and Loki so let me know if you want to hear more

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  • Reply Cocksucker

    I love to have a big massive cock in my ass right now.

  • Reply Daniel hayslip

    Dady needs lick that pussy to your ass to your clit won’t come over tonight Nalaka and brand head Jen will make out have some hard core hoy you sex Plex sis Dady hot for hand I got biggest one babs

  • Reply Loki

    My name for posting will be Loki from now on btw

  • Reply Big dick48

    Yess plz more i almost cummed

  • Reply Nebelkoma

    Hope to read more from you. Got me hard in seconds

  • Reply AP

    YES!! More please and with more details!

    • Loki

      I got loads more and just posted one about my other friend getting fucked by Me and Loki

      Is there anything in particular

    • AP

      When the story teller starts taking requests, a portion of the stories aren’t genuinely the teller’s.
      You have your own personal style that’s fun to read.
      I’d say since the forum is anonymous, feel free to tell us about any of the fun you have got up to.

    • Psiberzerker

      Writing someone else’s fantasy challenges your creativity, and often comes out with things you haven’t thought to explore before.

    • AP

      Yes, but then who’s story is it, really,?

    • Psiberzerker

      It’s a collaboration.