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Losing my virginity at 13

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Had hit puberty a few months before hand. So when the opportunity came along. With being curious about taking a dog’s knot. I went for it on all 4’s.

There’s nothing like being mounted by large dog’s huge knot. The first time I had sex besides just learning to j/o was age 13 with my daddies pitbull. I just arrived to stay for a week. I went out to backyard to play. When the dog not much smaller than me. Jumped on me humping. I remembered seeing dogs stuck together doing that before. Right off I had a woody So I called him into the garage. Shutting & locking the door. I no sooner dropped my pants & stood on all fours. He jumped me. Humped 3 or 4 times. Before I knew it he was deep inside me fucking me like crazy. His cock opening my ass & taking my virginity. Till the next thing I realized. He was stuck inside me. Pulling me around the garage floor. As he slid off my back. His knot gave a hard tug to my anal ring. Causing the worst pain I ever felt. We stood locked ass to ass as his enormous cock kept throbbing & squirting dog seed into every bit of space. Making me his bitch for the next 10 -15 mins . I could feel drizzles of his cum running out & dripping down the back of my legs & off my freshly fucked raw hole. Each time he’d tugged & pulled walked around. He painfully dragged my engaged tight boy pussy along with him. Causing me to cry out, I swelled so much with his baseball size knot deeply in bedded inside me. It took approx 20 mins till his knot popped loose a river of dog seed Then his cock slid out & released me. He licked my swollen raw opening over & over. Working his tongue and spooning out almost all of what he put in. Including all the cum soaked shit that had marinated. He ate me out & cleaned me up good. It hurt to sit for a few days. My hole was bruised blk blu & purp as well. What a great first experience. Definitely something to always remember.

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  • Reply Lovely or pricilia

    U go fuck dog.omo d dog try he fuck u well if na me be d dog i nor go relese u i go fuck u until i tire u go cry drum full.i go fuck 12 years comemot from ur years

  • Reply Yerna

    Is this the only time you have had sex with an animal?

  • Reply AP

    13 is a good age to loose your virginity. It’s also a good age to take your first dog dick.
    It was easier each time after that, I’m sure.

  • Reply G