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Left alone with the kids on a camping trip

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I was left alone to supervise some kids on a camping trip and I abused my power by drugging and fucking them all. Good times.

I worked at my local community center where kids would often come do to activities during the school holidays, we’d have like painting classes, cooking classes, jumble sales and stuff like that.

One year, which was my last year working there, we raised enough money to take a group of kids camping at a public forest a few miles away, two supervisors which were me and local woman called Brenda, the group of kids that were allowed to come on the trip consisted of 5 girls and 2 boys all aged 11-14.

We got to the forest at set up the tents, Brenda and I shared one, the girls all shared the big tent and the boys had their own, after a long walk in the middle of the afternoon and a swim in the lake, which was an absolute delight seeing all those girlies in their tight swimsuits, we headed back to our camp site, then Brenda got an urgent phone call and had to leave, we should have gone with her because all these kids were meant to have at least two supervisors, but it was late and they were having a good time so Brenda left me in charge while she headed off.

What she failed to realise is that I had a sexual interest in these kids, leaving me alone with them was a bad idea, as it got dark and the kids gathered around the camp fire toasting their marsh mellows, I put a perverted plan together in my head, I found some sedatives in the first aid kit and slip them in to the kids hot chocolate mixture, we boiled some water and they had their hot chocolate.

It took about ten minutes for them to start getting sleepy and they all started yawning and headed back to their tents to go to sleep, I waited half an hour and then checked on the boys, they were sound asleep, then I headed in to the girls tent, such a beautiful sight seeing them all passed out on the ground, completely gone.

I zipped closed the tent and took off my clothes before laying down between them all, I was naked and literally surrounded by young fuckable beauties, I stripped off all their clothes and positioned them all side by side and look over them with a massive erection between my legs, it felt like my birthday.

Naturally being the sick pervert that I was, I went for the youngest one first, her pussy tasted nice and sugary in my mouth, then I got on top of her, pulled her legs open and forced my cock in to her hole, it was like trying to push a melon through a pinhole it was that small, I had to spit on my cock several times to get it lubricated enough and it took a lot of effort but eventually went in, I stretched her pussy deep and wide and fucked her little brains out and she got my first full load inside her.

I knew the pills would wear off in a few hours and didn’t have a lot of time to recover, so I popped a Viagra pill, making sure I stayed hard as a rock, and I moved on to the next girlie beside her, within just over an hour I’d fucked all five of them, I spent the next twenty minutes feeling them all up, rubbing my hands all over them, getting some good memories to treasure, I even slipped my cock in to their mouths so they could taste me when they awoke from their slumber.

I re-dressed them all and myself then I left the tent, I decided to check on the boys, they were still out cold, I decided to go all in, even though I wasn’t gay, I wanted to play with the boys while I had the chance, I pulled their pants down and jerked them off, neither of their balls had dropped yet but they had nice big cocks, I jerked them hard until they came in my hands, then I went back to the girls tent and rubbed my spunk covered hands on each of their pussies and slipped my salty fingers in to their mouths, even the boys got some action that night, even if they didn’t know about it, and the girls had tasted us all.

The next morning none of them were any the wiser, I greeted them all with a big smile as they woke up and left their tents, never leave your kids with a pervert because they will get well and truly fucked.

The reason I decided to leave my job working at the community center is because I later overheard people talking and saying that two of the girls in the neighborhood were pregnant, just my fucking luck it happened to be the two eldest girls that I fucked on the camping trip, before anyone put two and two together I quit my job and moved out of the area.

I could potentially have two kids of my own now but I can’t ever look for them otherwise the girls will find out what I did.

Oh well. Good times.

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    total bullshit, the girls would know they were raped because there would be blood from popping their cherries and their cunts would be sore as hell and he rubbed the boys cum on their cunts and left a mess, the girls would see the mess he left on them ,there is no way the girls wouldn’t know something happened to them.

  • Reply Willy T. ID:fx7qoskv3

    You need some basic understanding of human anatomy. Boy’s balls drop within hours or days of birth. Not weeks nor days.
    After hours, if a boy’s balls haven’t dropped medical intervention is called for.
    Another common misconception is that ejaculate comes from the testes. 99% comes from the prostate.

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      When I was 12 I was at a church camp. At night the girls talk about sexual things they did. I couldn’t relate since they were old 15 and 16.
      So while they were talking I sneak out and go sit by the lake.

      One time there was a guy swimming he saw me said I should join him. I said no swim suit plus can’t swim well.

      He said he teach me, I said again no swim suit. He walks out naked saying no swim suit required for private lessons. I couldn’t take eyes off of him. He reach over pulled my top off then my shoes and shorts and panties.
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      In the water he hold me out flat one had on my boobs other on my pussy. He tell me to kick and move my arms. Few times I hit his penis. It was hard it wasn’t that way before.

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      So what happened, Jessie? Tell us the rest of the story!

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      To continue I let the guy take my virginity.
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