introduction to my slutty life

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hi, this is a fictional story written by a blabbering idiot trying to get better at writing

hi. my name is Sara and my whole life has been a rollercoaster of sex of all kinds
lets start at the beginning

it all started when I was 9, at that age i stumbled upon porn, I then got addicted and watched
all kinds, by 10 I had watched everything from vanilla stuff to people fucking animals but first lets
get my family situated

my mom and dad aren’t very well off when it comes to their relationship but you’ll see how it ends
I have 2 siblings a Shawn my brother(16) and Lilly my little sister(7) I had my first sexual experience when I was 10, it was with a boy who lived next door. we’ll call him john(13), john and I were playing in a very privet area by a river when I had an idea, if I wanted to toy with him, now’s mu chance, so I pushed him against a rock wall, his face went red, I put a hand of hiss crotch and kissed him while pulling down his shorts, I kneeled down and faced his rising cock, its small and chubby but cute, I put my hand around his shaft and slipped his tip between my lips, it tasted fine, but the further it went it it felt amazing, like it just belonged in my mouth, I continued to suck and I started to fondle his balls and he started to softly moan, before long he came in my mouth and I left no trace of it hehe, we laughed off the blowy and things went on.

hope you all enjoyed the story, there are many stories on the way and I hope you can take the time to leave a comment its much appreciated, love you all <3

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  • Reply Mikeyt

    Very good for a first story, I can see you developing into a good little author. Do you have discord or snap? perhaps we can trade ideas to help you wrte better.

  • Reply Avid_luster

    Hello, not bad. More description of yourself, would be good. Maybe how old you are now – looking back at it… Plus do you have any social chat platforms?