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I was raped at a college party at 18 by 20 guys

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My first year of college my first party I was a shy virgin nieve girl.

I am from a small town I was always shy. Going into college I wanted to make friends a fresh start is what I wanted. About a month in I decided to go to a rugby party it was off campus. I drinked a little but not much. A guy started talking with me and gave me a drink and wanted me to go with him down stairs I felt really woozy I agreed he helped me walk he hollored at some other guys they followed right behind us down to the basement. He led me to a bed And started to undress me I told him no I tried to stop it but he kept on I couldn’t push him away. He got on top of me spread my legs I felt him pushing inside of me I started crying I felt like I was being ripped apart he wasn’t gentle he was forcing himself in hard he started fucking me he had his hand over my mouth because I was crying and screaming so much. I saw one guy filming Us it seemed like it lasted so long when he finally finished I begged them to let me go but he was just replaced by another one then another. One turned me on my stomach and forced hisself in me anally while he was fucking me another forced hisself down my throat. I lost count at 9 I started going in and out of consciousness every time I came to some one or multiple was fucking me. Every time I came to I felt tremendous pain. At some point I begin to wake a little more I had one in every hole I was shaking uncontrollably puke was all over the bed and in my hair along with some of their cum. In the end all the party goers were gone only the boys who had been abusing me and fucking me was left. When the last one was finished I was exhausted and passed out again. When I woke up the next day I was fully dressed left in my car. I was so sore both holes were ripped blood all over me down there I tasted a mixture of cum and piss in my mouth my tits were bitten and bruised a note was left in the other seat it said you’ve been fucked by 20 guys I was so ashamed I went to the hospital but refused to say what happened.

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  • Reply Shy

    No I wasnt

  • Reply Shy

    I did get pregnant but loss it

    • M. Lovdahl

      We’re you looking forward to the baby . If you did I’m truly sorry for your loss

  • Reply Titi

    It might be pregnacy. Those boys are wiked