I wanna fuck my step daughter

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My youngest step daughter is very hot. Long red hair and DD breasts with a very nice ass.

Im 43 and have a 25 year old step daughter she wears leggings all the time. I have seen her naked couple of times. She has DD breasts and a bubble butt. One night she brought wiskey home and made drinks. We were on the back porch watching videos on youtube. Few of the videos were very sexual. Told her if kept showing these i was gonna do something stupid. I started rubbing her knee she did not stop me. She pushed my hand up her thigh. Thoughout this time the wife would come out asking what we were doing. My stepdaughter would scoot away but when my wife went back to the room we would get close again. Every time i would move in for a kiss she would back away. Wish she would have drank more. When she was 15 she gave us her laptop. She did not delete everything as i was going it she had nudes and a video she sent to her boyfriend at the time. I got so horny seeing it I went into her room got a pair of her panties and used them to jerk off to and came on it. I put them back in the drawer the next morning. Im pretty sure she has worn them since then. Seeing her in that video i get hard and beat off to it. Im hoping when we drink together again she gets drunk enough to let me fuck her

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    Fuck her hard

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    Dude, you should let me bang that slut. Heh heh, heh heh.


    Do part 2

  • Reply titi

    Oh dad has fallen inlove with step daughter

  • Reply daddy

    Just rape her