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I think my little sister is has a crush on me

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Long short story. My Lil sis been acting all word around me.

My 15 year old lil sis been acting all wierd around me. My sis and I aren’t the best of friends but we do have moments where we laugh and tease each other but mostly we fight and bicker like an old couple, we’ve even went hand to hand one time. Maybe it’s due to the fact that we are too similar when it comes to being antisocial. We have friends but we still like being in doors most of the time. Lately things have been confusing.

One time while watching TV she was licking a lollipop until the stamp came off and only the sweet ball left in her mouth. She continued to play with it in her mouth, then out of no where she placed it between her teeth and turned to me, then she asked “do you want to taste it” I was shocked at the question, and knowing about her latest behaviour I just said no. She then came closer almost jumping on top of me, playfully trying to make me taste the sweet that she was holding between her teeth. I yelled and told her to stop it as I was trying to push her off me.

I love my sister just as brother should. I may like to read, play watch incest stories and porn but I can’t act on my desires. My sister is slim and amazingly beautiful but I don’t want to try anything with her. Lately she’s been seeing a psychologist due her depression and I feel like it’s my duty to protect her from herself and me. Starting something with her will sure break her or worse she falls in love with me, I already see how her she looks at me, it’s in a longing way, I’ve seen it before with my cousin of which I’ve been involved with in the past but I don’t want that life for my sis.

What’s worse is that her hints have went on another level this past few months. When our parents are not at home she baths with the open. I always have to close the door bathroom for her out of respect. But that doesn’t help the awkwardness she puts me in when she gets out of the water and leaves the bathroom naked, walking around the house pretending to be looking for something while covering her b cup teenage breasts with her shaven pussy and her little curved ass exposed. I always find myself yelling telling her to put on something decent or a towel but she just laughs it off and says her towel is lost. It’s not fair on me, I’m a guy, I get aroused.

One thing I know for sure is that she’s definitely going through a lot. Last night she came into my room, switch on the light, sat on the edge of my bed, curled up and said she was not feeling well, I annoyingly asked her what was going on, she just kept repeating that she’s not ok, she then says she took a couple of pills of which I told her to go drink a lot of water to flush them out of her system. She looked at me like she wanted me to tell me something else, as she look at me and told me “you don’t understand”. In my head I knew what was going on so I just tried to be kind, but I didn’t want her confessing shit she would regret so I told her to go to her room and sleep it off. She slowly got up and went out. I felt bad for pushing her away, I got up and starting going through my phone with the thought of what just happened bothering me.

As I picked up my phone I got a late night text from one of her best friends, the one I’ve been pursuing for sometime but she’s been playing hard to get. She has this slim body of a goddess, nice b cups, flat stomach, her ass is perfectly curved you’d swear she does squats every day, you should see her in tights and a crop top, her signature style, but of course she’s intelligent as well of which is what attracted me to her in the first place, for a girl her age she composes beautiful poems. In our late night conversation we talked about what’s she’s been up to, she likes sending me texts late at night even after she once said we should stop talking due to her being my sister’s friend, girl code or something. I contemplate about whether I should ask her if she knows what’s been going on in my sister’s head lately as they are friends and spend most afternoons till night time together. But I then delete the message and send her a good night text. I send my sister a text asking her if she’s alright, no response. I get up and go to my sister’s room, open the door a bit, in the darkness of her room there’s a small light coming the sheets, with the light from her phone shining on her face with a faint smile she says “what?” I aske if she’s good and she replied yeah, and tells me also drank water just as I asked her to. I got a relief from her reply because if I had to be honest I was kind of scared she might hurt herself, I’ve already lost someone to suicide, my ex, I’m not going to let my sister go down that road. I then went back to my room and switched on my laptop to watch some anime and drifted off to sleep somewhere in between.

So that’s the short story. I don’t know what’s going on in sister’s head but I will try to protect her at all costs. I’ve read stories here about people being in relationships with their sisters but I don’t think I can let that happen with my sis. She may be one tough, feisty and brutal kid who can punch you in the face when get on her wrong side, that kid has anger issues sometimes but I know she’s also fragile, putting an incest relationship on her will break her and I can’t let that happen.

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  • Reply hunter

    goodluck im glad i have a brother and not a sister

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    Just talk to her. She’s your sister, and none of this really sounds like sexual advances. Nudity is not an invitation to anything. If you get aroused, go beat off. If she’s making you uncomfortable, tell her that. Don’t assume that because she has a fever she’s hot and wet for you. You don’t know that, and it sounds to me like if she really wanted you, she could have you.

  • Reply AP

    Ok, so the perverted answer is to quit being a prude, fuck her deep and hard and for so long she is totally exhausted. Teach her every freaky kind of sex imaginable. Fucking your sister is GREAT!
    That’s not what you should do, however. If you did you would end up with a massive guilt complex because you’re a good guy.
    Take her to someplace neutral, not your territory, not her territory. Try and be relaxed, try and play things cool. Explain to her that she is cute and sweet and that you love her very much but only in a brotherly way. Tell her you understand that she is a bucket of hormones and is constantly horny but if you were to have a physical relationship with her it would really cause you a lot of problems. Tell her that you’re flattered and are happy to have her as a sister. Then back the tension down. Joke around with her, be positive with her, and I bet soon she will respect you and back down the intensity.
    When you bang her best friend likes base drum, make sure to come back and tell us all about that, though. ( :

  • Reply David kenya

    Fuck her very hard Brain out

  • Reply Anon

    In truth all I can say is don’t fuck your sister and also don’t ask for advice on a sex story website filled with perverts.

    • AP

      You do realize, don’t you, that you just told FallenAngel to take your advice and not take your advice…

  • Reply Just this once


    • Just this once

      I am sorry for this rude comment. Forgive me father for I have sinned by judging others.

  • Reply G

    Go for it