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I love you daddy pt 1

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My name is Leilania. At the age of five my mother died and I lived with my Father, I hated him but he kinda grew on me..

I was only five when my mother died and I had to move in with my father and his wife my dad always tried to make up for leaving, I despised him but as time passed by I learned to love him, he was more like a big brother than a father since he and my mother had me at 17. I was young but my body developed quickly. I was a brown skinned girl with big brown curls, plump full lips and big hazel eyes. By age nine I had already developed C cups and I had an hourglass shape by the time I started middle school so my dad always kept an eye on me.

My stepmother Lianna died when I turned ten and my dad fell into a deep and dark stage of depression he was still young but I knew that Lianna was the love of his life. I did everything I could to comfort him at this time but all he did was push me away.

I had this one friend named kaylen and she was almost like my twin flame we’ve done everything together and ever since my stepmothers death Kaylen had been here for me because my dad couldn’t be, it was like I lost my dad.

One day after dance Kaylen planned on spending the night at my place so we ran straight to my room as soon as we got home. Kaylen laid on the floor and I laid beside her. “I’m dying of boredom Lei.” She said to me in a monotone voice. I glared at her with a questioning look on my face “What should we do.” I replied in the same tone. She grabbed her laptop and looked at me with a sinister smirk. “Well I wanted to try something.” She opened her laptop and there were three kids from our school having very rough sex in what looks to be our school locker room, I recognized one of boys and he was a highschool senior that was like 18 fucking two middle school freshmen. I contemplated on telling someone what I was witnessing but I lost my train of thought when Kaylen slid her middle finger and index fingers down into her skirt.

She locked eyes with mine and then threw her head back as her fingers rubbed against her clit. I felt uncomfortable only because I knew it was wrong, but something inside of me wanted to take advantage of the situation. She removed her fingers and sucked on them before she grabbed my hand and led it under her skirt, she slid towards me rubbing her nipples through her tight polo, I teased her slit with my fingers watching her reaction, I put my fingers up to my nose and she smelled like coins but in a hot way it was unexplainable.

I spat on my fingers getting ready to enter her as my door swung open, my dad just standing at the doorway speechless and confused.

Should I do a part 2 ?

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    omg ye

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    OMG more

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    Yes do plz 2

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    no please do not.


    Yeah do part 2

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    More details, and make it more relevant to you story title.

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      I need a guy to fuck me

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    Yes on a part 2