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I love my family…

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How I started a incest family with my mom, sister and daughters.

Hi guys I’m an indian boy named Anirudh now 52.

So the story starts when I was around 14 and too horny too control myself. My family consists of mom(34), dad(37) and lil sister(10). My dad weren’t mostly home bcz of buisness trips.

So, during that time I used to fucking horny all day. I used to just always think about masturbating. We didn’t have a big house so my mom me and sis used to sleep in same room. Once during midnight I got a boner and couldn’t sleep properly. So went to the loo. And came back but the boner wasn’t leaving me. So I thought of stroking myself under the blankets. I was having a great time touching myself when my eyes grab some moment of my mom.
Maybe some mosquitoes were disturbing her but she did something in sleep she wouldn’t have did it if she was awake infront of me. Her right hand went near her left boob and scratched it for about 10 seconds. Her hand was moving around the boob rubbing nipple and scratching all over the clothes. But that thing turned me on more. She stopped after some time but I didn’t wanted it to stop. So I grabbed my dick with my right hand and went near her bed.
Called out her name, first in lower voice and then in normal voice. No response. So I thought why not help out my lovely mom.
By scratching her boob for her.

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