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I don’t know who raped me

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At 14 I was raped by one or more guys at my brothers 21st birthday party. I never saw who it was and still have no idea.

When I was 14 my brother had a big 21st birthday party at our house with about 30 of his friends, I joined them at first but it was on a school night so after having a laugh and a few dances with his mates I went upstairs to get ready for bed at about 11 o’clock.

I’d had a few cheeky drinks so had to relieve myself in the bathroom, I came out and went in to my bedroom, after turning on the light I saw my pillow in the middle of the bedroom floor which I thought was weird because that’s not where I left it, it was also missing the pillow case, I stepped over to it and when I bent down to pick it up, someone grabbed me from behind and pushed something over my head, it was the pillow case and then they pulled my arms behind my back and tied them together with what I later discovered were shoe laces.

I screamed but the music coming from downstairs was too loud, next thing I knew they put their hand up the pillow case and forced a rolled up sock in to my mouth to shut me up, then I was lifted, carried, and thrown on to my bed, I bounced on the mattress when I landed on it, I was grabbed by the waist and turned over on to my front, then my skirt and thong were yanked off of me, I pushed my legs tightly together to try stop them pulling them down but they were too strong and managed to get them off.

They pulled me back so I was on my knees with my head down on the mattress, my legs were forced apart then I my pussy was being rubbed, then something entered me, it wasn’t big so I assume it was probably a finger or two, they fingered me vigorously for ages and I felt myself getting extremely wet, I was relieved when they stopped.

My relief was short lived when they pulled my ass cheeks apart and something enormous entered my ass hole, it was obvious is it was a very large cock, I could feel the size and shape as it entered my ass, it was really painful, he fucked my ass hole for only a few minutes but it felt like hours and then I felt him come inside me.

I was left alone for a while afterwards then they grabbed me and flipped me over again, this time ripping off my top and then biting my nipples, while once again fingering my pussy, I felt his fingers come out of me then I felt the familiar size and shape of his cock forcing its way inside my pussy, I heard whispers and quiet laughter while he took my virginity, clearly he wasn’t alone, someone else was in the room, maybe it wasn’t even the same guy who fucked me in the ass earlier.

I didn’t like what they were doing to me, they were raping me, but for some reason I couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling, I had my first orgasm and it made me cry because I was so confused, I felt him come inside my pussy and felt his cock pull out of me, then someone else pushed their cock inside me, I assume it was someone else, I couldn’t see through the pillow case over my head.

He/they fucked me four times and then they flipped me back on to my front and untied my hands, they let go and by the time I’d scrambled to remove the pillow case from over my head, they’d vanished out of the room, I put my clothes back on and ran to the door, then to the landing, I couldn’t see anyone, I went downstairs and everyone was still partying.

As I looked around at everyone, some were talking amongst themselves, some saw and smiled at me, others paid no attention to me at all, my brother came up to me and asked me what was wrong, I don’t know why but I decided not to tell him or anyone what had happened, I just looked around at everyone wondering who it was, it was one or more of them, it could have been any of them, hell, maybe even my brother was one of them, I didn’t know.

I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want a fuss, I thought maybe it was my fault, maybe I gave the wrong impression when I was dancing with some of them or something, was it something I did or something I said that made them do it, I just let it go and went back to my room.

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  • Reply Daddy’s girl ID:1fr5gtbzm

    Nice! She enjoyed herself so why should she be upset right? Besides women are supposed to please men. That’s what my daddy taught me. That’s what a female body is for, to please men whenever they want. I’m now married and my husband agrees my body is for him to use as he wants.

    • Deadson.com ID:7ylhc2b9d0

      I love your positive mind daddy’s girl

  • Reply LLC ID:fx7i918rj

    I was raped from an older sibling drunken party when I was 15 , I told them that I was saving my virginity so he raped my butthole. Omg that was painful . Should of just let him have my pussy .

    • Lonely ID:7zv1m6sbd1

      Do you have snap?

    • anal rp ID:21c6xftbd4

      i bet your teen butthole felt so tight as his dick raped your ass! being drunk, i hope he brutally rape your tight 15yo hole!

  • Reply lee ID:82vwkmql

    good job nice story

  • Reply Jennifer ID:1i2kovirk0c

    When I was 13 my parents were having a little party. I was in my room and one of their friends knocked on my door. I thought it was my parents so I said come in.
    He saw me in my baby doll pajamas. Told me how cute I looked in them.
    He sat next to me and before I could say anything he was kissing me.
    I tried pushing him away but he pushed me down and kissing me and his hand was rubbing my pussy.
    I finally was able to tell him to stop, but I let out a moan, he said see you like it. I told him to please stop. He said he wanted to see my pussy first. I said no but he got my pajamas bottom off and was kissing my pussy.
    I told him to stop but he said just a couple minutes.
    Then he moved up and kissed me , while he kissed me he had his penis out and pushed hard and took my virginity.

    About a hour after her left my mom came in and saw I was crying, she asked what was wrong and I told her. She told me I be OK but never tell my dad.

    • M. Lovdahl ID:vuf1mp8j

      Did you get pregnant from the rape

  • Reply Titi ID:rz5vjb0c

    Maybe it was a ghost(laugh)

    • stfu ID:2a749jeoic

      read my name