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How things started pt1

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After a terrible accident flipped our lives upside down there was a plus side.

I’d say we were a pretty normal family, myself 39 wife 37 and our only child 11yo daughter. Life was good wife was a nurse and myself I was a freelance journalist we both made good money, our daughter was part of a gymnastics team and top of the class, she had a good future ahead of her with realistic visions of Olympics and other comps, she was that good.
Our life changed for the worse a year previous one Friday evening.
Me and the wife went to pick our daughter up from her gymnastics class but coming home our car was struck by a drink driver, myself and the wife suffered a few cuts a bruises nothing serious the driver of the other car died instantly at the scene but our daughter in the back got hit hard the crash had resulted in several crushed vertebrae resulting in her being paralysed from the neck down, in that instant her bright future was over.
A year later Jessie now 11 has slipped into deep depression, she will go days without saying a word to either of us and hardly eating, shes always been a tiny girl anyway due her athletics but now looks atleast 5 years younger.
My wife returned to work and i became our daughters full time care giver.
It was Wednesday afternoon the first time anything happend, I sorted dinner for us both while the wife was at work, fed her then told her ill get her cleaned up and ready for bed,  she didnt respond.
I carried her to her bed and laid her on it and proceeded to remove her leggings and incontinence pants, she just lay there staring at the ceiling. I’ve done this now hundreds of times and there’s never been a sexual thought or anything inappropriate but this time after using the wet wipes and cleaning her vagina I was just staring at it, my heart started beating faster and my cock started to get hard so I dropped the wipe and started stroking her tiny vagina with my fingers, I pulled her lips apart and there it all was in perfect view opend up to me,  her tiny little clit and extremely small hole, I then proceeded to insert my finger a little way inside until I fealt her hymen, with that I nearly cum, I instantly withdrew my fingers finnished getting her ready for bed, tucked her in and left.
Once back in the living room I masterbated, my cock was soo hard with my fingers I used to touch her at my nose and in my mouth I cum harder then I think I ever have before.
Thats when the guilt set in, feeling bad about what I did but I pulled myself together telling myself she can’t feel anything so I’m not hurting anyone. Thats when the wife came walking through the door home from work. The rest of the week went on as normal I kinda pushed what happend to the back of my mind.
My wife works shifts so once a month she works nights so let’s fast forward to Monday evening as the wife was getting ready to leave for her night shift.
Part 2.

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    Great Story Do Part 2

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