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had fun with a disabled girl

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Fucked a mentally ill girl from my class and had super fun with her that day

I am a 15-year-old boy and I had a classmate who was mentally ill, she was in our school because of a bribe and she was studying with us in the same grade even though she was very poor in studies,

She used to be alone all the time as no one used to be around her as they treated her very badly I always felt guilty that everyone is treating her bad

Every day she used to go to an abandoned floor where no one comes and she spends her time alone, I accidentally went to that floor to get away from some people and I found her sitting, I went to her and said “Hi”
She was surprised and got scared and she doesn’t know what to say, I continued to talk and said “Why are you sitting here alone?” She replied in a broken accent due to her mental illness” because no one likes me, and they avoid me” I replied “that’s not true, look at me I am talking to you now” she said “because there is no one around us’

I felt so guilty and said “let’s play games”
She became happy and her mood changed as I said she is sick and her mood changes constantly, I told her to sit in a folded leg position, I am a big perv as I wanted to see her panties, she obeyed my orders like a kid
And I told her to do what I did,

So I started lifting my legs and her skirt went up high enough revealing everything, I got very horny looking at it and I made a move by lying on top of her

She was breathing heavily and that aroused me so much I planted a soft kiss on her lips and told her to give me back my kiss and so she did

I started fingering her panties and she started to say “I feel weird and good down there” and then I made her remove her shirt and that’s when I saw how big her boobs are

I told her to walk like a dog and she started walking in four legs I grabbed her ass and started to hump and then I put my dick inside her butt and it went in very tight I was so horny I didn’t stop until I came inside her ass

Yet she was very playful and I made her suck my cock and again I fucked her

And I told her we both will play like this every day, she said “I love this game”, and I kissed her and went to my respective floor

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    good story tho do a pt. 2 longer this time

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    You are my hero, please impregnate her for me

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      Dude, your fucking weird. See a therapist.

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      fr y’all need jesus


    Great Story Do Part 2

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