Few days with my cousin

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This happend while was in the service. I just returned from a trip to Germany. My cousin Mandy drove out from a few states away and met me at the airport to start off a vist for few days. I drove us home since she was tired from driving. She was wearing very tight jeans. I figured what the hell and put my hand on her thigh and started rubbing it. To my surprise she did not stop me. When we got to my place we put her son to bed in my roommates room. (He was on leave also.) After getting back to the living room she lip locked me shoving her toung down my throat and started rubbing my growing hard on. We fall onto the futon and she undoes and pulls off my jeans. She pulls my fully hard cock out from my underwear and started sucking it. She is very good at sucking dick. Wrapped her toung around it and lots of suction. I was bout ready to blow my load after a couple minutes. I pull her off and lay her on her back. Pulling off her shirt and kissing down her body. She has an amazing pair of C cup tits. Kissing and sucking on both of them I reach down and undo her jeans. As I pull them off her along with her panties i noticed a wet spot in them. Her nice shaved pussy was already wet. I go down on her sucking her clit into my mouth and flicking it with my toung. She was going crazy. She pulled me up and told me to fuck her. As I slid in her she has one of the most tightest pussies i have ever fucked. She starts moaning loud and that got me going faster. She loves being fucked hard and fast. She cums I feel her squirts on my cock and balls. She squeezes my ass “Fuck me cousin!!!!” That damn near made me blow my load. We fucked for bout 15 more minutes when I told her i was close. She said don’t cum in me. As I get closer and pull out shooting the biggest load of my life all over her belly and tits. Then she rubs my com up and down her body. The next 3 nights was a fuck fest. Only regret was not having her suck me off. I wonder if her 4 younger sisters have same mind set of wanting to fuck a cousin. I still think bout our time together, get hard and rub one out.

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    That made me cum