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daughters friends

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Daughter and friends got drunk at her small birthday party. I couldn’t resist fucking two of them after they all went to bed drunk out of their heads.

Being a single dad with a 14 year old daughter sure does have its perks, and by perks I mean perky breasts, firm asses, luscious lips, and her hormonal teenage girlie friends running and bouncing around, they don’t half make my cock twitch.

The other night I let her have a small party to celebrate her birthday, only three of her friends stayed over, we couldn’t have a big party because of what’s currently going on in the world and the restrictions we’re living under, but three of her friends were enough for her and they had a great time, lots of party food and being the cool dad I let them have some alcohol.

They spent the night opening presents, stuffing their faces with cake and sandwiches, drinking, dancing, sounding like dying cats on the karaoke box and generally just being noisy teenage girls have a good time.

I think it was at about 1 o’clock in the morning when they started dropping like flies, having drank far too much alcohol and tiring themselves out, one by one they started dropping off the sleep on the sofa and the floor so I called time on the party and ordered them all upstairs to bed, I had to carry two of them up myself, they’d forgotten to set up the spare inflatable mattress and my daughters single bed wasn’t going to be big enough for all of them, so I put them in my bed instead and let them sleep in there.

I went back downstairs and cleaned up a little, picking up all the empty bottles, cans, tissue paper from party poppers and kicked all the balloons out of the way, mostly I just piled it all up in the kitchen because I couldn’t bothered with it at that time in the morning, and I sat in my arm chair and had a nice glass of whiskey and relaxed for a bit.

About an hour or so later I was getting tired so I figured I’d be sleeping on the sofa tonight, before I went to sleep I thought it would be a good idea just to check on the girls, they’d had a lot to drink so best to make sure they’re not vomiting in their sleep or anything, I went upstairs and let the landing light illuminate my bedroom through the door.

It looked like they must have woken up at some point because they’d got undressed, my daughter and one of her friends were underneath the covers sound a asleep and the other two, well, holy shit, one was lying face down across the bottom of the bed and the other had dragged a pillow on to the floor and she was sleeping on her back with her arms and legs sprawled out, both were stripped to their underwear.

Looking at these girls, one with a lovely plump ass and another with big round breasts to laying there in nothing but their thongs and bras, yes, they were wearing tiny thin thongs, I defy any man or boy to look at this and not get an instant erection, which I did, I pushed my hand down my pants and fondled my cock and balls lusting and fantasizing about having sex with them.

Enough fantasizing, I dropped my pants and lifted off my shirt, I crawled across the floor like a hungry lion sneaking up on a gazelle, taking position between her legs I pulled off her string thong revealing her adorable pussy, it looked so pure and fresh, my cock twitching eagerly towards her hole, I bent my cock down and pushed it in to her hole, then I bent over her with my arms on the carpet above her shoulders and I fucked her nice and slow.

She was passed out from all the alcohol she’d consumed and she didn’t awake, but her body still reacted to the sex, she moaned a lot and her head swayed side to side, her chest heaved as she took deep breaths, and her arms and legs lifted and wrapped around me, her hole was so tight and wet it stimulated my shaft gloriously until my semen exploded from my tip and flooded her womb.

I put her thong back on and kissed her soft lips then I rested, giving myself time to recover, after maybe 15 minutes I stood and I looked at the girl laying across the foot of the bed, her ass was calling to me, I held her feet and pulled her towards me, she slid across the sheets and her feet fell off the side of the bed, she was in a bent over position with her plump gorgeous ass beckoning me.

I pulled back her thong strap and I bent down and bit in to her ass cheek, not a nibble, I actually bit in to it, leaving teeth marks on her ass, I lubricated my cock with my spit and I pushed it between her cheeks, then I found her hole and slid my cock in to her ass as far as deep as I could go, and as I pounded her ass hole her hands clutched on to the bed sheets and she groaned.

She was a good girl, she even started swaying her body back and forward and doing some of the work for me, I could tell she loved anal, after almost half an hour I was getting tired and sweating quite a lot, she was hard work, but finally it happened, I pushed two fingers up her tight little pussy hole then I filled her ass with half my load and quickly pulled out then just as quick I pushed it in to her pussy and ejaculated the rest.

When I pulled out her groans turned to silence and she was still, calm and sleeping once again, I pulled up her thong and placed her body comfortably back on the bed then I picked up my clothes off the floor and left them to sleep.

I went back downstairs and celebrated my sexual victory with half a bottle of Vodka.

It’s weird because I know those girls dad’s quite well, they’re both good friends of mine, I’m not sure I’ll be able to look them in the eye now without smiling and thinking about how I fucked their baby girls.

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  • Reply Iwannafuck

    I always caress my nieces ass she’s 11 she never says anything


    Great Story Do Part 2

  • Reply anonymous

    Good story. Thankfully someone who know how to use punctuation and can spell. Small grammar errors but not enough to affect the story, I think I only found two or three, if that.

    So did you breed either of them?

  • Reply Dan

    I know how you feeling, as I had similar with my 14 year old. Except I was smoking weed with them and a few drinks

    Things turned to t&d it was tame at first then they were daring each other to flash me. They dare me to drop my pants and underwear.
    That dare my daughter to suck it, with out even thinking she had my dick in her mouth. They all took a turn it was a first for them I didn’t cut
    I started licking one of her friends, after a bit she beg me to fuck her. Found out they were all virgins. I came deep in each of them

    I didn’t think of birth control well I only got one pregnant it was my daughter ⁰

    • penis


    • Beast

      what happened after?

    • Donald

      Sound great. Is your daughter having a boy or girl? My 10 year old daughter birthday May 30 2021. Her sister’s and 20 of girlfriends will be at the the party and they will stay all night. If like to come to the party or anybody else like to come. The party is going to turn into an orgy. At the party I like to get all the girls pregnant. I will take care of all the babies we make. Let me know if you like to come to the party here is my email [email protected]

  • Reply vive-la-baise

    i hope there more coming evn if its a pjhantasy.

  • Reply HH

    more stories like this please encourage yourself to tell yours