Chatting and Cheating Sister

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A sister tried to mint money from her brother by playing another girl through chatting. What happens when he learns the truth.

I am Jacob, a 22 year old man from India. I am a medium type person, niether fat nor lean, niether tall nor short and Niether ugly nor handsome. Most of my relatives are poor but compare to them my family is better off. My father is a taxi driver and I am working as a maintainence superwisor in a factory. The factory is in outskirt of the city so I am given a one room apartment by factory. I used to live five days in that apartment and two days in family home. In my family there are 6 members. Besides parents and me there were two sisters and one brother. All my siblings were younger to me. First was Amaris who was 20 and training as nurse. My brother Lucas was 16 and was a student of 10 th standard. My younger sister Julia was 12 and a six grader.

As I esrned some money, I gifted mobile phones to each member of my family and made them very happy. Amaris used it most as she often asked me to send recharge to her. She was quiet Frank with me. Although her color was a bit dark but due to her slender figure she looked beautiful. I had a girlfriend named Judith so there was no time for me to think about anyone else. I was planning to marry her but then I saw her in a park with another man. I immediately broke my relationship with her. Only Amaris realised my sadness and asked the reason. I told her about the betrayal of Judith. Learning about my break up she told me that she was already aware of the bad character of Judith but kept silent because of my love for her. She told me a couple of bad things about her. She advised me to find a better girlfriend. She said one of her companion in nursing school named Priscilla will suit me best. I said, for the time being I am heartbroken so I don’t want any relation.

One day she sent me a photo of Priscilla. I must confess I fell for her. I text my sister to send her mobile number but she replied first I should send her a gift. I agreed to give some money to my sister so she should pick a gift for Priscilla and make her my friend. It worked and one day I received a thank message from Priscilla. With that our friendship started. In the free time of night we started exchanging SMS. She told me thst she is living in home of an uncle so she can’t talk freely or meet with me. After about a week she sent a SMS to admit her love for me. I was overjoyed. Our only other contact was through my sister. Amaris used to get money from me by telling some financial problem of Priscilla. I used to receive message of thanks from her. By then our text messages became frank and we started mentiong topic of sex.

One day I requested her to send a photo of her boobs and she sent one after my constant requests. It was a close up so it was hard to judge whether the photo was real or not. After that I sent close up picture of my cock and she sent me picture of her pussy. I loved that so much that I proposed her. She asked me to wait and let her think. Meanwhile, my sister advised me to win my love through sending gold jewellery to Priscilla. I bought a necklace and asked Amaris to hand it over to Priscilla. Next day I received a usual thank message so I sent a request that I want to see her weaning that necklace. For one day I got no response but late night I received her picture wearing necklace. Although her face was hidden but her Neck was not. On her Neck I saw a mole that I also saw on neck of Amaris. This made me suspecious as she was getting money frequently from me on different pretexts.

One of my friend worked in a mobile shop so I asked him that I want to track location of a mobile number. He said that full information technology is only available to the police, and network companies. However, location on map can be traced through an apps. He gave me link of that apps. I used it and to my surprise I saw the SIM location was at my home. I then checked location of my sister’s number. Both searches were showing same location.

Now I went to my friend on mobile shop and got a spare SIM from him. I changed my location and sent message on original number of my sister. I created a fake ID and told her that I admire her. She wanted to know who I am and where I saw her but I told her that these thing will be told only if she agrees to friendship.
As expected she agreed to it. I asked for detail of her family and she asked for mine. We shared it truthfully. Then I asked her what she thinks about casual sex. She replied she avoid it due to fear of pregnancy. My intention was to take some sort of revenge but slowly I developed feelings for her.

One day I went to home and saw her wearing blue jeans and a red top. I text her that she is looking hot in blue jeans and red top. She was shocked as she was yet to go outside.

Another day when i visited my home, she tried to get more money from me on name of Priscilla. I told her that I don’t have much in pocket but had some in my apartment. She agreed to go to my apartment. That day she was wearing a sleeveless black top with stall covering her chest and a short skirt along with leather boots. Once we reached my apartment I said, “I will give money only if she will arrange my meeting with Priscilla. She said that Priscilla had gone to another town for a week.

“Why don’t you admit that there is no Priscilla.” I said

“Why brother, Why do you think so.” She asked in fear.

The suspense was over. I told her everything. She blushed and started saying sorry. She admitted that she took some pictures from net but the one with necklace was that of her. I also told her that I recognised her in that from a mole on her Neck.

“Why you did a fraud Amaris, as I can give you money on a simple request from you.” I said

“Sorry, it looked rude to demand money frequently.”

“Now pay me back all my money.” I said

She became nervous and said, “I spent that all, I had only a few jewellery items that I can give you.”

“You know well that a girl can pay in kind if not in currency.”

She understood my meaning. “I am not that type of girl and remember I am your sister”

Her answer made me angry. I slapped her and said.

“Where were your moral values when you were minting money from your brother by acting out as his lover.”

“Please don’t hit me. I am ready to cooperate.” She sobbed

I took her in my arms to console her. I kissed her on lips and my cock hardened. I removed her top from her shoulders, revealing the white strips of her bra over her brownish skin, she was corporating with me in silence. She raised her arms and I took off her top, now she had only a bra on her body. She put one of her hand behind her and unhooked the bra.

As bra got removed her cute medium sized boobs with dark brown nipples were revealed. I took them in hands and sucked them for a couple of minutes. She felt horny too as she started caressing my arms. I not only licked her neck but gave a bite on her neck. She shouted and took a turn, held me tight. Now she was over me, she started licking my nipples and moved her hands on my back. I opened her pony tail with my hand, and her hairs got scattered on her face. We dropped rest of our cloths.

I took her to my bed and put a pillow under her hips. There were hairs on her cunt but it was very inviting.
As I put my cock on her cunt she spread her legs wide. I rubbed my cock on labia and found her wet. I pushed hard and she held me tight. She was pulling my hairs, with each push and sliding a little up.

“Keep it slow please.” She requested.

Ignoring her plea I kept pushing hard and broke her seal. She cried in pain. I kissed her lips to cool her down but she got angry.

“Damn you brother, don’t you treat me like a slut.”

She tried to get free from my grip but I held her in place. We remained in that pose for a minute. Then she kissed me and agreed to get fucked. I started giving her slow shots of my cock.

Both of us moaned together, “aaaaahhh …. Ahhh ….. ohhh”, finally we started breathing heavily. I took my penis out and put my cum on her boobs which were rising and falling with breathing and then lied besides her. She rested her head on my arm. I moved her face closer to mine and gave a kiss on her lips. After a minute she said,

“Brother I am hungry, do you have anything to eat.”

I sat up and cleaned her cunt with a tissue. Her cunt now appeared swollen. I then ordered home delivery pizza on phone. She got up and went inside the bathroom. On return she covered her nude body with a sheet and took some rest on bed. I cleaned myself and wore my dress for receiving the delivery man. In about 25 minute the pizza was delivered. She got up to eat it nude. She was looking so sexy that I pulled Her in my lap and fed her pizza from my hands. My cock got erect again. She looked at it and said, “Whats happening to you brother,”

“Dont you remember your secret admirer, that was me.”

“You son of a bitch.” She slapped me hard on shoulder

I pushed her on bed again. She resited me by crossing her legs. I started kissing her flat tummy and soft thighs. Then my tongue started rolling on her thighs and she was screaming, ”Oh my dear, you are too good at to turn me on.” As she opened her thighs, I put her legs over my shoulder and inserted my hard cock in her cunt in a jerk. I was expecting her to protest but she remained calm. She was very wet already. Her cunt however, was gripping my cock tight.

“You are not feeling pain this time..”

“You made me your bitch. It’s better to enjoy now”

As she mentioned the term bitch, I asked her to get on her knees like a doggy. She went on her knees and elbows, like a doggy. I pushed my cock from behind and stared the fuck her again. She was moving her bum constantly in pleasure and after about 10 minutes my penis ejaculated. I tried to pull back but some of my cum fell inside her cunt. White fluid was dripping from her vagina.

”hey Jacob!”

“Yes, my darling?”

“You have put some inside my vagina.”

“I know.”

“What if I get pregnant?”

“hey Amaris, you are a nurse you know what pill is taken for safety.”

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