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Brothers first erection

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Paul got his first erection and he was scared and didn’t know what to do. I gave him a quick lesson on self-masturbation but had to do it for him.

I was in my room binge watching my favorite Victorian drama on streaming TV and I’d been bursting for the toilet for about half an hour, I couldn’t go because my little brother was in the bathroom taking a shower, he’d been in there for ages though, I couldn’t hold it in any longer so jumped off my bed and rushed to the bathroom, I was about to bray on the door and shout to be let in when I heard sniffling sounds, sounded like he was crying.

I checked the door and it was unlocked so I opened it and went inside, sure enough, he was sitting in the corner of the shower curled up and crying, “Paul..?”, he lifted his head briefly and looked at me when hearing my voice startled him, his eyes were wet and red from crying, I opened the shower door and squatted down to his level, “What’s wrong, honey?” I asked.

“It hurts.” He replied, with his head resting on his knees.

“What hurts? Have you hurt yourself?” I asked, I couldn’t see any obvious injuries, bruising or bleeding.
He lifted his head, wiped snot from his nose with the back of his arm, then he moved his knees apart, he had an erection, it was sticking straight up and the tip was bright red, “Ooh!” I sounded in surprise before looking away, “What’s wrong with me?” he asked.

I could hear genuine worry and concern in his voice, “This has happened before, right?” I asked.

“…No.” he replied.

I stupidly assumed, especially in this day and age, that boys knew what was going on with their bodies and how to deal with it, it quickly became clear my brother was having his very first erection and he had no idea why or what to do, he was scared, just like when I was his age and I had my first period, the pain and bleeding scared the life out of me and I thought I was dying, “Okay – uhm – come – come with me.” I said, and I reached out and helped him to his feet.

After grabbing a towel off the rail and wrapping it around him I walked him in to my bedroom and sat him down on my dressing table chair, I used a corner of the towel to wipe away his tears and dry his face, I was panicking inside, I didn’t know what to do at this point, he should really be talking to a man about this but dad didn’t live with us, mum was out shopping so I couldn’t turn to her, it was up to me.

I stopped chewing nervously on my finger nail and kneeled on the floor in front of him and I placed my hands on his knees for comfort, “Firstly, don’t panic. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s normal and happens to all boys your age. “I explained.

“Why?” he asked.

“Haven’t you learnt about this in school?” I asked back.

He shook his head and I realized I’d have to explain it to him, I tried to explain as best I could about puberty and how bodies change as you get older, I was very shocked to learn that he knew very little about the birds and the bees, he didn’t even know what the word ‘sex’ meant, my brothers school must be shite, how could they not have taught him this stuff.

I then moved on to the awkward subject of self-masturbation, which just confused him even more, I tried to explain what he needed to do but he didn’t understand, he opened his towel and held on to his cock like I’d told him but he stopped, “I can’t. It really hurts.” He said.

“If you want the pain to go away you have to do it, Paul. Every boy does it, I promise you.” I replied.
I looked away and he tried again and rubbed it up and down a couple of times and I really thought he’d got it, then he stopped again and started to cry, “I can’t. Will you help me?” he asked.

“No! – “ I said, “I can’t, you have to do it.” I added, I got nervous and ran to the bathroom, plus I was still bursting for the toilet.

“Please. Just make it stop hurting. Please.” He begged, shouting as I left the room.

I’m his sister I couldn’t do that, not only would it be wrong but it would feel weird, I couldn’t, he continued to beg for my help, I could tell he was genuinely afraid and hurting and I couldn’t ignore his tears, my brother was in distress and he needed my help, I swallowed my ethics and morals and decided I was going to do it, I went back in to the bedroom, “Okay.” I said.

I kneeled in front of the chair then closed my eyes and inhaled a deep calming breath, then I blindly reached out and took hold of his cock in the middle of his shaft and began to jerk him off, I couldn’t see him but could hear his heavy breathing and groaning, his cock actually felt good in my grip, it was smooth, hard, and I felt the warmth as it rubbed against my palm.

Funny thing was I was a virgin and I’ve never done this to a boy before so it was as new to me as it as to him, I had to look, so I slowly opened my eyes and watched as his cock throbbed and wrinkled as I tugged it up and down, Paul was in a more comfortable position, leaned back and holding on to the sides of the chair, his legs now further apart, his head was leaned back as if he was looking at the ceiling, but his eyes were closed, he was really enjoying his first ever hand job.

A feeling rushed through me, I was becoming aroused, my panties were soaking wet and I was gently licking the inside of my lips, then it was as if his cock has lassoed a rope around my neck and was pulling me towards it, I suddenly found myself with his cock in my mouth and I was sucking on the tip while jerking him off.

Paul suddenly called out with intense release, he slid a little forward in the chair and then thrust his hips and ejaculated in to my mouth, he thrust and squealed several times and I felt his come hit the back of my throat, I gulped and gagged before quickly pulling my mouth away, then he came on my face, leaving a line of come from the tip of my nose to the top of my forehead, then he slid off the chair completely and fell to the floor.

When he wasn’t looking I rubbed the come off my face and licked it off my hand, my first taste of come and it was pleasantly delicious, “You alright?” I asked.

“Yeah. Still hurts but feels better.” He replied, laying on the floor with his cock finally shrinking back to normal.

“Do you understand what you need to do now? When it happens again?” I asked.

He nodded, “Yeah…” he replied, then he sat up and leaned on me giving me a hug, “…Thank you.” He said.

“Welcome.” I replied.

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  • Reply Hannah ID:2kyee16s42n

    Awh very sweet
    But you didnt mention the ages

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    You should fuck him and let him cum in your Virgin pussy you Will love it

    • Jim ID:vzgc4eqlq

      I agree part 2 is a must.