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Broke in to a house and fucked the owners daughter

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I tied up a family while robbing their house. I got doped up and fucked their daughter in front of her helpless parents. She was secret slut anyway.

Thief, drug addict, abusive, scum of the Earth, that’s how most people would describe me and you’ll probably have some worse words to describe me once you read this.

I was robbing a house in a very affluent area, loads of expensive stuff for me to sell on, I was going to rich off this job.

While robbing the house the owner, this big man, busted me in the act, he came at me with a baseball bat, but I got it off of him and knock him out with it, then his wife and kid started screaming from upstairs so I raced up, I knocked out the wife and smacked the kid.

I dragged them downstairs and tied them all up to the radiator by the window and gagged them so they couldn’t speak, I was a bit tired after wrestling them all so I grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat on the sofa drinking it and smoking some dope through my balaclava face covering.

The father had a huge black eye and bloodied nose, he was a fat cunt, the wife was an ugly bitch as well, but the kid, she was a bit of a looker, she must have only been 13 or 14 but she had a big set of tits on her, I caught her looking at me so I kneeled in front of her and offered her a puff on my spliff, she could smell what it was and I could tell she wanted to try it but she was reluctant, I told her not to worry, her parents aren’t going to do shit, “Try it.” I said.

I lifted her gag and put it between her lips so she could have a drag, she inhaled nicely and let it all back out, “Good shit right.”, she grinned at me, she was a good looking kid and got my nice and hard, especially seeing her soft silky lips, “Got a boyfriend?” I asked.

She shook her head.

I lifted her to her feet then carried her over to the coffee table, I knock everything off the top of the table and then laid her down on top of it, her parents protested when I pulled my pants down and waved my cock in their daughters face, “Watch this, you rich bastard.” I said, I held her head and I pushed my cock in to her little mouth, then I slipped my hand up her nighty, down her panties and fingered her pussy hole, she was slurping, choking and gagging on my cock for several minutes while her parents watched in horror.

She looked like she was about to pass out so I took my cock out of her mouth, she took a long deep breath and coughed, to my surprise she opened her mouth and flicked her tongue up and down at me, she actually wanted more, looks like we’ve got a little slut on our hands here, I moved around the table and stood between her legs, then I reached down and tore off her nighty, completely ripping it down the middle, her bouncy tits were magnificent and her pussy looked raw and hot when I took her panties off.

Her parents were struggling trying to get loose and moaning at me from behind their gags, “Watch me take your little girly.” I said, tormenting them more, I pulled the kid across the table until my cock bumped in to her pussy and then I held her legs up in the air and literally forced my cock inside her hole, she cried out in pain, I liked that, my cock had her virgin blood all over it as I pounded her little hole.

I looked and smiled at her parents as they watch in horror, helplessly, as I took their little girl right in front of their eyes, she was groaning like a good’en and her tits were bouncing all over the place, it was beautiful.

I decided to move the table closer to her parents, I dragged it across the floor with their girly still on top of it and I spun it around so her daddy got the perfect view of my cock pounding his baby, then I continued to fuck her brains out, the mother was crying and looking in to her baby girls eyes while she was getting fucked, it was a proper family affair.

Just before I came I pulled out and walked around to her mother then forced my cock in to her mouth, “Taste you’re little girly.”, and I ejaculated deeply in to the back of her throat, I plopped it out and slipped it in to her daughters mouth again, “Have a little taste, darling.”, she slurped on my cock eagerly, I really liked this girls attitude.

I wasn’t a complete bastard though, before leaving I got the kid a fresh nighty from upstairs, I untied her and let her dress herself, then I sat her on the sofa, “Wait 5 minutes after I leave then you can untie your mom and dad, alright?”, she nodded with compliance, I gave her a quick kiss because she was still grinning at me, then I left through the back door.

I was never caught but still think about that little slut to this day, I love a horny little slut.

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  • Reply Steve ID:3zxjp0l0d992

    You should of cum inside her. Gave her parents grandchildren

  • Reply Nathan4886 ID:nnmnhdkk89

    Idk if this is real but please tell me it is a little slut like that is one that every man loves