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Blue smoke 1

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after her parents die in tragic accident she is left to live with a predator uncle and oblivious aunt

kari looked up at her aunt while gripping her hand she was only in grade school she understood death and what was going on, yet she didnt understand while her brother was sent to her grandparents by her uncle but he was nice and her brother was rather introvert to she didnt mind.


kari grabbed her clothes to take a bath she was used to this she took baths by herself at home but her uncle was perstistent of her not being modest and that little girls needed daddy to help her she wasnt sure about calling him daddy but she went with it

she sat in between his legs and he tickled her before it got weird after arguing her legs were now up and his rag was cleaning her princess parts and now the rag was dropped and her mouth was covered as his 2 fingers pumped in her little hole her head was suddenly turned saliva dripped as it was exchanged she teared up as she felt tingles before a clear liquid came out her uncle well daddy now muttered and kisses her telling her its normal and that she shouldnt tell,

she got dressed and teared up laying in the bed she didnt want it to be like this she didnt like how dirty it felt or how she liked the taste of daddys spit or how his finger stretched her.


tears ran down her face small moans left her mouth she had learned new things that uncles cock hit deep and she shouldve went with her aunt she pounded her and licked her ear gripping her baby breast she hated this her pussy was soaked and swallowing her uncles cock she hated that she was moaning and enjoying it and in the end she sunk to the floor with cum dripping out of her he told her to get clean and get dressed

i might continue idk

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    Do part 2

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    Details, PUNCTUATION helps a lot, your sentences are just one big run. Proofread as well

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      damn i didn’t ask

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    More details