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Amy Tale/s – Two’s Gay Tuesday

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Greg’s cock was hard, and I leaned down and jealously wanted in on sucking Greg’s dick with Chris.

I give Chris (Britney’s husband) Ethan’s address and he tells me he will arrive at around 10am on Tuesday. Chris is bi-curious, and he is wanting to have investigational sex with a guy, because he has been fantasizing about having sex with a guy, apparently for a long time. I am at Ethan’s with Greg, and Michael is there because he leaves for work at 1:30pm, but he is not part of the plan, but he is bisexual too.

I like Greg a lot, I would say as much as Ken. Often when I am home alone, and Greg stays with Ken, we have a threesome. I like Greg eating my pussy more than Ken, because of Ken’s beard. Ken’s beard may look good, but it does not feel-good eating my pussy. Greg has the prettiest 9” circumcised cock I have ever seen too. I love sucking it, and I am not a big fan of giving blowjobs. You are compelled to suck his pretty dick, which is one reason I brought Greg. Greg is good looking too. Ken is handsome, but Greg is hotter with his wavy blonde shoulder length hair and tanned surfer boy look.

I have actually fucked Greg when it was just me and him alone, not that Ken would mind. Ken and Greg are so gay for each other, and we have slept together so much, that it is not strange for me to wake up holding to Greg instead of Ken in the morning. Ken and Greg love me for a number of reasons, and them sharing me is number one. Some of the other ones are the desire for me and Clair to stabilize their image in their professional social circles, we are bisexual lesbians and swingers, and I remind them of Aunt Bethany. Aunt Bethany sort of birthed Ken and Greg’s sexual kinks, beginning when they were 11 years old. [See Amy Tale/s – Aunt Bethany, for details].

Chris arrives and is very nervous and concerned that there are three other guys here after introductions. I tell Chris that Greg is bisexual, and I am meeting at Ethan’s because him and Michael are bisexual too; and that I did not mean for it to appear like I was trying to gay gangbang him. I call Chris, Chris, because he has a Chris Hemsworth look going, down to his sexy five o’clock shadow beard. Chris is 6’ tall and good looking and athletic fit. The adage, all the hot guys are gay was starting to fulfill itself to my understanding.

There is a heavy tensity in the air around Chris, and I decide that if I do not break the ice, nothing will happen. I get Chris to stop nervously twitching, and I sit him on the couch. I kiss him, because, shit, he looks like Chris Hemsworth, and I wanted to kiss him. Hell, that is my best explanation. I wanted to lay my hand flat on his five o’clock shadow and turn his lips into mine and close my eyes and kiss a hot guy. I wanted to do it before I was possibly disappointed that he had a little dick. I unbutton and unzip Chris’s pants, and he lifts, and I pull them down enough to get his above average thick 7.5” circumcised cock out.

For guys, a 7.5” cock is still a big cock. Male strippers and porn stars have 7.5” cocks, and Chris is thicker than most guys, and he has a nice cock. I have been cock spoiled by big black cocks, but I realize that this white hunk actually has the tool to please a lot of women. I am stroking his cock and I get Greg to sit on the other side of Chris. I start sucking Chris’s cock, and Greg begins to help me until I let him take over. Greg is still dressed, and Chris starts rubbing Greg’s back. I say, why don’t we go to Ethan’s bed? We undress and Chris lies on his back and Greg moves between his legs and sucks Chris’s dick.

I 69 on top of Chris, and he starts eating my pussy. Part of what happened next, I understood from my own experience giving oral to a guy, but I did not realize exactly why until Greg explained it to me afterwards. Chris is eating my pussy in a 69 flat on his back, and Greg starts holding Chris’s balls up and licking below them. Chris folds his knees and spreads his legs like a girl would do, and it is not as flattering to me, but Chris is very excited by what Greg is doing. I start sucking Chris’s dick and Chris stops eating my pussy and is moaning like a bitch. I have watched this happen with Ken and Greg, but not to this extent. I am sucking Chris’s cock, Chris is moaning and sighing, and Chris grabs around my waist tight, and he cums in my mouth, and I swallow.

I move and say, I am sorry, I know you were wanting a guy to do that. Chris says, it did not matter, what Greg was doing is what amplified the feeling. I asked Greg and he said he was licking Chris’s gooch. Greg called it the male “G” spot. I have licked my ex-husband there, and other guys, and it does excite them to ejaculation quicker, which is probably why my ex-husband liked that area licked while he jacked off. I knew guys liked it, I just didn’t know why, because it was a sensitive area of stimulation. It dawned on me that gays can eat their lover’s man-pussy to orgasm stimulating his man-clit. All of the sudden, gay sex was more exciting to me to watch and help with.

Greg switched with Chris and I 69d on top of Greg who ate my pussy while Chris sucked Greg’s cock. Chris was holding, licking, and sucking Greg’s pretty 9” cock like it was the best thing he has ever had in his hand or mouth. Greg’s cock was hard, and I leaned down and jealously wanted in on sucking Greg’s dick with Chris. Chris moved to Greg’s gooch. Greg waxes his lower regions, but Chris was shaved down below too, and it looked like, and it felt like the feel from hair remover. Ethan was watching but got naked, and was behind me, and Greg was eating me and sucking Ethan. I started fingering myself and I got off. I settled from my excitement and sucked Greg’s dick and Chris worked Greg’s gooch, and Greg got off in my mouth too.

I was getting my protein for the day, and I rolled on my back and Ethan began easing his thick 12” big black cock into my hairy trim wet pussy. It was in, and Greg pulled it out and sucked Ethan’s cock. Chris moved to my other side, and Ethan went in a few times into my pussy, and Chris pulled it out and sucked Ethan’s cock. The third time they shared Ethan’s cock, and mother fucker, Greg kissed Chris, and Chris grabbed the back of Greg’s neck and went deep with his tongue in Greg’s mouth. Ethan put his big cock back into my pussy, and Chris and Greg moved to the side and grabbed the lube and condoms.

Greg laid on his back and Chris fucked Greg’s ass and held Greg’s cock in one hand, and Greg’s thigh with the other. Ethan was in stride and I was spread wide and moaning and sighing. Ethan short stroked, and he got off, and did the right thing, and drove it deep, and shook against my ass while I enjoyed his big throbbing cock deep in my pussy. It had been 3 or 4 weeks since the last time I fucked Ethan’s 12” cock, and I forgot how good it felt too. Chris got off in Greg’s ass, and they switched positions and I watched.

Chris was limp and his dick was flopping around as Greg fucked Chris missionary. For some reason, I love watching a flaccid dick flop around when guys are having anal sex. I sucked it, and I love a soft cock in my mouth. I watched Greg finger Chris gooch with his thumb while he fucked Chris’s ass, and Chris started getting hard again. Greg got off, and Chris had been moaning more than grunting the whole time. I was very aroused by what had happened today, and maybe I had underestimated how turned on Sophia gets by gay sex. Then I had an internal, wait, what the fuck, Chris just received anal like he has been getting ass fucked on the regular. I asked Chris, and several things were discussed.

Chris was afraid I would reveal his, now discovered love for gay sex. Chris was terrified he would be exposed and lose his job, his marriage, and his dignity as far as a teacher and football coach. I told him I would not expose him (actually he turned me on with the way this all unfolded and expanded my awareness, that it is possible for a guy to not just cum and be done). Maybe subconsciously, that is the reason I also like sleeping with Ken and Greg. Chris also told me that Britney had been anal fucking him with a strap on dildo because he liked it, and she liked doing it. I saw Britney as just another average housewife experiencing lesbianism for the first time; but Chris and Britney have a kinkier side she had not shared with me. Britney was concealing parts of her and Chris’s bedroom antics, and I found this even more compelling to expose them to each other.

It was now my belief that bringing them together in a group fuck would prove to them that they didn’t have to hide their desires from each other, and that their marriage would not end because of it. Britney obviously didn’t know that Chris really wanted to fuck guys, just that he liked her pegging his ass. Chris knew Britney had a desire to sleep with a girl, which is why she initially wanted me to have a threesome. After Tony and Sophia, but primarily because of what happened with my ex-husband, I decided threesomes or group sex with married couples was something I would not do anymore. A lot of this stemmed from Janet’s parties, where I had seen husbands and wives split over what occurred, when they fulfilled a sexual fantasy to have other people enter their relationship.

I believed Chris and Britney could handle it, like me and Ken, Janet and Max, Ethan and Emma, and Clair and Greg. I was glad I hadn’t told Janet, because I was ready to set either Chris or Britney up, and walk the other one in on them to catch them, and to see what happens. Janet loves this type of sexual exposure. Janet literally fingers her pussy when a confrontation like that occurs, and she gets off. Now I wanted to invite them together; and try and go for a group or foursome encounter where they actually joined in voluntarily. Chris left and I assured him I would not say anything to anybody. I began thinking of what to do next, and you will have to wait and find out…

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