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Amy Tale/s – Sneaking Away Game

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We arrived and he was looking in his rearview at me, and I lifted my nightie and shimmied my tits for about 30 seconds and said, there is your tip.

Zoey went home Saturday, but Miranda spent the night with me at home. Courtney and Miranda were sleeping on each side of me Sunday morning when Janet snuck in, and she got naked and crawled into the bed. Janet pressed up sandwiching sleeping Miranda in between us, and Janet kissed me. I said, I have not brushed my teeth. Janet said, you can’t taste bad breath when your kissing silly, only smell it. I did not know that, so if you want to kiss somebody in the morning when you wake up, go ahead, because I have tried it since Janet’s tidbit, and I have never tasted morning breath.

I said, why are you here Duchess, you tired of the sex clubs and bars with Max and wanting in on one of my games? Janet says, yes, I am bored. I said, you only come and see me now when you are bored. Janet asks, do you have any good games? I say, one…two…four…eight, I have a lot going on right now, but I don’t know if I have room for you baby. Janet gets rowdy and I make her stop before she wakes the others. I ask, did you bring me breakfast? Janet says, I brought breakfast for everybody. I say, I will let you play, but I need something for a long-term game I am playing. I get up and put a nightie on and Janet grabs one of mine too.

We go to the dining table and eat, and I tell Janet about a jewelry piece I need, but I need the best engraver she knows to help. Janet hooks me up Monday, and you will have to wait for that tale. I tell Janet about Britney, and an idea I have with Britney and Michelle, another wife-wife scenario. I call Ethan and ask if he can take this upcoming Friday off, and for him to tell Michelle and all of you come here at 5pm, and he says yes to all. I called Britney and she said she would come too. Michelle’s husband Steve acts as an assistant coach (and Jim too) to Chris who is the head football coach. This coming Friday is an away game, so both Michelle and Britney’s husbands will be gone. Me and Janet are excited to expose them to each other and see what happens.

I spend at least three of my weeknights at Kelly’s every week. In Kelly’s mind we are in a monogamous relationship (she knows I see a lot of other people), but when it comes to us alone, it is special, and I do love Kelly in a romantic way. At least once a week I have Rasaun come by Kelly’s, but he never spends the night. Kelly loves to fuck A2’s thick 8.25” uncircumcised black cock, and so do I; and he is cute and fit. Courtney is filling in as me Friday as her, Aliya, Clair, Heather, Sarah, Ken, Greg, Eric, and Troy stay the night with Max at Max and Janet’s place. Anthony, Sherry, and James will be there too, so, an orgy.

I left work Friday an hour early and Janet met me at the apartment with food, we ate, and I showered. Ethan and Emma arrive, and shortly after, Michelle. Janet knows Michelle from the time we ambushed her with Jim (see, Amy Tale/s – Threesome, for details). Michelle will probably get mad because this will be the second time Janet and I have ambushed her. Third time if you count Lisa at Ethan’s (see, Amy Tale/s – Moan Ah! Lisa, for details)

I hooked Michelle up with Ethan and Emma, and they like each other a lot. Michelle can take Ethan’s 12” cock and read a book out loud at the same time. She does not grunt or moan at all, but she loves fucking Ethan’s big cock, and Emma loves eating Michelle’s big ass. Just to remind you, Michelle’s measurements are 44-27-43, and she wears a 48I bra. Michelle is a big, athletically fit woman in her 40’s with ample hips, thighs, and calves. You can have an orgasm just watching her bend and spread her legs and point her toes. I gave Britney a later time, and we get started with the five of us. You can 69 with Michelle, but her enhanced 48I’s make it impractical. Daisy chaining works the best, and Janet eats Michelle’s totally waxed pussy, and I eat Emma. Emma eats Janet, leaving Michelle slobbering on my trim hairy pussy, and everyone else has no pussy hair. Michelle is what I call a lower tier lesbian fuck.

Michelle’s hot big body is the most exciting thing about her when it comes to lesbian sex. I would rather finger myself watching Michelle get fucked, than fuck her. When it comes to upper tier lesbian sex, I have two feelings. One is primal passion lust, and the other is romance. Kelly is romantic, where Courtney, Zoey, and Aliya are animal passion, I just want to devour them. Janet fits into both camps of romantic and primal passion. The doorbell rings (which I hate, but I forgot to tell Britney). I answer the door naked. Britney is surprised, and I just kiss the bitch and light her fire in the living room. Britney is trying to get me to slow down, but I undress her.

I call her Britney because she looks a lot like Britney Spears. She is 35 years old with long blonde hair, 5’ 8” height, and her measurements are estimated at 34-26-36 with a 34D tits with soft pink nipples. She has a brown hairy pussy in a triangular shape that is shaved below. She has a slight tan, with hot legs, feet, and toes, and she clear coats her toenails. Britney is hot but middle tier as far as stirring any animal passion or romance. I want to fuck her, but not date her or become too involved. Her attitude and reception of lesbian sex could change that.

I push Britney onto the couch and lick and suck her 34D tits, and they are nice and supple. I move my way down and kiss her thighs, and I begin to eat her soaking wet pussy and she falls back against the couch clasping her breasts with one hand and holding my head with the other. Britney is overcome in new pleasure, a woman eating her pussy, and she is sighing and moaning, and saying, oh god, oh god, that feels so good, uhhhhh, oh, and she orgasms and closes her thighs around my head and shudders throughout her thighs, ass, hips, and whole body. I move and kiss her, and she says, my god, that felt so good, and she grabs my head and kisses me hard.

I say, come on, I have a party going in the bedroom. Britney stands and I have her hand, but she stops and says, there are more people here? I say, yes. Britney is nervous, but I say, come on, it will be fun. We enter the bedroom, and Ethan is fucking Michelle missionary with his thick 12” big black cock. Emma is straddling Michelle’s face with her sweet shaved ebony pussy, but Emma is facing away on her elbows and eating Janet’s pussy. I pull Britney into the bed and Michelle looks and pushes Emma off and says, BRITNEY! Emma stopped to look, but Janet grabs Emma and says, keep eating my pussy, and Janet fingers herself to help. Britney says, oh my god, Michelle. Michelle moves causing Ethan’s cock to come out, and she says, damn it Amy, you have got to stop ambushing me with people that know my husband.

Britney is starring at Michelle, and looking at Ethan’s big cock, and she says, damn Michelle, that is a big dick. Michelle says, Britney, please don’t tell Steve? Wait, does Chris know you are here? Britney says, I want tell Steve if you don’t tell Chris. Janet orgasms (I believe Janet likes confrontations like this, and it gets her off). Janet says, let’s fuck, you two can argue later, and Janet pulls Britney down and says, hi Britney, I’m Janet, that’s Emma, and that’s Ethan, and I am going to eat your pussy, and after I make you cum, you can fuck that big black cock too. Janet dives into Britney’s muff, and I straddle Britney in a 69 to help. Britney kisses my thighs and rubs my pussy until she gets courage to kiss and lick it. Her bravery increases, and she makes full mouth contact, and moves her tongue and lips around inside my cunt.

After a bit, I feel her hands embrace my waist and ass, and she rubs me, and dines on my pussy in pleasure. Britney stops, and I hear her moan and sigh in pleasure from me and Janet working her pussy, and she orgasms. I roll her to her side and Emma helps Britney eat me, as I continue to lick Britney’s pussy. Emma also licks my asshole, and between the experience of Emma directing Britney, I orgasm. Michelle is fucking Ethan again, and eating Janet straddling her face, and Janet is playing with Michelle’s volley boobs.

Later Michelle and Britney took turns on each other as I assisted forming a daisy chain. Britney sampled Ethan’s big black cock too, but only managed about 8 or 9 inches of it as she rode him cowgirl style. Michelle and Britney talked and agreed not to expose one another, and I will probably tell you future tales with them in it. We cleaned up, and I was in my nightie and Britney and Michelle were dressed, and they had to leave because they knew the away football game was over (our team lost again), but they had to get home. I called a cab in secret and whispered to Emma, eat Janet again and keep her busy, and lock up when you leave, and I kissed Emma.

Michelle and Britney were leaving, and I said, I will walk you out. I grabbed my purse off the kitchen counter, and left in my nightie and flip flops, and Michelle and Britney said, what are you doing coming outside dressed like that? I said, sneaking away. I retrieved my makeup bag out of my car, and I got in the cab. The cab driver wanted to know if I was okay, was I running away in a hurry, did I need help. I said, I am fine, I am just playing a game. He watched me in the rearview all the way to Jim’s place. I use cabs so much that they just bill my card, but I usually tip the driver. We arrived and he was looking in his rearview at me, and I lifted my nightie and shimmied my tits for about 30 seconds and said, there is your tip.

I went into Jim’s house and my phone was ringing, and I answered, and it was Janet. She wanted to know where I was and why did I leave? I said, it’s a game baby, and I am only wearing my nightie, and I took a cab. Guess where I am and find me, and if you are not dressed like me, you may be taking a cab back, and I hung up. About ten minutes later Clair sent me a text saying Janet called there looking for me, and I said that I am playing hide and seek with Janet. I took my nightie off and walked onto the back porch utility room and turned the lights on, and it did not take Harold long to start watching me in his window. I just leaned up against the washing machine and Molly made it to her back porch too, and she had binoculars. After a bit, she turned her porch light off (to see better I guess), but she knew, I knew, she was watching.

Janet arrived at Jim’s by cab because it pulled into the driveway, and I saw the headlights still on. Janet was ringing the front doorbell and I did not answer. The phone rang and Janet said, I know you are here, the fucking cab driver told me he brought you here. I said, come to the back door. The headlights backed out of the driveway, and Janet was at the backdoor with her purse and a bag, but I had the screen locked. She said, are you going to let me in? I said, I am not wearing my nightie anymore baby. Janet took her nightie off and was standing at the backdoor naked and I turned the outside light on. Janet saw Harold and his wife in their window, she could have probably seen Molly if she looked, but because Molly’s lights were off, she did not notice her.

I said, you have to walk to the back fence and touch it and come back, and I will let you in. Janet set her bag and purse down, and she walked about 60 feet to the fence and back. I unlocked the door and Janet came in and grabbed me and violently kissed me. See Amy Tale/s – Fat Pussy Pie, for what happened next.

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