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Amy Tale/s – Community Pep Rally

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I put my hand on Britney’s thigh and said, you did not call, and now you want to sit with me, what are you wanting?

The high school held a community pep rally at the football field on a Tuesday before their first football game. It was a fall sports pep rally; so, soccer, volleyball, football, and maybe a few other sports were included, and it started at 7pm. Cheerleaders cheering, school band blaring, introducing coaches, announcing player rosters, and they had some tent booths, and I purchased a corporate booster membership and season sports passes.

Courtney and Aliya were with me, and we sat on a far end of the first row of the bleachers. I bought some seat cushions in anticipation, because I am not wearing panties. They have a rechargeable battery pack in them and heat up to keep you warm. We won’t need the heat tonight, but I ordered them for the games. Paige runs off, and Miranda finds me and jumps around my neck and sits in my lap, and I say, how are you precious, are you being a good girlfriend? Miranda kisses my cheek and says, yes Maria. I wrap my arms around her waist and Sophia comes over.

Sophia chatted up Chris at school (he is the new head coach of the football team and schoolteacher), and Chris had heard from the other coaches about Maria. Chris was very interested in talking to Sophia because he also heard Maria, was Sophia’s close friend. The usual, are the rumors true, questions were asked, but the main thing was, he was asking. You don’t inquire if you are not interested, is my experience. So, if Chris is asking about Maria, he is itching somewhere.

Courtney and Aliya were sitting next to me, so Sophia sat behind me talking, and surprise, Britney walks up. Britney is Chris’s wife, and I call her Britney because she kind of looks like Britney Spears. She says, Maria, right? I say, Mrs. “Spears,” right? [She said, “it’s Britney, bitch!” No, she didn’t say that, but I wish that was her real name and she did say that]. Britney says, yes, you remembered me, call me Britney. I say, sit down and chat with us Britney, and she sits behind me beside Sophia.

Sophia might have left to do other things since she is a teacher, but she is a gossip whore, and there is no way she is leaving now. Miranda is still in my lap, and Britney asks, is that your daughter? I say, no, this is Miranda, my precious girlfriend, and I kiss her cheek and rub her thigh. I look back at Britney, and she doesn’t know how to respond to that. Britney says, I have heard a lot about you, even Steve’s wife Michelle knows you. Now, Britney expects me to ask her, yeah, what did Michelle say; but if she has heard about me and is interested in talking to me, then she is hoping what she has heard is true. I say, Britney, what you have heard about me is not even the half of it. If you are talking to me, then Chris is not making your pussy water in the bed, but I can.

I look back at her, and she has this pretend shocked look, and she says, I guess the rumors were true. I reach into my purse and take out one of my business cards and a pen. I write my cell number down and reach to hand Britney the card. I say, I work from 9 to 5 if you want to shop, or just call my cell, and I will fuck you until you cannot walk straight. I hold out the card, and Britney is looking at Sophia and scared to take it. I say, I have fucked Sophia silly too, she is not going to tell your husband. Britney takes my card, and I know that is what she was wanting all along; to know if Maria would really fuck her. She was wagging her legs and twisting her hair too much for it to be anything else.

I say, so, that hunk of a husband of yours, does he have a big cock? Britney laughs and says, I really don’t know what you consider big. I ask, do you want bigger? Britney says, the thought has crossed my mind. Your husband has asked around about me too, what is that all about? Britney says, well, after we met you, he found out more about you, and he started fantasizing about having a threesome with you.

I said, I don’t do threesomes with a husband and wife, unless you are already planning on a divorce. If you cannot please each other, I will only compound the problem. I had to explain how I don’t want to please her husband for her, or her for her husband, it just never works out. One of them (usually the girl), wants me more than their spouse, but Britney appeared to understand my reasoning. Chris sees her talking to me, and I wave, and he waves back. Now Britney will have to come up with some story to tell him about why she was talking to me. I guess she might tell him the truth, but I doubt it.

The rally only lasted an hour, and it was breaking up and Sophia and Britney said bye and walked off. Students would give me the usual, hi Maria, in passing, and one of the boys wearing his football jersey said, hey Maria, can I get a pair of your panties? I guess Alex and Briceson had something in common, bragging about fucking Maria. I said, sorry, I am not wearing any tonight (and I wasn’t). The students laughed. I saw Zoey in her cheerleader outfit with the other cheerleaders standing on the field talking. I asked Miranda, do you know Zoey? Miranda said, no. I said, you see that girl over there, go and put your arms around her neck and kiss her, and whisper in her ear, Maria wants to fuck you, and make sure you pinch her ass.

Miranda did it (even pinched Zoey’s ass), and Zoey looked around to find me, and she saw me and smiled. I wanted Miranda do become popular too (and I did really want to fuck Zoey); but Miranda is Maria’s junior miss for this year, and I intend to make it a school tradition until I find a Maria to replace me. We walk to the parking lot, and Zoey can fucking run, and she runs up to me. There were a few students nearby, but no parents, and we kissed. I asked, do you want to spend the night with me after the game Friday? Zoey said, yes. Amanda found us and told Miranda their mom was here. Miranda already knew from her phone, but she didn’t want to leave. I kiss Miranda and tell her I will see her Friday, and everyone leaves.

I did not hear from Britney before the game on Friday, which probably meant she told Chris some bullshit story that we were just talking about the weather. If she would have called right away, that would probably mean she told Chris everything, and she wanted to pursue me again on his behalf. Britney knew I was not interested in a threesome with them. So, she was either trying to figure out how she could explore her fantasies with me (and hide it from Chris), or she didn’t want to do anything at all, since Chris was not going to be a part of it. Ken, Greg, Clair, and Courtney come to the game with me on Friday. I pick the first row of bleachers at an end where there are hardly any people. I wasn’t going to watch the game anyway.

Ken and Greg complain, and I say, go sit where you want, I don’t want you cramping Maria’s style anyway. They begged me to come, and I told them I wasn’t there for the game, but to play my own games. They went up much higher and did not bother me. Wendell, Beatrice, how are you? Wendell says, good, good, how is Janet? I say, sexy as always. Wendell and Beatrice laugh and move on after some platitudes. Beatrice made small talk, but just kind of looked at me with a hopeful focus, desiring that she might see me in a more intimate setting. Britney walked up and started talking. I didn’t ask her to sit because I wanted to see what she would do. Britney asked, would you mind if I joined you? Ken and Greg did not use the cushions they brought in, so I asked Clair to move up one row, and told Britney she could sit beside me, and I turned the heat up on her cushion.

Britney was wearing jeans, but I had a skirt on (no panties and no bra). I put my hand on Britney’s thigh and said, you did not call, and now you want to sit with me, what are you wanting? Britney was nervous, and she was looking around and paranoid. I don’t know if the students knew her at all, but they knew me, and if a new girl was sitting next to me, it was noteworthy. One student would say something to another student who would look, and so on as people passed in front of us. Britney says, I don’t know what I want; I was interested in my husband’s fantasy with you because it was new. We have never done anything with other people before, and I have never cheated on my husband. I didn’t call because I don’t know if I should continue to keep your flirting a secret from my husband, or should I take you up on your offer.

I take Britney’s hand and place it inside my bare thigh, and I pull it up to the tinder area. Clair is blocking the view from behind, and I slide close to Britney. Mostly students are walking back and forth in front of us, and we are down far enough to be away from the football players on the sideline, and the game just started. Everybody else jumps up but my group. I found out later that the first play by the other team after we kicked off the ball, that their guy hiked it, and their quarterback missed it, and we recovered and scored a touchdown. The score was 0 to 6, and we missed the kick point after. Anyway, some of the students saw Britney with her hand on my thigh, and to be honest, that was about as much thrill as I wanted out of Britney. I was here for Maria, so that was a touchdown for me.

Britney was hot, but I was not going to go out of my way to fuck her. I laid some jackets on our laps, and I said, you can remove your hand, or rub, it is up to you? Britney was visibly stirred and excited, and her hand started rubbing my thigh. I said, rub higher. Britney moved her hand up slowly rubbing, and she found my hairy pussy, and she leaned tight against me to adjust her arm, and her hand went flat against my beaver as she fanned it with her fingers. With my hand under the coat in her lap, I unbuttoned her jeans, and worked the zipper down. Britney had hair too, as I moved my fingers into the top of her panties. Britney moved a finger in between my pussy lips, as I spread my legs more, and she moved it back and forth, and I was getting wet.

Britney spread her legs and her jeans were tight, but I fingered her pussy too, and her panties were already wet. I saw Amanda, Miranda, and a few other girls approaching, and they stopped, and Miranda sat in my lap, Britney removed her hand. Miranda says, hey girlfriend, and she kisses my lips. I pull my hand out of Britney’s pants, and run my finger under my nose and Miranda’s nose (it was an inviting pussy smell) and I say, what do you think girlfriend? Miranda says, I know that smell, and she grabs my hand and sucks my finger as Britney watches. [Later I asked, and Miranda thought it was from my pussy]. Britney re-buttoned her pants, and she moved the coat to try and cool off. Miranda wormed her way in between me and Britney, and Britney did not seem to want to talk with a student in between us.

We did talk enough for me to know that Britney was going to try and figure out how to see me in private. The biggest problem was she worked the same hours as I did. She was an HR specialist for some company. I said, maybe the best time to hook up is during an away game, like this coming Friday, and she agreed and gave me her phone number. The next hour and a half passed, and our team lost, and the score was like 30 to 6. The first score, on the other team’s mistake, was our only score. Miranda went and got her overnight bag from her mom, and Clair brought me mine. I was waiting on Zoey.

Zoey came out in her cheer outfit and I wanted to grab her sexy ass and tanned thighs. Zoey has her own car, and I kissed Clair bye, and I told her to take Courtney and fuck her good with Ken and Greg. Clair liked that idea, to fuck Courtney. Me and Miranda follow Zoey to her car, and Zoey says, what is your name again (looking at Miranda)? We are next to her car, and I push Zoey against it and kiss her deep and say, her name is Miranda, and she is my precious girlfriend, and she is going to be your precious girlfriend too. Zoey kisses me back and says, okay Maria, I will not forget her name again.

We go eat, and I take them to Jim’s, and he is not home yet from the game. I realize this tale did not have any fucking in it, but what happens next is almost exclusively fucking. I wanted to set it up, and could have skipped the ballgame, but I wanted you to understand what I was doing as Maria at the school. So, continue reading Amy Tale/s – Friday Lights, Saturday Sights, for what happens next.

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