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Amy Tale/s – Amy’s Junior Mistress

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You and Janet may be irredeemable sluts, but I will not allow you to turn Paige into what you’ve become, or to use her anymore.

I said to Luna, you do not look like you need assistance trying on clothes. Luna says, I don’t need assistance trying on clothes, but I do want you to tell me how it looks. I say, I don’t care what you look like, I can just say right now, it looks fine, and that will be my response after you put them on even if I go in there. Luna says, okay, then come on. I say, will you leave right after that, and not bother me here anymore? Luna says, I will leave right after and not bother you here anymore.

In the Queen’s Room Luna undresses, and she is naked, and I stare at her jet-black hair hanging to the middle of her back, and her natural tanned skin tone. Luna is very pretty, lovely dark eyes and a lovely features, nose, mouth, and full lips. I notice her 34-23-36 hot figure and 34C breasts with pretty pinkish brown nipples. Luna is practically my height, and she is making me look at her, and her black triangular hairy pussy. Luna is not my type, I am not attracted to Latinas, but she is fucking sexy hot, and she is 16 now. Luna sees me ogling her body and says, do you like it, my body, I have been fucking since was 11? I cannot even remember how many of my mom’s degenerate boyfriends have fucked me.

I say, that’s too bad, are you going to try on the clothes or not? Luna walks over and puts her arms around my neck and kisses my lips (but I do not kiss back). She says, why want you fuck me? I say, because I don’t like you, try on the clothes or I am leaving; I don’t have all day, I need to get back to work. Luna puts on a nice top she picked out, and some jeans, and calf high boots with high heels, and a waist length fleece coat. It looked good on her, but more practical, like for school. Luna asks, how does it look? I say, it looks fine, are you done? Luna says, will you buy it for me? I say, no, why would I buy it for you? Luna says, I don’t know, because you want to. I say, well, I don’t want to, now we are done, and you said you would leave.

Luna changes back into her other clothes and starts out the door. I say, are you taking any of this stuff you tried on? Luna says, no, I cannot afford that stuff; in fact, that is the one area I have had the hardest time keeping up with you. You can hide behind your money…Amy! Well, the money of Ken anyway. You are an inspiration to me in that department. I hope I can beguile some rich guy like you when I am older. Luna continues, I bet when you were married your husband loved you singularly, and cared for you and would have died for, like my dad with my mom. That was not good enough for you, like her, and your lust drove you to cheat, and then it was all about you after that. You cannot love me, or others, because you love yourself too much.

Luna continued to preach, when Miranda approached me with that stupid ass story about Maria wanting to date a girl from the junior class each year, and she wanted to know if I was interested, I laughed. I thought my mom was a slut, but I had to meet you, so I played along with Miranda. I felt sorry for you, deep down you know you are horrible, and to soothe your conscious you play your games with the emotions of others. You don’t care how you hurt them, as long as you get what you want. You pretend to love Ken, Janet, Kelly, Courtney, Jim, Ethan, Emma, Clair and so many more, but only in aspect, not in totality. You love one for their big cock, or the other for their lovely pussy, or one for the games they play with you. You have no concept of love, love to you is gain, and your biggest regret, is what you lost, which was love. That is what my dad experienced from my slut mom, and you are no different.

I say, are you done? Luna says, yes, I am leaving now. Luna left, and I locked the changing room door with me inside, and I cried. Luna was right, but I could not admit it to her, I hated her. Luna was also much smarter than I gave her credit for, and the apple became more symbolic in my mind of what she was trying to do all along. She was exposing me for not only partaking in the forbidden, but doing it without true love, which is sacrifice, actually caring not to hurt others. I gathered up the clothes and the boots Luna had tried on, and I went and purchased them. I didn’t know what I was going to do with them, or what compelled me to buy them, maybe they were a trophy of the encounter.

At 5pm I left work, and I could see Luna leaning up against my car. She did not see me, and I went back inside. I did not want to deal with her anymore, I wanted it to end. I not only hated her, but she had a convicting presence now, she reminded me of my regrets. I had been drowning my regrets in wealth and affairs, and Luna was the accumulation of my indifference toward the hearts of others. I called a cab and went to Ken’s apartment. I set the shopping bags on the counter and went to the bedroom and fell on the bed. Paige came in and said, where is Luna, I dropped her off at the mall to see you? I said, I don’t know, she left. Paige said, with who? I said, I don’t know. Paige said, she does not have transportation Queenie, or a phone.

I started crying, and Paige said, you left Luna there, didn’t you? I said, yes, and Paige left to go and see if she could find Luna. About 10 minutes later someone knocked at the door, and Ken was in the living room playing games, and he answered. They knocked, so I guessed it was Greg or Clair. I had my face buried in the pillow, and I heard shopping bags. Luna was pulling the clothes and boots she tried on out of the bags after she set them in the chair. Luna looked at me and said, why did you buy these? I wiped my eyes and said, I don’t know. Luna took her shoes off and got into the bed and rolled me onto my back and straddled my waist. She wiped the tears out of my eyes and said, I don’t want your pity. I said, hand me my phone so I can call Paige, she is looking for you. Afterwards, I said, how did you get here? Luna said, I asked a guy to give me a ride for a blowjob.

I covered my eyes with my hands, because I could not stop crying. Luna pulled my hands away and said, stop pitying me. I don’t want your pity bitch, I have learned the hard way that nobody loves you, they only love themselves, and use you until you are of no use to them anymore. That is how you do it, right? You used your gash to get the cash, I did the same for my ride. You are no different than me, we are just operating on a different scale. You had it easy, you went from a loving husband and family where you had a decent living, to an upscale scam so you could indulge your lusts.

[Paige knew the following things about Luna, but I didn’t, which is why Paige went to find her].

Luna said, my mom set me out at a gas station with the car full of her clothes and things. She ran away from my dad because she was cheating with a married rich guy. She believed the rich guy would leave his high society wife and run away with her. Dumb bitch, she came home a day later when he denied her. I had to get the store attendant to let me call my dad’s work to see if he could come get me. My dad is a laborer who walked to work, and he had to get somebody to bring him because my mom took our only car.

My mom ruined my dad when she divorced him, probably like you did to your husband. Have you ever had to curl up against a wall on the sidewalk in the cold of winter because your mom said she would pick you up? Then she didn’t because she was out cheating on your dad. I have learned how to survive, don’t feel sorry for me just because you left me at the mall, you selfish bitch. The more Luna talked the more I cried. Luna was ripping my heart out and feeding it to me. Paige comes in and Luna says, thank you Paige, I am sorry if I worried you. Paige said, I am just glad you are alright. Luna said, can you shut the door so I can talk some more with Amy? Paige said, yes girlfriend, whatever you need.

I hated Luna, but I had grossly misjudged her. Paige knew Luna intimately, and their exchange showed me that they were not close because Luna had seduced Paige, but because Paige actually cared about Luna’s well-being. Paige loved Luna, on a scale above the carnal. Luna said, you are going to serve me now Amy, and Maria is dead, she is not going to hurt people anymore. You and Janet may be irredeemable sluts, but I will not allow you to turn Paige into what you’ve become, or to use her anymore. Luna takes my top off, and I say, stop. Luna says, I am going to love you now, and when I am done, you are going to know how I feel about you. I say, I need to shower. Luna says, no.

Luna removes my bra, and she pulls my hands above my head, and she kisses my neck, and up to my ears and says, why don’t you wear earrings? I say, well, my ex-husband did not like earrings, and he loved kissing my ears, and I just sort of ran with it. Luna says, he was right, and she nibbles and sucks my ear lobes. Luna kisses my lips, and I open, and she goes slow and deep, and then works down the other side of my neck. Luna kisses from my elbow down the inside of my upper arm to my armpits. They have to be sweaty, and I did not wear antiperspirant today, and only rarely do anymore. Luna says, why don’t you wear antiperspirant, is that your ex-husband too? I say, no, that is more Janet. Luna kisses my armpits, both of them, long and with passion. Luna says, I could get drunk off you Amy, I am never wearing antiperspirant again either.

Luna removes her top, and she lays breasts to breasts on me and kisses me. She moves down to my breasts, and she sits up, and she rubs my breasts. Luna says, you have the softest tits I have ever felt, and she leans down and kisses, licks, and sucks my nipples. Luna kisses my lips again, and she says, can you be only mine? You wanted a new girlfriend in your game with Miranda, but can you be a girlfriend? I say, I don’t know. Luna unbuttons my skirt and removes it and my panties. Luna lays my panties at my head and says, I will keep those, this will be the last time you play that game on a high school student. Luna kisses my breasts again and works down my stomach, and she stops at my cesarean scar, and kisses it, and my stomach above it. Luna asks, do you see your kids at all? I say, sometimes, but they have their own lives now. Luna says, you wouldn’t want them seeing yours, right? I put my arm over my eyes, and do not answer.

Luna kisses my scar again and says, okay, I want hurt you anymore, my love. Luna moves to my feet and lifts them and says, always red, why? I say, another left over from my marriage, and my ex-husband’s preferences. Luna asks, did he take care of your feet? I say, yes, diligently. Luna says, well, that is my job now, and she kisses my toes sweetly on both sides, and rubs my feet. Luna removes the rest of her clothes and rolls me over with my back up and straddles me, and she moves my hair to one side, and she kisses my neck, and my earlobe again. Luna massages my shoulders, then she leans down and kisses them softly and she says, can you be only mine Amy? I say, what do you mean, like just you and me, no Janet, no Ken, no Jim, no Kelly, no Courtney, and the rest? Luna says, you can love those who love me, and if you are not aware yet, I have already fucked Ken and Greg. Can you be only mine, my love? I say, I don’t know.

Luna kisses down my back and rubs, and she kisses on my butt, and rubs, and my thighs, and the back of my knees, and she takes her time there. Luna says, you like that, don’t you? I say, yes, how can you tell? Luna says, I felt your thigh twitch in excitement, and she kisses and licks the back of my knees some more. She rolls me over, and she kisses me again, and works her way down my body, and spreads my legs. She kisses my thighs, softly, and she says, you are wet, and she rubs my pussy hair. Luna says, your pussy is spread open and glistening with wetness, are you excited Amy? I say, yes Luna, I am very excited. Luna asks, do you want me to eat your pussy Amy? I say, yes Luna, please, eat my pussy. Luna says, what about your game with Miranda, for your new girlfriend, are you still going to look for one? I say, no, the game is over, you won, you are my last girlfriend, Luna.

Luna teases my pussy with her lips, and I can feel my pussy juice running down the crack of my ass. I want her to eat it, and she teases more, and I am shaking. Luna says, you are so excited, can you love only me Amy? I stammer as I shiver, yes Luna, I love you, only you do I love this deeply. Luna says, will you care for me like I will care for you? I stutter in excitement, yes baby, I will care for you. Luna says, forever? As long as you will love me, Luna. Luna has maxed out my anticipation to conquer me, and she did, I truly loved her. Luna prolonged no longer, and she brought me to orgasm in a few minutes with her oral craft. Luna laid on me and we kissed, and I said do you want me to do you. Luna said, later, right now I want you to promise to stop playing your stupid games on people and hurting them.

I say, okay baby, you win, I only love those who love you. Luna says, and if they don’t love me? I say, then I don’t love them anymore either; you are my girlfriend, above all girlfriends that are not your girlfriends too. Luna takes me to the shower, and she washes and cares for me, better than Janet does. Luna loves me singularly for more than sex, and her game all along was to destroy all games. Luna had played them for 5 years, which was almost 2 years longer than my full dive into the world of lust. Luna wanted a rich lover too, and she chose me, not that I was rich, but because she could really love me, and piggyback my lifestyle for herself. Luna said I was the perfect girlfriend, and a better lover than any girl she has been with. Luna said Maria was dead, and she said, I am your only true love now. Luna became my mistress to please and obey, and it was mutual.

The conclusion of Amy Tale/s is next…

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    made me wet

    • Maxdefault

      When I first started writing these tales, sometimes, I would doubt something I just wrote was exciting. Then I stood and felt a wet spot in my panties, and I stuck my finger in the sticky. Now the sticky is my indicator. Thanks for the comment!