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Amy Tale/s – Allen & Kelly

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Allen is a timely fruit, and women like us will eat him, and discard the carcass when his youthfulness is gone.

Me and Allen arrive at Kelly’s midafternoon on Saturday, and Kelly is expecting me. I picked up some take out on the way. Kelly didn’t know about Allen, and I introduce them. We eat, settle a bit, and relax. We were all on the couch, and I was in the middle, but Kelly was not right up next to me. We were dressed, and I had a skirt on, and I had my knees and thighs folded across Allen’s lap. My arm was on the back of the couch, and I was twisting my finger in Allen’s curly hair. My other arm was across his chest holding him. It looked like I was fondling a young innocent boy toy.

Kelly asks Allen, how old are you? Allen says, 18. Kelly asks, what is her name? Allen says, Maria. Kelly tells Allen, show me your id. [Fucking lawyers, she has cross examine tattooed to her ass]. I say, what, he is not buying alcohol or cigarettes, why do you want to see his id (and I squeeze and hold Allen like I am protecting him)? Kelly says, because I am suspicious of “Maria,” Amy? This is one of the students from that school, isn’t he? I kiss Allen’s cheek and look at Kelly and say, he is a cute baby boy with a man-sized talent, don’t tell me you are scared Kelly. Kelly says, he is a minor, I knew it. Amy, I am not fucking a minor! Kelly gets up and walks to the middle of the room.

I get on my knees on the couch and make Allen stand in front of me. I brush my hand through his curly hair and look at Kelly and say, look how cute he is baby – his hair is so soft and curly (Allen had loose curls). I remove his shirt and I am behind him, and I rub his chest and say, oh, baby, young, hot body, you should feel this muscly chest, his skin is so youthful. I take my clothes off, and I press my breasts into Allen’s back as I rub over him with my hands, and my fingers through his curly bushy hair. Oh my god baby, he has not even become an insufferable womanizer yet, this is the most innocent real man fruit you will ever taste Kelly. Let me show you.

I unbutton Allen’s pants, and pull them and his underwear down to his knees, and his cock is rock hard, and for a thick 8.5” white cock on a 17-year-old boy, it is doing its best to not lean to the side under its own weight. I reach around and grab Allen’s hard thick cock, and I slowly stroke it and say, look at this awesome cock Kelly. This cute boy has the biggest white cock you have ever seen. I turn Allen sideways, and I say, look at this hot tight end baby, um, you can’t stop me from fucking and devouring this playboy.

I walk behind Kelly who is staring at Allen, and I pull her shorts and panties down, and she lifts her legs, and I remove her bottoms. Kelly says, stop, real softly, but her actions say, take them off. Kelly has a shirt on that is waist level. Her hot milf ass and landing strip black hairy pussy are exposed. Kelly’s sexy legs and beautiful feet and toes (that are entertainment for a week on their own) are on display. Kelly is a wet dream vision just standing like this, still wearing her shirt. Allen is getting a foresight into the fine aging of a woman who is in her sexual peak. A very attractive sexy long haired brunette woman with racy tan legs. Kelly is no high school girl, there will be no awkward fumbling of the balls. When this tight end goes deep and scores with this milf, he will think he is in the Superbowl.

I reach around and rub my finger through Kelly’s smooth pussy lips, and she is wet. I pull her hair aside as I stand behind her, and I kiss her neck, and behind her ear, and I whisper, he is almost 30 years younger than you and me baby, he is fresh young fruit with no rot, and I kiss her neck again. I gently push her, and she moves toward Allen, and I whisper, you will never get a chance like this, to taste something as harmless and pure with youthful vibrance and a desire to please your body. Kelly is standing in front of Allen, and I remove her shirt showing him her beautiful enhanced 32DD breasts. Kelly is fermented fine wine, she is not a fat cow beer like Molly who is the same age as Kelly; she is not a straight shot of vodka like Zoey, or a mixed drink like Beatrice.

Allen is looking at the future elegance of a fine woman, and I only compare as a similar wine of a different flavor. I move Kelly’s hand and she takes hold of Allen’s cock, and I know it is all over now. Kelly has this teen boy’s big 8.5” cock in her hand, and to let go would be like dropping her own newborn baby off a ledge. Kelly’s hand moves, and it studies Allen’s hard wand, and her hand knows where it wants to take this cock. I move behind Allen and push him closer, and I take his hand and put it around Kelly’s neck. Allen’s other hand finds her hip on its own. I press my breasts into Allen back and rub his tight end, and push him into Kelly, and she kisses him, deep and passionately.

The fingers on Kelly’s free hand find Allen’s soft brown curls in his medium length hair. No doubt Kelly watched me playing with his soft loose curls and was dying to touch them. I lead Allen to the bed and lay him down on his back. Kelly is standing, watching, rethinking; doubling down on her encouragement efforts to fuck a teen boy who could end her career as an attorney. I 69 on top of Allen and he begins to lick and eat my pussy. I spread his legs and stroke his cock and suck it and look at Kelly and say, come on baby, what’s stopping you is far less than what is driving you to suck this awesome young dick. Kelly moves in between Allen’s legs, and we double suck and lick Allen’s shaft and smooth balls. Kelly goes viral consuming Allen’s cock as if she were cock starved.

I have been feeding Kelly Rasaun’s thick 8.25” cock, and Rasaun is a cute black guy. However, this white boy is a poster you hang on behind your door, so that when you close the door, you can masturbate on the bed and look at it for inspiration. Allen stops eating my pussy, and I push Kelly off sucking his cock (I knew Kelly was about to make Allen cum with her blowjob efforts). I say, don’t you want to feel it cum in your pussy baby, it is so thick the throbbing is intense inside you. Kelly knows exactly what I mean. I lay Kelly on her back, and Allen moves between her thighs and I am to the side of Kelly on my hands and knees.

I remove the excess wetness from Kelly’s soaked pussy with my mouth, as she rubs my ass and between my thighs and against my pussy in gratitude. I pull Allen’s hard cock into Kelly’s pussy and he pushes and drives deep, and I hold his ass all the way in so he can’t move. Kelly raises her thighs and points her sexy fucking toes in a stretched curve, and Allen’s body rolls tighter against Kelly’s, and she moans in utter satisfaction, and she squeezes my ass cheek tight and says, thank you baby. I release the stud, and he stirs Kelly’s wet pussy with hot motion, and I turn and kiss her, and she pulls me down and rubs my back. Kelly whispers in my ear, I love you, and I whisper back in hers, I love you too baby.

I kiss down her neck to her breasts, as she sighs sweetly in cadence to Allen’s cock. I move and push Allen down and they kiss, and this milf gobbles up this teen boy with her arms and thighs, and I kiss her toes. I wanted to, they are so sexy I had to rub them and kiss them. I kiss down her calves and thighs and alongside her hips and ass. I want to, it is love, it’s not animal passion like Zoey or Courtney, it is not even a mix of passion and romance like with many of my other girlfriends. With Kelly, it is pure romance, and a desire to caress and embrace her, I want to make her feel special, and she does the same for me. This teen boy is a toy, and when he is our age, he will probably have transitioned as Leif Garrett, from teen heartthrob to balding has been. This is the best he will ever look.

We are going to suck and fuck Allen until he deteriorates into adulthood. Allen is fortunate, he could end up like Harold, wishing he had experienced the delicacies we provide; or Dave riding a whale every full moon to relieve stress. Allen is bi, and he could end up becoming an old man trying to suck an erection out of another old man, resorting to dildos in the ass for lack of member hardness in their cocks. Allen is a timely fruit, and women like us will eat him, and discard the carcass when his youthfulness is gone. Allen cums, and Kelly groans and feels his cock throb in her pussy.

I take Kelly and clean her with store bought douches. I want Harold to install a kit on her shower, and I have one, and would have had he come today and do it, but he was gone. We spend the rest of the night fucking each other and fucking Allen. I fall asleep in the middle as Kelly holds me with her sweet love, and I caress my new boy toy. In the morning Kelly walks around in her sexy short robe and makes us breakfast. Allen needs to leave, and I call a cab and give Allen plenty of money. I ask, will your parent be suspicious if they see you come home in a cab? Allen says, well, the cab is going to have to take me to the school to get my car. Kelly’s shorts and panties from last night are still on the couch. I get the panties and give them to Allen and kiss him and say, here is you another trophy from Maria’s mistress, add them to your collection tight end. We kiss Allen goodbye, and he leaves, and Kelly gives me a hard time about her panties.

Jim calls and tells me the Mexicans are working, and another guy who is laying pipe (yeah, I bet the Mexicans told him about laying pipe yesterday). Jim said they have dug out and reinforced and prepared the area, even mixed and used a lot of concrete. Sounds professional, and Jim says, Harold is watching them. I said, ask Harold if he has an hour to install another shower kit? Jim says he does, and I give Jim the address. About 30 minutes pass and the doorbell rings and sexy Kelly in her robe answers. I did not tell her what was happening, and Harold says, is Maria here? I walk into the living room to the front door naked and say come in Harold. Kelly is smiling in amazement and says, are you working a retirement home as well as the school.

I laugh, and I lead Harold to the master bedroom shower, and he watches my ass and Kelly curiously follows behind us. Harold goes to work, and I take Kelly’s robe off, pulling the sash and removing it slowly. Kelly protests, and I say, shut up, I am going to fuck you, and you can see Harold is no minor. I gently push her down on the bed, and kiss her, and down her breasts, stomach, pussy, and to her luscious thighs. I move slowly back up her thighs and kiss her smooth pussy lips, and I begin to mouth her pussy to pleasure. Kelly starts feeling good, and I turn into a 69 on top, and she loves my pussy with her mouth. We go for about 20 minutes, and Kelly orgasms, and I hold her thighs and feel them vibrate. About 5 minutes later, I get off, and she pulls my ass down tight on top of her.

I keep kissing Kelly’s pussy and thighs and she does the same to me. It did not take Harold long, and he returns to see us naked on top of each other in a 69. I had positioned Kelly’s head at the edge of the bed, and I look back and ask Harold, is it done? Harold says, it’s all done. I say, set your toolbox down and undo your pants and give my pussy something to try my douche on. Harold moves faster than he has in 30 years and sticks his pecker in my wet pussy. Kelly watches underneath me as this gray pubic haired old man cums in my pussy in about 5 minutes. I get up and say, thanks Harold, tell Irene I said hi.

Harold is panting about to die, and he says, o…o…okay, if you need anything…else…let me know, and he stumbles to the door and leaves. I go to the shower and use my douche wand and Kelly comes in and says, why in the hell are you doing letting that old man fuck you. I say, the same as you fucking that teen boy baby, fulfilling his fantasy. My douche/enema kit is awesome, and Kelly loves it too.

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