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Amy Tale/s – A Luna Tic

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Luna frustrated me to the point that she took over my domain and my Princess, and my other lovers. It’s game on now you crazy Latina bitch!

I am jumping ahead about two weeks, and I have caught up to the place after I met Luna, Miranda’s first choice for Maria’s Junior Miss (see, Amy Tale/s – Maria’s Junior Miss, for details). After Luna kept trying to seduce me (and I just did not like her), Miranda told Luna it wasn’t working out.

Miranda spent the night at the apartment with her second candidate, and she was a sweet girl named Tammy. Tammy was a 5’ 8” hot brunette with a rocking body. Her and Miranda slept in the guest room, and I know they had sex because I peeked. Tammy had a great disposition and a similar temperament to Miranda. I really liked Tammy, but in accordance with my rules to Miranda, there was no sex between me and Tammy. Tammy stayed the whole weekend with Miranda, and I was so glad Miranda had found a nice sophomore girl to pass the ring off to.

The next Friday I come home from work, I open the door, and Luna is going down on Tammy on the couch, and Paige was straddling Tammy’s face and she was eating Paige’s pussy. Tammy had come home with Paige and Luna, and Luna appeared to have seduced Tammy and Paige with her voodoo. I went to the bedroom and I called Miranda who knew nothing about it. I told Miranda that Tammy was not going to work out either. To me, Tammy was defiled now, Luna defiled her.

I took a shower. I was washing my hair, and the shower door opened, and Luna grabbed the back of my hair and jerked my head back and pushed me against the wall. Fucking soap started running in my eyes. Luna had hooked one of my arms, and the damn bitch was stronger than she looked. I was screaming, GET AWAY FROM ME YOU BITCH! And I was trying to fight back. Luna bit my neck, and she hooked inside my leg with hers so that I could not move. Luna was holding my hair pulling it down using her arm to pin my other arm too. Luna said, you are going to be my girlfriend bitch. I screamed, AWWWWWWWW! And Paige and Tammy came in, and I shouted, GET THIS CRAZY BITCH OFF ME.

Luna let me go and got out. I rinsed and got out and they were in the bedroom and I said to Luna, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BEDROOM! And they all left, and I slammed the door and locked it. I was pissed, and I dried my hair and put a nightie on and called Paige into my room. I said, I don’t want to see that bitch anymore, she is fucking crazy. Paige said, I like her, she is nice, and she is hot, and she is one of the best fucks among the high school girls I have ever been with. Paige said, Luna is also my friend. We have never laid down rules for Paige other than to let us know where she is, and that she is safe. Paige has been a good girl, promiscuous (but so am I), but a good girl. I knew if I started making rules for her to follow, she would start lying to me.

I said, okay Princess, I am sorry, Luna just pissed me off; but you need to tell her to stay away from me. She is not my type, and I am not attracted to her…AT ALL! You can date who you want and bring them here, that is the best thing for you to do Princess. Paige said, okay Queenie, and she kissed me and said, I will tell her to leave you alone. I went to the kitchen and fixed something to eat. Luna came in the kitchen, and fixed herself something too, and she only had on a t-shirt. Luna would purposefully bump into me, and she would not say anything. The third time she did it, I bellowed, WILL YOU QUIT FUCKING TOUCHING ME! Luna glared at me and sucked her teeth and sat at the table. I was going to sit there, but I just sat on one of the bar stools at the counter.

Luna was staring at me, with her long dark eyelashes and dark eye makeup, and it was pissing me off. I stared back at her, and we both had an angry look. I finished eating and rinsed my plate and utensils and put them in the dish washer, and she did the same. I drank some more of my tea and poured out the ice and put my glass in too, bitch copied me again. I went to the fridge and reached for a wine cooler and this crazy Latina bitch bumped me to the side and got her one. I fucking pushed her, and she flat hand hit my shoulder and it knocked me back a step. I knew if I hit her again it would be a fight, and she kind of scared me. I grabbed a wine cooler and went to the bedroom and locked the door.

We have never locked doors, and Ken came home and tried to open the bedroom door, and knocked, and I said who is it? He answered and I opened the door. Ken said, what’s up, why are you locked in the bedroom? I said, that fucking crazy bitch Luna has physically assaulted me twice, and she keeps trying to pick a fight. Ken laughed. I said, it’s not funny, the bitch is psychotic. Ken said, do you want me to ask her to leave? I said, no, Paige is attached to her, if we dictate to Paige that she cannot see Luna, she will only want to see her more. I have already tested those waters. Clair and Greg showed up, and after Ken showered, him and Greg played video games.

Clair changed and crawled into bed with me, and I told her what happened with Luna. We started watching TV, and eventually we were naked and rubbing each other with our toes. This is something me and Clair do all the time, it is not entirely sexual, but most of the time it leads to sex. I was still watching TV, and Clair was playing candy crush on her phone, and we were laying head to toe. She must have run out of lives on her game, and her toe play moved from my body and breasts to my pussy. One thing led my toe to the other thing, and pretty soon we were on our sides eating each other’s pussy. Luna had snuck in, and she moved to where I would see her at the edge of the bed standing. When I first saw her, I was startled, and I jerked away from Clair. Luna was naked and just staring at me, and she raised her hand, and she took a bite out of an apple.

I shouted, I TOLD YOU TO STAY OUT OF MY BEDROOM! Luna slowly walked out. Clair said, that bitch is crazy, and Ken rushed in and passed Luna leaving. Ken said, are you alright? I said, yes, I just want that lunatic to stay out of here. Can you go tell Paige to keep her away from me? And shut the door, you don’t have to lock it. Clair calmed me down, but I was not in the mood for sex now. I was tired, and we watched some movie, and I fell asleep with Clair. I woke up around 5am, and this bitch Luna had maneuvered herself in between me and Clair. Luna and Clair were asleep. Luna had worked her ass up against my pussy and my arms were around her with her back against my breasts. Me and Clair went to sleep naked, and Luna was naked too.

I got out of the bed and I woke Luna and said, get out of here! I said it angrily, but I did not shout. Luna rubbed her eyes, and stood up, and she squeezed one of my tits and left. Fuck it, I got dressed and went to Kelly’s. I have a key, but I woke Kelly and I undressed and crawled into bed with her, and she held me, and she went back to sleep. I was wide awake, so I just thought about that nutcase Luna. I usually only spend the night with Kelly through the week about two times, but this weekend they were finishing the floor in my spa room at Jim’s, and I did not want to go there. Sunday evening Paige sent me a text saying she took Luna home and I went back to the apartment.

I came home Monday from work, and the bitch Luna was there. It got to the place that I could not predict when Luna would be there or not. I would go to Kelly’s and Jim’s, but I also wanted to go home. It became a pain in the ass because I didn’t want to spend so much time with either Jim, Kelly, or at Ethan’s or Janet’s. These relationships work best for me if it is a spontaneous urge, but not because I have to go there. I liked seeing Janet, Courtney, and Clair at my apartment. I could go to Janet’s, but too much together time with Janet ruins our chemistry. Luna was running me out of my home.

I just realized that I am losing a game to a 15-year-old girl; how did that happen? Luna had seduced Tammy and Paige. I could have lived with Tammy getting seduced by Luna, but how is Paige this attached? When I first met Luna, I was not attracted to her, but she is a very attractive girl, and maybe that is what Paige saw. Luna caused me to seek refuge elsewhere, and that impressed me. Luna frustrated me to the point that she took over my domain and my Princess, and my other lovers. It’s game on now you crazy Latina bitch!

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