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Amy Fantasy/s – Weekend Pass Pt. 2 (Conclusion)

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I cowgirl down again on Mile’s big cock and fuck him watching Jose lick my husband’s balls and suck his dick.

We wake up in the morning and I tell my husband, why don’t you and Jose go get us breakfast. My husband says, why don’t we all just go eat? I am still naked laying on Miles’s naked body, and I say, I am staying in bed with Miles all weekend honey. I have to fuss with my husband, but they go. We eat, take bathroom breaks and shower, and it is time to play some more. My husband and Jose are now wearing shorts and t-shirts and I say, I want to see you two make out, and I say to my husband, make out like Jose is me and you are seducing me. The standard protest and convincing occurs, and they do it.

They were standing and Jose put his arms around my husband, and they kissed, and I said to my husband, hold him too. They embrace and the kissing gets passionate. Jose runs his hands into my husband’s shorts and rubs my husband’s cock. Jose works the shorts down and I can see my husband’s cock is hard. I say, come on honey, I can tell you are excited, play back. My husband starts petting Jose, and they get undressed and lay on the bed and kiss and stroke each other’s cock. Miles is excited and hard, and I sit on his stomach and rub my pussy with his big cock. Jose is kissing on my husband’s chest and rolls him to his side and is rubbing my husband’s ass. Jose moves down and licks my husband’s balls and strokes his cock.

I get excited rubbing my pussy with Miles’s cock, and I orgasm, and I rub my tits and hold that big black cock against my clit and my body shakes until my high is over. I cowgirl down again on Mile’s big cock and fuck him watching Jose lick my husband’s balls and suck his dick. I say, Jose, fuck me in the ass. Jose grabs the lube and a condom, and I say, no condom. I stop moving while Jose penetrates my asshole and I grunt and moan. I start moving again and Miles is moving too, and thrusting his cock up into my pussy. I tell my husband to come to Miles’s head. I start sucking my husband’s cock, and Miles helps, and we share it and kiss each other. I say to Miles, your boyfriend is fucking my ass, and you are fucking my hot wet pussy, you two can’t fuck another guy like this, do you like it? Miles says, yes, I can feel Jose rubbing me.

I grunt and moan, and Miles cums in my pussy, and he grabs my ass and pulls me down tight as he reverberates his throbbing cock in my pussy. Jose moves faster and cums, and I feel his dick throbbing in my ass. I kiss Miles, and when all movement stops, we part, and I go clean up. I tell my husband, you and Jose get Miles hard again, and they start sucking Mile’s cock, and licking his balls. I move my husband and Miles turns on his side and Jose continues to suck his big black cock. Miles starts sucking my husband’s dick, and I say, does that feel good honey, and my husband’s dick is so hard. My husband says, yes, it feels good, he is deep throating my cock and it feels tight in the back of his mouth.

My husband cums and Miles swallows it. I move my husband down to help Jose suck Mile’s big cock, and I say, suck Miles off like he did you, and swallow his cum. My husband is lost in lust now, and he grabs the shaft of Miles cock and runs his mouth down and sucks it. I say, that is a big cock honey, doesn’t it feel good in your hand? My husband says, yes, and sucks Miles until he cums again, and my husband swallows. I say, didn’t that taste good honey? He says, it was salty, but it felt good when it shot into the back of my throat. We take a break.

It was after lunch on Saturday, and I told my husband, you only get to watch now, over there, in the chair. I 69’d on top of Jose and I was sucking his 7.5” dick, and Miles was helping me, and Miles was licking Jose’s balls. Jose was good at oral, and after about 10 minutes I orgasmed. I laid on my back and looked over at my husband who was stroking his dick, and I said to Miles, stick that big black cock in my pussy and fuck me hard, I want to feel a real cock this weekend. Miles fucked me missionary, and I raised my legs and bent my knees, so my calves were tight against my thighs. I made Jose bring his dick over and I sucked it, and Miles leaned down, and we sucked it together and kissed and shared Jose’s dick.

I said to Miles, do you like that baby, do you like me sharing your boyfriend’s cock with you? Miles cups Jose’s dick between our lips, and he pushes Jose dick head into my mouth and says, I think I am bisexual, because you are making me hot as fuck. Miles starts pounding my pussy and I am moaning, and I look at my husband and say, you see that honey, his big cock is hard and going to cum in my pussy because I turn him own. I tell Jose, straddle me and I will lick your balls. I lick Jose’s balls and stroke his cock and Miles sucks Jose’s dick and fucks me hard with that big black cock while I rock my ass to his rhythm. Miles cums, and I grab his ass and use my feet to pull his cock as deep as it will go in my pussy until his cock quits pulsating in my cunt.

Miles moves away, and I tell my husband to lay on the bed and I will suck his dick. I start sucking my husband’s dick and then I move in a 69 on top of my husband and stick my cum filled pussy in his face. He is not licking, and I rub it around. After a few minutes he licks my clit, and he starts going back and forth across it with his lips. I whisper to Jose and he puts a condom on and grabs the lube. My husband is lying on his back with me on top in a 69 as he eats Miles cum out of my pussy, and I lube Jose’s cock and guide it into my husband’s asshole. My husband notices our attempt and tries to pull away, and I say, stop, you have fucked my ass and I let you, it’s your turn.

Jose pushes his cock in, and my husband snorts in pain after about 3” of Jose’s dick penetrates. My husband starts to lose his erection from my blow job. I rub his dick and balls and Jose pushes all the way in my husband’s ass, and my husband grabs my hips and squeezes them and grunts loudly. Jose starts going in and out and I listen to my husband grunt in rhythm. My husband’s uncircumcised cock is flaccid now, and it is recoiling around with Jose’s dick strokes. I put my mouth on my husband’s limp dick and play with his foreskin with my tongue. His soft cock feels good in my mouth, and I want to bite his foreskin.

I sit back up and rub my nasty cum filled pussy on his face and watch his floppy cock bounce around. Jose reaches down and touches my husband’s wilted willy, and he too finds the feel gratifying. Miles has been watching, and he leans in and sucks my husband’s flaccid penis. Jose grabs hold around my husband’s thigh and pounds my husband’s ass and I listen to him grunt until Jose cums and shakes against my husband in pleasure. He waits a minute, then withdraws his dick from my husband’s ass. We help my husband up, and he is feeling the pain, and Jose helps him to the shower, and they bath together.

When they are finish me and Miles shower and return to the bed where I rub him down with lotion, and then he does me, because he wanted too. Miles is taking his time and he rubs my feet and kisses my toes, and this is different for him. I always had to move him to action just to fuck me. Miles kisses up my legs and inside my thighs and he is acting like it is just us, he is not even looking over at Jose, or my husband. They are in shorts, sitting against the headboard watching TV. Miles starts eating my pussy, and I lay back, and it feels good, and I get off, and grab his head and hold him to my thrill as I ride it out. Miles kisses up my stomach to my breasts and licks and sucks my nipples. He moves to my lips and kisses me like I saw him kiss Jose, and I embrace him.

I feel Miles moving his hand, and he guides his thick hard 10” big black cock into my trim hairy white pussy and starts fucking me. No motivation on my part, it is like he is in love with me and wants more. I am moaning and sighing, and it is just like it’s us two. I force my hand in between us and rub my clit and lift my legs and bend my knees and capture his entire cock with my pussy. Miles gets faster and is groaning, and I finger faster, I want to get off with him. Miles starts short stroking and I know he is going to cum and he does, and 10 seconds later I do too. My instinct is to tense up and fly off his cock like a toy rocket on a stem, but he pulls my ass in and I shake on his cock in excitement.

We settle down and go to the bathroom and I hold his flaccid cock as he pisses, and it feels amazing in my hand. The feel of that big cock, and the force of his stream running through it. When he is finished, I pee and douche in the shower real quick and we return to the bed. Miles holds me and kisses and rubs on me. I look over at my husband and Jose, and they both look jealous. Miles whispers in my ear, I really, really, like you, and would say love you, but you are married; I wish I could keep fucking you, but I know that is not possible. I kiss him and say, let’s just enjoy this moment for now, maybe there will be some more weekends.

Miles holds me and continues to rub me until we fall asleep. Miles fucks me again in the morning, and we don’t do anything with my husband or Jose. We get dressed and go eat, and I drive them back to the base. I didn’t have to hear my husband fuss much, because I drove home after taking them back, dreaming of Miles big black cock and the next weekend pass.

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